Ilaix Moriba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ilaix Moriba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Ilaix Moriba Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net worth.

In a nutshell, we portray the life history of a Guinean born footballer best known as Ilaix. Lifebogger begins this story from his earliest days to when he attained fame in the beautiful game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Ilaix Moriba’s Bio, behold a gallery of his early life and rise. Pictured below, it portrays a pictorial summary of his life journey.

The Biography of Ilaix Moriba. Behold, his Early Rise and Success Story.
The Biography of Ilaix Moriba. Behold, his Early Rise and Success Story.

Yes, you and I know he is a youngster destined for sporting greatness. Due to his physicality and creativity he brings to the game, Moriba has the mould of two Football greats. First is French footballer Paul Pogba and second is Ivory Coast legend – Yaya Toure.

Despite the accolades attributed to the young talent, our team realized – that not many fans know Ilaix Moriba’s Life Story. We have taken our time to produce his story – for the love of football. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Ilaix Moriba Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – ‘The Pogba of Barca’. Moriba was born on the 19th day of January 2003 to a Guinean mother, Aissata Kourouma and a Liberian father, Mamady Kourouma. His birth place is Conakry, Guinea’s capital city in West Africa.

Circumstances Before his Birth:

To tell the truth, he could have been born and bred in Liberia if not for the civil war that ravaged his father’s country. Lifebogger has a short video that showcased the events that unfolded before Ilaix Moriba’s parents had him.

Growing Up:

The Central midfielder is one of few sons born of the union between his parents. As far as we know, Ilaix grew up alongside these two of his brothers. Pictured left is Lass Kourouma and on the right is King Siriki Kourouma.

Meet Ilaix Moriba's brothers - Lass Kourouma and King Siriki Kourouma.
Meet Ilaix Moriba’s brothers – Lass Kourouma and King Siriki Kourouma.

Ilaix Moriba Family Background:

Thanks to his FC Barcelona’s success, many Football fans in Liberia and Guinea now hears about the Kourouma household. From the beginning (since his childhood), nobody knew Ilaix Moriba’s family.

Research shows that the Barcelona midfielder never started life as a rich kid. Ilaix Moriba comes from a middle-class family whose members were fortunate to migrate from Guinea to Spain – during his infancy years.

Ilaix Moriba Family Origin:

According to Liberia blog – SportsOnline, his Dad and Mum are from two separate West African countries – Liberia and Guinea. Although born in Conakry (Guinea), the country of his mother, Ilaix Moriba’s family roots is not the capital.

As African culture permits, his father’s place, the interior region of Lofa County in Liberia is his origin. This is where his Dad, Mamady Kourouma, comes from.

Not to forget, George Weah is the incumbent President of Liberia – the West African country where Ilaix’s Dad hails. The Second Liberian Civil War, which seized the country from 1999 to 2003, made many of its citizens flee to nearby Guinea. For this reason, Ilaix Moriba wasn’t born in his Dad’s country of origin, which is pictured on the map below.

The Liberia civil war was the reason why Ilaix Moriba's Dad fled the country for Guinea.
The Liberia civil war was the reason why Ilaix Moriba’s Dad fled the country for Guinea.

In his mother’s West African home country, Ilaix Moriba first saw the breadth of life. Exactly seven months after he came to the world, the Second Liberian Civil War ended – in his Dad’s homeland.

In Guinea – two years after his birth – harsh economic realities forced Ilaix Moriba’s parents to leave the West African country to Spain. This is a map that shows where his mother’s country of origin.

This is Guinea, Ilaix Moriba's mother country of birth. Harsh economic realities made his family migrate to Spain.
This is Guinea, Ilaix Moriba’s mother country of birth. Harsh economic realities made his family migrate to Spain.

Ilaix Moriba Education:

Since a child, it’s been his dream to play football for a living. Ilaix Moriba’s parents insisted he goes to school and follow his passion.

Precisely at Cornellà de Llobregat (a municipality in Catalonia, Spain), the youngster had his early education. While there, he got more exposed to the game and began attending soccer trials – at the tender age of eight.

Ilaix Moriba Football Story:

Since he was a child, the young starlet was used to the beautiful feeling of singing FC Barcelona’s Força Barça! The phrase means “Strength to Barca”. By implication, he had dreamt of football from the start.

This is the Song that stirred Ilaix Moriba intention on wanting to become a Footballer.

Força Barça is a big chant used to support the big Spanish club. In fact, not just him, but all member of Ilaix Moriba’s family were Barca fans. It was our boy’s wish to begin his career with the Spanish club. 

Contrary to his FC Barca expectations, beginning life there didn’t happen. Ilaix in 2008 started with RCD Espanyol. As observed from the map, this is a neighbouring academy – just 11 munites away from FC Barcelona’s home ground.

In the RCD Espanyol academy, a lot of people who knew him back then could testify that Moriba really stood out among his teammates. Bearly a year of his stay in the football school, he became one of the hottest soccer kid in entire Catalonia.

One man, Oscar Hernandez, who worked as a coach with Barcelona’s youth academy in 2007, vividly remembers what Ilaix Moriba did to his team.

He describes the boy as someone who did cause Barca’s youth teams lots of trouble. This happened each time he turns up to play against them as an Espanyol player. Speaking with the Spanish media, Oscar once said;




Early Life with La Masia:

Trust this club, FC Barcelona! They finally bullied their neighbours (RCD Espanyol) to snatch the young boy from them.

As soon as Ilaix joined Barca in 2010, he fulfilled his childhood dream of meeting his biggest idol. He is no other than Barcelona legend – Lionel Messi. Football gave him the opportunity to stay closer and learn from the Argentine icon.

Ilaix Moriba met Lionel Messi as a Child.
Ilaix Moriba met Lionel Messi as a Child.

On the pitch, Ilaix Moriba wasn’t the identikit possession-based Barca-type midfielder. This is because he is big, has an impressive physique, aggressive, with a ball-winning personality that matched his size.

The Guinean starlet was the type always looking to knock players out of his way to get on the ball. Not to forget, he did play alongside Ansu Fati at La Masia. Thankfully, both have grown up and established a close relationship with one another.

Ilaix Moriba Biography – Road to Fame Story:

Our boy attained the biggest fame of his youth career in a WONDER GOAL which he scored in August 2018. That wonderful day, Real Madrid’s Juvenil B team (under 19s) travelled across Spain to the Catalan coast.

In a pre-season tournament, they ran into Barcelona, who trashed them 5-0. Real Madrid fans would never forget one boy in particular who broke their hearts. The scary 15-year-old kid, Ilaix Moriba, scored a GOAL WONDER. His fans cannot forget this goal in a hurry.

To many soccer pundit, that goal showed that Ilaix had something special. He possessed an attribute that differentiates him from other academy players (before and after his set) who grazed the No. 6 positions. Asides from the beautiful goal of lobbing Real Madrid’s goalkeeper, Ilaix scored more BIG GOALS, as seen in the video below.

The video’s goals above make us understand that he is a box-to-box complete player like the Legendary Xavi Hernandez. Possessing the Sergio Busquets attributes, Ilaix excels at breaking down opposition plays.

Ilaix Moriba Bio – The Success Story:

Did you know?… Barcelona nearly lost Moriba when he turned 16. During that time, several of Europe’s top clubs (Chelsea, Juventus and Man city) circled, sniffed and begged for the youngster’s signature.

FC Barcelona feared because of their past. Remember, they have once lost several key talents at this juncture—from Cesc Fabregas to Gerard Pique and then Eric Garcia.

Jonathan Barnett, the owner of Stellar Football LTD, became the starman of that moment. He is Gareth Bale’s agent, and he won the race to represent Ilaix Moriba. According to Forbes magazine, this hard man is the world’s biggest football agent.

The super-agent ensured that FC Barcelona broke out their chequebook to save their young talent. The tough negotiation battle involved Ilaix Moriba’s Dad, Mamady Kourouma – who is also in the business.

At last, Ilaix got a two-million-euro salary with a termination clause of 100 million euros. Thanks to that wages, his family’s financial wellbeing got changed forever.

The Unforgettable Debut:

His extraordinary capacities, which he displayed at FC Barca’s lower rank, excited Ronald Koman, who then considered him for the first team. The Dutch coach brought the ‘jewel’ in the middle of a troublesome time for his team.

Ilaix Moriba couldn’t sleep the night before his debut. At 18 years and 25 days old, he became the youngest player since the turn of the century to provide an assist. Moriba assisted Francisco Trincão in his LaLiga debut.

Barely a month later, he repays the club’s faith in him by scoring on his debut. Watch the incredible video below where he took that beautiful assist from Lionel Messi to score a GOAL he would never forget.

Hitting the back of the net sent shock waves to the global football community, thus making lots of fans ask… Who is Ilaix Moriba? This was what resulted in us writing his Biography.

Without a doubt, FC Barcelona is on the verge of seeing one of their own blossoming his way upwards. Ilaix is fast becoming the best central midfielder in the world.

The photo below tells his full story. It makes you agree with us that the future is indeed always pregnant. As we say of Ilaix Moriba Bio, the rest is now history.

Having hope changes everything. This is the story of Ilaix Moriba.
Having hope changes everything. This is the story of Ilaix Moriba.

Who is Ilaix Moriba Dating?

After making a name for himself in the game, it is fair for fans to begin asking questions about his love life. Especially one that borders on the quest of knowing if the football has a Girlfriend or a wife to be. This is not surprising, as fellow Africans like Ismaila Sarr (at his age) got married before attaining fame.

Who is Ilaix Moriba Dating?
Who is Ilaix Moriba Dating?

As of the time of writing this Biography – March 2021 – the footballer has taken the path of remaining single. He takes the path of his teammate – Pedri Gonzalez.

Ilaix Moriba Personal Life:

Getting acquainted with the midfielder’s off-pitch activities would help you get a better picture of his persona. In this section, we’ll answer the question; who is Ilaix Moriba outside football?

First thing first, he is an avid video gamer who grew up loving the PlayStation. Playing FIFA remains his oasis, the perfect activity to cool off whenever things get intense. Put simply, he uses that to cope with his feelings.

We see Ilaix Moriba here, holding a Playstation 5 Console just after it’s launch. He enjoys gaming with his brothers. He enjoys gaming with his brothers.
We see Ilaix Moriba here, holding a Playstation 5 Console just after it’s launch. He enjoys gaming with his brothers. He enjoys gaming with his brothers.

Since his childhood, playing video games has positively affect Ilaix’s family dynamic – in a good number of ways. For example, it has strengthened the bond with him and his brothers.

Workout Routine:

Also, in personal life, the footballer has a cool way of breaking his sweat. In the aspect of home Gym, he does bulk of his activities on the roof of his family home. Here is a video of Ilaix Moriba keeping fit his own way.

Ilaix Moriba Lifestyle:

It’s no secret that he loves to make the things (Luxury SUV car, House etc.) he owns to be white in colour. In this section, we’ll tell you about Ilaix Moriba’s lifestyle. We 

Ilaix Moriba Car:

We sensed that having an exotic ride must have been one of his biggest buy-wish before he became rich. Ilaix Moriba owns a Land Rover Discovery Sport Car, which costs around 45,000 Euros. We picture here him, alongside his brothers in what looks like his SUV launch.

Ilaix Moriba's car is spotless. There is nothing like football monies.
Ilaix Moriba’s car is spotless. There is nothing like football monies.

Ilaix Moriba’s House:

Have you noticed that the dwelling place of the footballer has a relationship with his car colour? There are all-white – his favourite colour.  The white pervades of Ilaix Moriba’s House represents purity in his person.

The perfect interior of Ilaix Moriba's house.
The perfect interior of Ilaix Moriba’s house.

Ilaix Moriba Family Life:

They were all by his side when he was a nobody in football. These are the members of Ilaix Moriba’s immediate family. This section will tell you more about them, starting with the household’s head.

About Mamady Kourouma, Ilaix Moriba’s Father:

First thing first, he is no stranger to the art of negotiation or what it’s like to preside over a transfer. Mamady has knowledge of football business. He makes every decision for his sons. The proud Dad is the type who does not allow people to influence him – telling him what to do or trick him.

Ilaix Moriba's Father, Mamady Kourouma takes a no-nonsense approach to football business.
Ilaix Moriba’s Father, Mamady Kourouma takes a no-nonsense approach to football business.

Asides from his son’s salary, Mamady once secured an additional 2.5 million from FC Barcelona during intensive contract negotiation. He shared the money among his household members and Jonathan Barnett (Ilaix Moriba’s agent).

Mamady Kourouma’s family has truly come a long way from Africa. He moulded Ilaix into what we see today. Owing to his son’s success, Mamady is constantly being seduced by teams. These clubs wants to pay his family millions to have Ilaix play for them.

About Aissata Kourouma, Ilaix Moriba’s Mother:

Great African mums have produced celebrated soccer stars, and she is not an exception. Upon scoring his Barca first goal, Ilaix dedicated it to his mother’s achievement. He made the world realize that she has been with him through thick and thin. More so, through her, he got educated very well.

About Ilaix Moriba’s Brothers:

The god of Soccer blessed the Kourouma family with footballing sons who know how to complement each other. The most popular of Llaix Moriba’s brother is Lass Kourouma, who plays for Levante UD – at the time of writing. This is the closest of the brothers in their Spanish family home.

Lass Kourouma is picture alongside his super successful brother.
Lass Kourouma is picture alongside his super successful brother.

Another brother is King Siriki Kourouma, who is also a footballer. As of 2021, he plays for CE Sabadell FC. This is a Spanish football team based in Sabadell, a city in the province of Barcelona. Like Lass, he a big supporter of Ilaix – the family’s breadwinner.

Ilaix Moriba doesn’t have a girlfriend as I write his Bio; his brother King Siriki is big on dating. Here is a video of the Guinean native with his beautiful Spanish girlfriend, who is so much into him.

Ilaix Moriba Facts:

Rounding up our professional footballer’s Biography, we’ll use this section to reveal more truths about him. Without wasting time, let’s begin.

Fact #1 – The Natural Destiny with a brother:

Ilaix’s first goal for Barca had a coincidence with Ansu Fati. Did you know? both footballers scored their first-ever goal precisely in the same away stadium. More so, they were part of Barcelona’s youth setup.

Fact #2 – Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen :

Since you started viewing Ilaix Moriba‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Barcelona.

Per Year:€666,666
Per Month:€55,555
Per Week:€12,800
Per Day:€1,828
Per Hour€76
Per Minute:€1.2
Per Second:€0.02

Did you know?… The average Spanish citizen who earns 28,000 euros per year would need to work for 23 years and 6 months. They will stay this long to make Ilaix Moriba’s annual salary with Barca.

Fact #3 – Net Worth:

Signing his first-ever professional contract in January 2019 denotes one year of working experience since creating this Bio. With his current salary of €666,666 per year, we place his net worth approximately 1 million Euro.

Fact #4 – Ilaix Moriba Religion:

His parents’ names are Arabic and widely used in Islamic West Africa. Islamic region accounts for 85% of Guineans. Ilaix is among the 4.45% of Spanish citizens who are Muslims.

Fact #5 – Ilaix Moriba FIFA Profile:

Dear Career mode lovers. Suppose you are looking to build your squad containing youngers. We recommend Ilaix Moriba as your central midfield choice. Along with young starlets like Ji-Jana Hoever, he would help transform your team. Again, you’ll find his sprint speed very impressive in seasons to come.

His FIFA growth test will make you realise that he is one of the best-hidden gems for a central midfield spot. In the video below, he begins his life journey as a nervous midfielder and then grew into a superstar.

Ilaix Moriba Biographical Inquiries:

For quick answers to your query about the Guinean born footballer, kindly use our Wiki table below. It summarises Ilaix Moriba’s Biography.

Full or Real Names:Moriba Kourouma Kourouma
Age:18 years and 2 months old.
Date of Birth:19th Day of January 2003
Place of Birth:Conakry, Guinea
Parents:Aissata Kourouma (Mother) and Mamady Kourouma (Father)
Brothers:King Siriki Kourouma and Lass Kourouma
Nationality:Republic of Guinea and Spain
Height:1.85 meters OR 6 feet 1 inches
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Football Education:Espanyol and La Masia de Can Planes
Playing Position:Central midfielder


The life story of Ilaix Moriba began in Africa, precisely in Guinea. Moving to Spain with his family, he embraced a big sports world. Since then, he, alongside his brothers, decided that football would be a major part of their future. With his parents’ support (Aissata and Mamady Kourouma), our boy is glad to have achieved his life goals.

The entire Biography of Ilaix Moriba is all about self-belief and confidence. Now that he is successful, the big question is; Would he join the Guinean national team? If Ilaix does, then he would become a national hero. Many Guinea fans can’t wait to have him pair alongside Naby Kieta.

Thanks for staying with Lifebogger throughout our memoir on Ilaix Moriba. As always, we strive to bring you African Football Stories. Kindly alert us if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in this Bio about the Guinean born footballer.

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