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Our Rachel Daly Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Martyn John Daly (Father), Cath Louise Daly (Mother), Family Background, Partner, Siblings – Brother (Andrew Daly), Sister-in-law (Annabel Daly), Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, etc.

This article about Rachel Daly also explains her Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article delves into the full history of Rachel Daly. This is the story of a girl born into a family of British athletes. Her dream of playing soccer aligned with her familial trajectory. She considers herself fortunate to pursue her passion for the sport.

Lifebogger narrates the tale of Rachel Daly, a talented footballer who embarked on her football journey at Leeds United’s grassroots level. Living near Leeds, she was born into a family of ardent Leeds United supporters, instilling a deep love for the club from an early age.

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Our version of Rachel Daly’s Biography begins by revealing significant events from her early years. Next, we will explore Daly’s early career highlights. Finally, we will depict how the striker ascended to become one of the premier footballers in her country.

Lifebogger’s enthralling biography of Rachel Daly is designed to captivate your interest. We present a vivid gallery that chronicles her journey from girlhood to success. Her rise from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent athlete is a testament to her talent and hard work.

Rachel Captivating Biography - From her childhood to the moment she became famous. Credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.
Rachel Captivating Biography – From her childhood to the moment she became famous. Credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.

Indeed, Rachel Daly’s accomplishments are widely recognized, including winning the WSL Player of the Season in 2022–23 and the WSL Golden Boot in 2022–23. She also earned FA Women’s Super League Player of the Month accolades for September 2022 and November 2022. 

While writing stories about professional English footballers, we noticed a knowledge deficit. Despite Daly’s impressive achievements and contributions to the sport, not many fans have had the opportunity to read about her journey. Now, without any further delay, let’s begin.

Rachel Daly Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the striker is popularly known as Rachel Daly. Her Full Name is Rachel Ann Daly. The athlete was born on Friday 6th of December 1991, to her Mother, Louise Daly, and Father, Martyn John Daly, in Harrogate, England.

The British-born striker arrived as the second child and only girl born to her parents. Daly and her brother Andrew were born into a marital union between their Dad, Martyn, and Mum, Louise.

Now, let’s introduce you to Rachel Daly’s Parents. People who have given much of their time and resources to help their daughter succeed in the sport and career she chose.

Meet Rachel Daly's Parents. Her Father's name is Martyn John Daly (late), and Her Mum is Louise Daly. Image source: Instagram/racheldaly3.
Meet Rachel Daly’s Parents. Her Father’s name is Martyn John Daly (late), and Her Mum is Louise Daly. Image source: Instagram/racheldaly3. 

Afọ Na-etolite:

Rachel Daly grew up in Harrogate, England, in a sports-loving family with her brother, Andy Daly, who played the role of big brother, playmate and support system. Inspired by her football-loving father, they trained and played together, igniting Rachel’s love for the sport.

Growing up in Harrogate, known for producing talented footballers, she aspired to follow in her brother’s footsteps and pursue a professional football career. The supportive environment and constant exposure to football fueled her ambition.

As the England Lioness reminisces about her early years, she fondly remembers the joy and camaraderie of growing up in the company of footballers. Her family’s support and love for the game created a nurturing foundation for her to develop her skills.

Rachel Daly Early Life:

The striker’s story began with a family deeply devoted to Leeds United. It ignited her passion for football. Growing up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, she followed her brother and father to football matches, eagerly kicking the ball during halftime.

This early exposure to the game fueled her desire to become a footballer. As soon as she was old enough, Daly secured a season ticket at Elland Road, further nurturing her dreams. Eventually, her dedication paid off.

Daly joined Leeds and entered the first team while still in her teenage years, fulfilling her long-cherished dream. Her early exposure to football, family support, and unwavering determination laid the foundation for her remarkable success.

The athlete's (Rachel Daly) Journey to Success and Glory at Leeds United. Credit: racheldaly3.
The athlete’s (Rachel Daly) Journey to Success and Glory at Leeds United. Credit: racheldaly3.

Rachel Daly Family Background:

To begin with, Rachel Daly, a creative and intelligent striker, hails from a sporty family, similar to athletes like Lia Williamson na Tessa Wullaert. Research indicates that her family members share a deep passion for soccer.

Though we did not know the occupation of the athlete’s parents, it is believed they lived a comfortable life. Based on research, she grew up in a close-knit family with a middle-class family background.

Rachel Daly’s parents, particularly her late father, were strongly committed to her career growth, as indicated by research. The unwavering support from her family has always been present. Despite having the support of her family, the footballer takes pride in making them proud.

"Nke a

Rachel Daly Family Origin:

To start with, the Aston Villa forward holds England nationality. Regarding where Rachel Daly’s family comes from (in England), our research points to Harrogate, the place of her birth. Here is a map to help you understand Rachel Daly’s family origins.

This map helps you understand Harrogate in England, the Birthplace of the Stellar Left-Back. Image source: Expedia.com, Google.com, and Infoplace.
This map helps you understand Harrogate in England, the Birthplace of the Stellar Left-Back. Image source: Expedia.com, Google.com, and Infoplace.

Harrogate is a picturesque spa town in North Yorkshire, England. Also, people know the town for its healing waters, Victorian architecture, and beautiful Valley Gardens.

Its charm and historical significance make Harrogate a beloved destination for tourists and locals alike. As of 2021, the population of Harrogate was estimated to be around 75,000.

Rachel Daly Ethnicity:

The formal Lincoln Ladies player is of English ethnicity. She was born and raised in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, as a professional footballer from England. Her ethnicity is primarily English, the predominant ethnic group in the United Kingdom.

Her English ethnicity signifies her connection to England’s historical and cultural roots. However, it is integral to her identity as a professional footballer and individual.

Rachel Daly Education:

Regarding her education, information about Rachel Daly’s education was not widely available. Nonetheless, it is known that she went to a neighbourhood school in Harrogate, where she was born and raised.

However, it is common for professional athletes like her to prioritize their sports careers. Also, details about their early educational background might not be publicly disclosed.

At 20, Rachel Daly decided to pursue her career in the U.S. Consequently, she moved to New York and enrolled at St. John’s University, securing a soccer scholarship.

According to Rachel Daly, she has never been the most academic person, but she has always had a strong desire to excel in whatever she does. So, when the opportunity to study and receive a good scholarship presented itself, she didn’t want to turn it down.

Ọrụ Buildup:

Since a young age, Rachel has been passionate about playing football and finds immense joy in it. As mentioned, she often joined her dad and brother on the field to play. At a tender age, she became a part of Leeds United’s under-six team, her cherished childhood club.

The experience of wearing the club’s shirt she had supported since her early days added extra motivation and pride. Merely telling her friends, “I play for Leeds,” brought her a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

Back home, things were not about to get any easier for Rachel Daly. She joined the storied Leeds squad that competed in the 2008 FA Cup final. The squad included experienced talents like Daly, Steph Houghton and Ellen White.

Unfortunate Move From Lead United:

When the new FA Women’s Super League was introduced in 2011, Leeds, under the management of Rick Passmoor, made a crucial decision. They chose not to apply for a license and demoted themselves to the below tier.

This decision left all the players uncertain about their future. Daly recalls,

“We had such good players, and I genuinely think we could have gone so far. Many of those players became England internationals at the highest level.”

Regarding her future, she felt nervous as they didn’t know where each player would end up. With 20 players, fitting them all into a team was daunting. Some players, including Daly, moved to Lincoln, but leaving Leeds was tough for her as it had been her childhood club.

Rachel Daly Biography – Football Story:

Daly’s journey to becoming a professional began at Lincoln. Rachel was a full-time professional footballer for the first time in her career and played the first two full seasons of the new FA WSL. In the club, she trained daily, living away from home and fending for herself for the first time.

Unlike her former club, Leeds, where she trained twice weekly, Rachel Daly saw a significant step forward in Lincoln with daily training. Also, witnessing the growth of women’s football in England was the most significant thing for her.

Despite her focus on her football career in England, the thought of representing England on the national team was still on Rachel Daly’s mind. However, she hadn’t been involved with the national team at any level for a while.

Rachel Daly Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Feeling the need for something new, Daly decided to take a bold step after spending two years with Lincoln. She left everything behind to pursue a fresh start in the USA, specifically New York.

Reflecting on her decision, Daly revealed her dedication to proving herself worthy of playing for England. However, the opportunity to represent the national team hadn’t presented itself.

At that point, she recognized the need to let go a little and not cling to the idea of playing for the national team as much. As a result, her relocation to the United States was a crucial turning point in her career.

Rachel Daly Career Setbacks:

Her move presented fresh challenges and new opportunities for growth as a footballer. Rachel Daly also sought a degree despite previously wanting to avoid school. However, her first year at St. John’s Red Storm, the university team, proved difficult as she had to sit in the stands.

N'ụzọ bụ isi, no one is happy to sit on the bench. Due to eligibility restrictions from her prior professional play in England, Rachel Daly had to sit out the first year in the semi-professional FA WSL.  The team’s underperformance was frustrating, and she couldn’t contribute on the field.

College career:

Nonetheless, this experience motivated her to work harder and help elevate the team’s performance. Daly made up for lost time with her final three years, setting a remarkable record of 50 goals in 60 games.

During her first year, she scored 23 goals in 21 games. Breaking multiple records, she became the first player in the team’s history to be named on the NSCAA All-America first team.

The Dazzling Dribbler, Rachel Daly, with her College team, St. John's Red Storm. Source: Instagram/racheldaly3.
The Dazzling Dribbler, Rachel Daly, with her College team, St. John’s Red Storm. Source: Instagram/racheldaly3.

Also, the striker made a semi-finalist for the prestigious Hermann Trophy, previously won by soccer legends Christine Sinclair and Mia Hamm. By the end of 2015, Rachel Daly was highly sought after.

After graduating with a sports management major and a business minor, she became a target for teams in England. Also, the NWSL was eager to secure her talents.

NWSL Draft:

Rachel Daly had aspirations of playing in the NWSL but wasn’t certain about her chances due to being an international player. Despite some injuries in her junior year, she excelled in her senior year and considered returning to England to play.

However, Houston Dash’s manager, Randy Waldrum, persistently pursued her, leading her to enter the NWSL draft. On draft day in 2016, she waited anxiously, unsure when or if she would be picked.

Eventually, she was selected by the Houston Dash, fulfilling her dream of playing in the NWSL. Randy Waldrum chose Rachel Daly with the sixth pick, making her an official NWSL player and a teammate of USA star Carli Lloyd.

Houston Dash selected Rachel Daly to Join NWSL. Image credit: Instagram/racheldaly3
Houston Dash selected Rachel Daly to Join NWSL. Image credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.

Rachel Daly Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Kicking off her NWSL career on a high note, Daly dazzled in her debut, securing a goal and an assist, swiftly landing her the Player of the Week title. Throughout the 2016 season, she exhibited her skilful prowess in 16 matches, netting four goals and adding four assists to her tally.

In 2017, she again sported the Dash colours, leaving an indelible mark in 23 games with five goals. Then, on November 20, 2017, the club heralded that Daly had penned a new contract, solidifying her tenure.

Transitioning into the 2018 season, Daly’s impressive performance continued to turn heads. She was awarded the Player of the Week title in the ninth week and was subsequently crowned Player of the Month for May.

Goal-Storm Daly earned the team MVP title and a spot on the NWSL Second XI in the 2018 season. Before the 2020 NWSL Challenge Cup, the club appointed her as the Dash captain. Under her leadership, the Dash clinched their debut trophy, defeating the Chicago Red Stars 2-0 in the final.

Daly didn’t stop there; she clinched the tournament’s Golden Boot and the title of most valuable player on July 25, 2020. Later, on September 3, 2020, the football magician secured a loan deal with West Ham United until January 11, 2021.

Rachel Daly and Aston Villa:

Daly inked a three-year contract with Aston Villa on August 9, 2022. She netted two goals on her debut match against Manchester City on September 18, contributing to a 4-3 victory.

She didn’t stop there; Daly bagged her first hat trick in a 3-1 triumph over Reading at Villa Park. In a rematch against Reading, she scored another hat-trick, steering Aston Villa to a 5-0 win.

Throughout the 2022-23 WSL season, her exceptional performance saw her score an impressive 22 goals. The Enchanting Striker also won Golden Boot for most goals scored in a single season. Additionally, she was recognized with the prestigious Player of the Season award.

Notably, her prowess extended to the FA Cup, where she scored six goals in four games. The star scored four goals in an incredible 11-0 victory against AFC Fylde. All these goals and hard work helped solidify her position as the joint second-top scorer.

Ọrụ mba ụwa:

Throughout her career, Rachel Daly has represented England at various youth levels. They includes U-15, U-17, U-19, and U-23. Notably, she was part of England’s U-17 FIFA Women’s World Cup team that achieved a fourth-place finish in New Zealand in 2008.

Under different coaches, Daly experienced ups and downs in her senior national team journey. Rachel Daly debuted in June 2016, scoring a 7-0 win in UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 qualifying. However, she was excluded from the squad for the tournament itself.

Interestingly, with the arrival of Phil Neville as head coach, Daly’s fortunes changed. She was included in England’s squad for the 2018 SheBelieves Cup. Also, the athlete played a significant role in their World Cup qualifying campaign for the 2019 tournament.

Rachel Daly showcased versatility as a left-back in England’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2022-winning squad. She also played alongside Keira Walsh, Ụlọ ahịa Bet Mead, Chloe Kelly, na Lauren Hemp. Ọzọkwa, Fran Kirby, Alesia Russo, Ella Toone, Georgia Stanway, Wdg

The golden boot striker‘s inclusion in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup squad is a testament to her contributions. It solidifies her role as a key player for England. The rest of her Biography is now history.

Rachel Daly Boyfriend:

As of 2023, Rachel Daly is single and not dating anyone. According to CelebsCouples, she had at least one previous relationship but has not been engaged. Like many celebrities, Rachel Daly values her privacy regarding her personal and love life.

Being a public figure, Rachel Daly, like many celebrities, prefers to keep her personal and love life private. Therefore, details about her past dates and relationships are not readily available.

The matter is still under research to gather accurate information about her previous romantic connections and hookups. However, she does not have any children as of 2023.

Ndụ Onwe Gị:

Rachel is known for her generosity, work ethic, idealism, and great sense of humour off the field. Her skills and ability to inspire others are highly admired.

She is a role model for young girls and female athletes, using her platform to support underprivileged and talented kids. Rachel shares the Sagittarius zodiac sign with players like Rasheedat Ajibade na Alex Morgan. Sagittarius male football personalities include the likes of Cameron Archer na James Maddison.

Rachel Daly Foundation:

With her spare time well utilized, Rachel Daly takes the coach role, often sharing her life experiences. Seamlessly transitioning from player to mentor, she actively contributes to community initiatives. Among these are Hidden Gems, a non-profit organization her friend, Steph McCaffery, created.

Daly’s involvement in this project serves as a stepping stone for young girls from underprivileged backgrounds, introducing them to professional soccer and high-level training.

This exposure affords these girls a glimpse into the lives of professional athletes, nurturing their growth and dreams. As Daly would say;


Rachel Daly Workout:

A dedicated Sagittarius, Rachel Daly is committed to fitness with a regular workout routine to uphold her stamina. Her athletic physique proves this commitment, with her height of 1.67m (5 feet 6 inches). She maintains a body weight of approximately 67kg.

Rachel Daly workout sessions - Explained. Photo Credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.
Rachel Daly workout sessions – Explained. Photo Credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.

Rachel Daly Lifestyle:

English native Rachel Daly knows her way around top holiday destinations. Much like Coumba Sow, she relishes seaside watercraft adventures. This time, she rejuvenates her energy levels and reflects on her mental health.

Rachel Daly's Seaside Adventures and Life Retrospection. Photo credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.
Rachel Daly’s Seaside Adventures and Life Retrospection. Photo credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.

Rachel Daly, often heralded as a ‘Phenomenal Forward’, does not excessively emphasise financial wealth. Her primary focus is directed towards her professional aspirations and objectives. With a solid income from her football career, she has the means to lead a comfortable life.

Rachel Daly Family Life:

The study indicates that athletes’ families often offer steadfast support to each other. Their constant presence in each other’s lives is crucial. Being part of such a tight-knit, caring family is truly special. In this section, we will talk about Daly’s household. Now, let’s begin.

Rachel Daly Father:

Martyn John Daly was a dedicated Leeds fan who influenced Rachel Daly’s love for football. He had a unique personality with a vibrant sense of humour and care. Research shows that he brightened any room he entered.

The amazing dad supported Rachel’s career until his death in September 2021. His absence greatly affects his family and friends, especially Rachel.

Martyn John Daly is the father of the Aston Villa Striker. Source: Instagram//racheldaly3.
Martyn John Daly is the late father of the Aston Villa Striker. Source: Instagram/racheldaly3.

During an interview, the accomplished Forward confirmed that losing her father had changed her perspective on their beloved sport. Also, she promised that she would continually make her father proud.

Rachel Daly Mother:

Rachel Daly, the skilled footballer, notably shares her mother’s beauty. Due to limited public information, Cath Louise Daly, Rachel’s mother, remains somewhat of a mystery. However, Cath is known to be a supportive wife and mother, managing her family affairs.

Following her husband’s passing in 2021, Cath shouldered both parental roles for her children. Rachel and her mother share a close bond, with the footballer often surprising her mother whenever possible as she sees her as her hero.

Meet the striker's mother, Cath Louise Daly, Rachel Daly's Inspirational Beacon. Image credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.
Meet the striker’s mother, Cath Louise Daly, Rachel Daly’s Inspirational Beacon. Image credit: Instagram/racheldaly3.

Cath, a devoted mother and Rachel’s greatest cheerleader is also her best friend. Rachel has spoken of her mother’s unwavering support, describing her as the most important person in her life.

Rachel Daly Brother:

Andrew Daly is the brother and only sibling of the athlete, Rachel Daly. Also, he is the only son of their parents. Andrew was born and raised in Harrogate, England.

Like his sister, he also showed interest in soccer at a young age. Research claims that Andy started playing football long before his sister joined him.

According to many sources, he is married to Annabel Daly, and they have a son together. The name of his son is Orson Daly, and he is the first nephew of Rachel Daly. Based on research, Andrew is a Skater in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Meet Andrew, Rachel Daly's Brother.
Meet Andrew, Rachel Daly’s Brother.

Rachel Daly Relatives:

Despite the scarcity of specific details about Daly’s grandparents, uncles, and aunts, her deep affection for them is undeniable. Her grandparents, Jean, the late Paul, and her uncle Karen all come from her father’s side.

Transitioning to the role of an aunt, Rachel Daly readily showers her nephew, Orson Daly, with love and care.

Eziokwu Banyere:

In the concluding section of Rachel Daly’s Biography, we’ll unveil more facts you might not know about her. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Rachel Daly Networth:

Rachel Daly holds a significant position among the UK’s affluent soccer players. From various reports and Lifebogger’s observations, the estimations reveal that Daly’s net worth is a commendable $5 Million. Currently, her precise salary remains undisclosed and is not publicly known.

However, Daly’s earnings are growing significantly by the year. Her major source of income comes from playing football professionally. Also, she generates income through brand endorsements from Adidas, Revosports and Hera ambassadorial deals.

Rachel Daly FIFA:

In the realm of FIFA, the ‘Football Finesse’, Rachel Daly, stands tall with her prowess. She boasts an imposing FIFA Overall score of 85, which marks her maximum potential. These striking statistics accentuate her significant capabilities as a forward-thrusting striker in today’s game.

This is the FIFA profile of the skilful Englishwoman Rachel Daly. Ball control, Dribbling, Reaction, Positioning, Short power, Ball control, stamina, etc., are her greatest assets. Source: Sofia.
This is the FIFA profile of the skilful Englishwoman Rachel Daly. Ball control, Dribbling, Reaction, Positioning, Short power, Ball control, stamina, etc., are her greatest assets. Source: Sofia.

Rachel Daly is making waves in women’s football, just like Aha ya bụ Katie Robinson na Salma Paralluelo. Her skills and dedication are pushing her to achieve more in the sport.

Rachel Daly Religion:

The Dazzling Dribbler, Rachel Daly’s first name, which is of Biblical origin, suggests she might be Christian. However, she doesn’t talk much about her religious beliefs. The athlete and her family prefer to keep their spiritual practices private and off social media.

Rachel Daly Dog:

The proficient striker shares her home with a beloved canine companion named Dexi. Dexi is more than a pet, providing Daly with emotional support and companionship. Seen as a family member, Dexi often accompanies Daly to training sessions and personal outings. Pictured below, witness the special bond between Daly and her four-legged friend.

The bond between Daly and her dog (Dexi) - EXPLAINED. Credit: Instagram/justalittledexi.
The bond between Daly and her dog (Dexi) – EXPLAINED. Credit: Instagram/ justalittledexi.

Rachel Daly Tattoo:

Daly has a tattoo with lyrics from the Leeds song ‘Marching On Together. She said, “The lyrics are at least until the world stops going round’. This song was played at her dad’s funeral; now it’s a mantra for her and her.

In an Instagram post, she mentioned her tattoo isn’t just an ink (design); it holds a deeper meaning. The player also has tattoos on her legs. See her tattoos below.

Rachel Daly Tattoo - Explained. Source: Instagram/racheldaly3.
Rachel Daly Tattoo – Explained. Source: Instagram/racheldaly3.

Nchịkọta Wiki:

The following table provides a comprehensive breakdown of the content covered in Rachel Daly’s Biography.

Aha zuru ezu:Rachel Ann Daly
aha otutu:Rachel Daly
Ụbọchị ọmụmụ:Daybọchị nke ise nke Disemba 6
Ebe amụrụ onye:Harrogate, England
Age:32 afọ na ọnwa 2.
Nna:Martyn John Daly
Nne:Cath Louise Daly
Nwanna:Andrew Daly
Sister-inlawAnnabel Daly
NationalityObodo England
Agbụrụ:Ọcha British
Education:St. John University, New York
elu:5 ụkwụ 6 sentimita
Ihe akara Zodiac:Sagittarius
Ọkachamara:Egwuregwu bọọlụ nwanyị
Egwuregwu Ọnọdụ:Striker, Left-back
Pet:Yes (Dog)
Net uru:$5 Million. (2023 figures)


Rachel Daly was born in Harrogate, England, on the 6th day of December 1991. Her parents are Martyn John Daly (late) and Cath Louise Daly. The athlete grew up with her only sibling, Andrew Daly.

The dynamic forward, Rachel Daly, embarked on her academic journey in Harrogate, where she completed both her primary and secondary education. Yet, at age 20, she ventured across the Atlantic to broaden her educational horizons and elevate her soccer career.

Growing up in an athletic, supportive family, Rachel Daly’s love for football ignited early. Later, she ventured to the dynamic city of New York, securing a soccer scholarship at the prestigious St. John’s University.

The attacking sensation often joined her brother and father at local football games. Moreover, her family’s avid support for Leeds United profoundly shaped her upbringing.

Rachel Daly’s early football career showcases her determination. Despite challenges, she became a notable figure in women’s football. One of her significant achievements was winning the FA Women’s Premier League Cup in 2010.

In 2020, she was awarded the NWSL Challenge Cup Most Valuable Player award. Also, she clinched the NWSL Challenge Cup Golden Boot. Further recognition came in the same year when she was named in the NWSL Challenge Cup Best XI.

Her extraordinary talent continued to shine in the 2022-23 season when they crowned her the WSL Player of the Season. Additionally, she secured the WSL Golden Boot in the same season.

At the time of this biography, Rachel Daly holds a key position in the Aston Villa team. Moreover, the England star also became an essential player for her country, representing it in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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