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Our Hwang Ui-jo Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Lifestyle, Parents – Hwang Dong-ju (Father) and Kwon Young-hee (Mother), Personal Life, Net Worth, and Girlfriend (Hyomin).

This Biography will further cover facts about Hwang’s Ethnicity, Family Background, Salary, Religion, and Education.

We promise to share with you the story of how school played a vital role in helping him start his professional football career.


Our version of Hwang Ui-jo’s Biography begins from his boyhood days in Seongnam, Gyeonggi, to when he became famous.

It includes how he fell from his glory days to the most depressing moments of his career.

We also shared facts about how his parents helped him go through the worst phase of his expedition to become a revered talent once again.

To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his childhood to adulthood gallery — a perfect summary of Hwang Ui-jo’s Bio.

The Biography summary of Hwang Ui-jo. Behold his life and rise story.
The Biography Summary of Hwang Ui-jo. Behold his life and rise story.

You and I know he, like Cho Gue-sung, is a prodigy in the South Korean football strikeforce. Also, the power he applies to his finesse shot singles him out from many strikers.

However, many fans haven’t read Hwang Ui-jo’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Hwang Ui-jo Childhood Story:

For starters of his biography reading, his name is written as 황의조 using Korean characters. Hwang Ui-jo was born on the 28th of August 1992 to his father, Hwang Dong-ju, and mother, Kwon Young-hee, in Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea.

He is the youngest of two children born of the union between his parents. Pictured below is a rare image of Hwang alongside his father and older brother.

A rare photo of Ui-jo with his father, Hwang Dong-ju, (Left) and Hwang Ui-cheol (middle).
A rare photo of Ui-jo with his father, Hwang Dong-ju, (Left) and Hwang Ui-cheol (middle).

The young lad had a normal childhood, like many other kids. He clung to his mom always and took refuge from his older brother, Hwang Ui-cheol, whenever he got into trouble.

Of course, football was one of the few things that brightened his early days.

Thanks to sports, Hwang became friends with a couple of trusted kids who also had an interest in soccer. Indeed, his childhood didn’t record an atom of boredom.

Growing Up Days:

The upcoming striker was raised in the town of his birth alongside his brother, Hwang Ui-cheol. He was more attracted to soccer, which was the 2nd popular game in his country.

Hwang had a habit of trying out his skills with Ui-cheol. They were the perfect combo when it came to competing with other kids in their neighbourhood.

As the youngster grew older, his father (Hwang Dong-ju) sought to put his football prowess to good use. Hence, Hwang’s dad trained with him almost every day to bring out the best in him.

Hwang Dong-ju’s sacrifices weren’t normally the most palatable experience. But he persisted with the hassle because he wanted to see his boy flourish as a seasoned player.

Hwang Ui-jo Family Background:

Growing up in a household that has a mutual feeling of supporting each other, the athlete didn’t lack the affection he desired. His parents and siblings were easy-going people with humble personalities.

They all had decent jobs and earned a fair amount of money that allowed their family to survive as a middle-class household. Despite the financial status of his menage, Hwang never stopped dreaming big.

He believed in his capabilities and made a name for himself in the soccer world. Of course, his career success has also changed many aspects of his family’s lifestyle.

Hwang Ui-jo Family Origin:

At the sound of his name, you could easily guess his nationality. Yes, Hwang Ui-jo is a bona fide citizen of Korea. His face alone gives a visual expression of his Asian Ethnicity.

Hwang hails from Seongnam, which is the second-largest city in the Gyeonggi Province. His birthplace is home to about 1 million people, making it the tenth-largest city in Korea.

A map showing the forward's Family origin.
A map showing the forward’s Family origin.

The athlete’s place of Origin is known for its active arts scene, robust economy, and an engaged focus on international relations.

Tourists who visit Seongnam enjoy excellent cultural resources, like the Pangyo Museum and the Folk Craft Exhibition Hall.

Education And Career Buildup:

Hwang Ui-jo attended Yongin Elementary School, which was right next to his house. As he paid attention to his academic activities, he also joined a small life soccer club in Yongin.

As expected, the long-shot taker enjoyed every minute he spent playing football with other kids. During the weekends, he goes to school to train with his teammates from his school sports club.

I first started playing soccer when I was in 4th grade at Yongin Elementary School.

An overview of Yongin Elementary School, where Hwang had his earliest education.
An overview of Yongin Elementary School, where Hwang had his earliest education.

Hwang’s parents watched him progress at a steady pace in his academic endeavours. They had him join Pungsaeng Middle School and later sent him to Poongsaeng High School. There, he completed his high school education.

Do you know?… Hwang Ui-jo was an exceptional member of his school’s team.

Despite his small stature as a youngster, he maintained an excellent level of agility and vision. His shooting skills were phenomenal and became the talk of his entire school.

Hwang Ui-jo Biography – Football Story:

As earlier stated, the soccer expedition of the Korean icon started when he was in 4th grade.

Apparently, he began playing the game a little later than many of his peers. However, Hwang poured his entire heart and energy into developing his skills.

It was at Yongin Elementary School that he first wore soccer boots properly. Back then, he was quite excited and wanted to show his trainers what he could do.

Throwback to his high school career days. Of course, he was an excellent budding player back then.
Throwback to his high school career days. Of course, he was an excellent budding player back then.

Hwang’s extraordinary talent captivated the attention of his trainers and other spectators. Moreover, his resilience showed that he was cut out for top-tier football. However, he had a long way to go before he could become a professional player.

Hwang Ui-jo Early Career Life:

The finesse shot-taker left a lasting impression on his school team. He soon found himself playing in high school competitions. In 2009, Hwang led his side to the final of the High School League Championship.

Sadly, his team lost on a 3-2 goal margin to Gwangyang Steel High School.

A few years later, Hwang Ui-jo enrolled at Yonsei University, where he studied and took part in sports activities. This time around, his unparalleled talent gained traction amongst notable scouts.

His early career days at Yonsei University.
His early career days at Yonsei University.

Do you know?… Hwang Ui-jo dropped out of Yonsei University in 2013. Within the same period, he was selected in the Korean League 1 Draft by Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma.

This marked the beginning of his professional career in soccer.

Hwang Ui-jo Biography – Road To Fame Story:

The Asian forward made a sensational debut appearance in the K-League Classic. He scored his debut professional goal in his first game for Seongnam FC and won the hearts of their fans.

Barely a year after joining the club, Hwang tasted a resounding victory as his team won the Korean FA Cup in 2014. His performance in the tournament was phenomenal and won him several man-of-the-match awards.

See how he and his teammates celebrate their victory in a grand style.
See how he and his teammates celebrate their victory in a grand style.

Hwang finally established himself as a formidable striker and a nightmare to his opponent’s defence. He recorded 15 goals and three assists in 34 appearances in the 2015 season. Despite having a fantastic season in 2015, everything almost fell apart the following year.

The Controversy of Joining the Korean National Team:

Hwang Ui-jo has been a member of his country’s national team right from the age of 17. He worked hard to climb up the ranks until he finally made his senior debut in 2015.

He made a good number of appearances for his national team.
He made a good number of appearances for his national team.

As a seasoned player, the goalscorer was baptized in many positive public opinions. Football pundits gave him great hype and promoted his name in various Asian tournaments. All these turns of events stir up high expectations for Hwang in the 2016 season.

Sadly, he couldn’t handle the pressure and fell into a period of sluggishness.

Moreover, his poor performance with his country’s national team raised lots of questions about his competence. Hence, he was dropped out of the squad for the 2016 Olympic tournament.

By the end of the season, Hwang’s club was relegated to the K League 2. Thankfully, he signed a two-year contract with Gamba Osaka and avoided playing in the lower league.

Hwang Ui-jo Biography – Success Story:

Being presented with a new stage in the Japanese league, the seasoned striker had a sensational rebirth.

He impressed everyone with his goal-scoring abilities. Moreover, his dad and mom were so happy to see him spring back to his glory days.

Interestingly, Hwang helped his new club avoid relegation and finished the 2018 season as his team’s top scorer with 21 goals. His outstanding performance won him the Korean FA Player of the Year award.

It was a well-deserved award. Hwang was so happy to have experienced a sensational season in the Japanese league.
It was a well-deserved award. Hwang was so happy to have experienced a sensational season in the Japanese league.

A Move To European Top Flight League:

It was not enough for Hwang to prove himself in the Asian leagues alone. He had to step up his portfolio and follow in the footsteps of great South Korean players like Park Ji-sung and Son Heung-min.

Hence, in July 2019, Hwang joined the French Ligue 1 club, Bordeaux, on a four-year deal. His contract was worth a whopping sum of €1.8 million per year and gave him the taste of competing in one of the top European League.

At Bordeaux, Hwang was switched from playing as a striker to the winger position. There were days when he experienced goal droughts for a long time. But he carefully bid his time to fit into the football system of the French League.

He was full of energy and talent while competing in top-tier games.
He was full of energy and talent while competing in top-tier games.

Of course, most of his countrymen (most notably his family) are proud of his achievements so far. Hopefully, he will get to share the stage with other great Asians like Hwang Hee-chan and Takumi Minamino soon. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hwang Ui-jo Girlfriend:

Many players always fall victim to relationship rumours during their career days. Hwang has not been left out of the picture, as many of his fans are constantly on the hunt for information about his love life.

While compiling this Biography, we found out that the striker was linked to T’ara’s Hyomin. The couple seemed to be in a long-distance relationship. Also, Hwang Ui-jo’s supposed girlfriend is a 2nd generation K-pop idol.

She has been a long-time acquaintance of the athlete. The veracity of their relationship was confirmed as the lovebird went on vacation to Switzerland in January 2022.

He had a lovely time with his girlfriend during their vacation in Switzerland.
He had a lovely time with his girlfriend during their vacation in Switzerland.

Sadly, Hwang’s relationship with his girlfriend didn’t last for long. In March 2022, the love birds ended their romantic affairs due to too much pressure from the public. However, they remained acquaintances even going through such a sad breakup.

Who is Hyomin, Hwang Ui-jo’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Hyomin’s real name is Park Sun-young. She was born on the 30th of May 1989 in Busan, South Korea. Judging by her date of birth, she is about three years older than her boyfriend.

The pretty damsel was the only child of her family and was introduced to modelling at a very tender age. By the time Hyomin clocked 8, she had already won the MiMi Princess modelling contest.

Meet the pretty damsel, Hyomin, Hwang Ui-jo's ex-girlfriend.
Meet the pretty damsel, Hyomin, Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-girlfriend.

Her father was a film actor who helped her excel in the movie industry. Hwang’s girlfriend soon joined T-ara and went on to fulfil her dreams as an actress, fashion designer, and songwriter.

Personal Life:

Away from football, who is Hwang Ui-jo?

Interestingly, the goalscorer has got a cheerful personality. He is usually calm and collected in resolving dire situations. However, his cool nature does not restrict him from steering up a euphoric atmosphere sometimes.

After going through a long season of stress and hard work, Hwang usually goes on vacation to recover his strength. He would visit the beach to enjoy the fresh breeze blowing by the seaside.

Spending time on the beach is one great way to relieve stress for the Asian star.
Spending time on the beach is one great way to relieve stress for the Asian star.

While analyzing the forward’s date of birth, we discovered that his persona is a blend of the Virgo Zodiac sign. Little wonder why he has displayed a high level of hard work, intelligence, and adventurous characteristics.

Hwang Ui-jo Lifestyle:

Of course, football became the medium that shaped the player’s life for good. Yes, Hwang Ui-jo wouldn’t have dreamt of earning millions of dollars annually during the earliest phase of his career.

With his improved earnings, it is only right that he enjoys a luxurious life befitting his status. Read on as we unveil facts about his assets (houses and cars) in this section of our Hwang Ui-jo Biography.

Hwang Ui-jo House:

Having a home of his own gives him the perfect spot to relax after his daily endeavours. Hwang owns a house that has a big and open space for his personal training.

He showed fans what his abode looked like as he uploaded its photo on Instagram in 2020. Perhaps Hwang may add more real estate properties to his assets as his earnings increase in his career journey. Check out the exterior view of his house below.

He is actually having a great time in his sustainable garden. Yea, he's got a beautiful house.
He is actually having a great time in his sustainable garden. Yea, he’s got a beautiful house.

Hwang Ui-jo Cars:

Nothing can deter the amazing bond the South-Korean star shares with exotic rides. Like Shinji Kagawa, Hwang has purchased different expensive cars since his rise to stardom.

He’s also had a couple of endorsement deals with renowned car brands like Kia. Certainly, he will continue to add to his collection as time goes on. Behold a glimpse of Hwang Ui-jo’s cars in the picture below.

You can easily tell that he doesn't care about sub-standard rides. He's always got eyes for exotic cars.
You can easily tell that he doesn’t care about sub-standard rides. He’s always got eyes for exotic cars.

Hwang Ui-jo Family:

We’ve often seen players work themselves to the born to make their loved ones proud.

This has also become the norm for Hwang, who wishes to see his entire family happy with his success. Hence, we present you with facts about his entire household in this section.

About Hwang Ui-jo’s Father:

The mystery man behind the long shot taker’s phenomenal rise to stardom is his dad, Hwang Dong-ju. He has always been determined to help his son achieve his childhood dreams of playing professional football.

Before Hwang even got into top-tier soccer, his father usually advised him on the areas he needed to improve. This implies that the athlete’s dad was constantly going through the stress of watching his son’s training.

By doing this, Hwang Dong-ju could keep track of Hwang’s improvements. Of course, their time spent together helped foster a strong father-son bond that remains unbreakable to date.

Hwang’s father stood by him when he was having the worst season of his career. He also encouraged his son to work harder to step up his game.

Dong-ju’s advice helped his son reclaim his confidence and win the 2019 South Korean goal of the year award.

Untold Facts About Hwang Dong-ju:

It appears that the forward’s dad was a former track and field sprinter as well as a basketball player. He was a well-educated man who had an interest in technological development.

Meet the intelligent dad (Hwang Dong-ju) of the revered attacker.
Meet the intelligent dad (Hwang Dong-ju) of the revered attacker.

Hence, Hwang’s dad majored in computer science at Kyungpook National University. Following his graduation from school, he got a job as an engineer at Samsung Electronics, where he worked for 13 years.

As an experienced athlete, Hwang Dong-ju could support his son’s expedition. In the same vein, he harnessed his knowledge in computer technologies to come up with the idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) cameras in soccer games.

About Hwang Ui-jo’s Mother:

It’s quite a mystery why we haven’t seen the talented forward sharing images of his mom.

However, she has played an integral role in his success story. Hwang’s mother, Kwon Young-hee, also paid close attention to his career expedition like his father.

During Hwang’s days in his country’s local league, Kwon Young-hee discussed with his club to seal a better deal for him. While his dad watched over his training, his mom took part in his contract negotiations.

Interestingly, Kwon Young-hee and her husband’s selfless contributions have plunged their son into a successful career life in Europe. Hopefully, the player may decide to show off his mother to his fans in the later phase of his expeditions.

About Hwang Ui-jo’s Siblings:

Back in the day, the iconic striker often competed with his older brother, Hwang Ui-cheol. They were both energetic young boys who did all they could to surpass their peers in street football.

A rare picture of Hwang Ui-jo and his brother, Hwang Ui-cheol.
A rare picture of Hwang Ui-jo and his brother, Hwang Ui-cheol.

The presence of Ui-cheol made Hwang’s childhood more enticing and less boring. At the very least, the scorer never lacked who to open up to when faced with challenges. Hwang’s older brother has always been supportive of his career, even before he rose to stardom.

Ui-cheol usually visited the stadium to cheer on Hwang from the sideline on game days. After Ui-jo moved to France to continue his soccer expedition, his brother remained in Korea with their parents.

About Hwang Ui-jo’s Relatives:

It’s no longer news that the average life expectancy in Korea is 83 years. This implies that Hwang’s grandmother and grandfather from both his maternal and paternal sides are probably still alive.

However, there has been no information about his grandparents at the time of compiling this Biography. Moreso, Hwang has not really spoken about his uncles, aunts, and other family relatives in his interviews.

Untold Facts:

To wrap up our engaging Life Story of the Asian goal scorer, here are a few facts you need to know about his Biography.

Religion & Tattoos:

According to the 2015 national census, about 56.1% of the South Korean Population has no religion. This implies that there is a high possibility that Hwang Ui-jo is not affiliated with any religious belief.

While researching his Life Story, we realized that he has been passive in talking about religious matters. On the other hand, Hwang, who rarely talks about religious matters, has shown his fans what he is more interested in – body arts.

He inked a tattoo on his left shoulder, which he displayed to his Instagram followers on his page. Because of his dressing style, it is usually difficult to see his tattoos when he is playing on the soccer pitch.

He shows off his tattoo so beautifully.
He shows off his tattoo so beautifully.

Hwang Ui-jo Salary Breakdown and Net Worth:

Joining Bordeaux saw the striker earning the most fortune he has ever made in football. His annual Salary was capped at about €1.8 million as of 2022. We’ve studied his spending pattern and value his 2022 Net Worth at the whopping sum of €3 million.

The table below will give you a clear picture of Hwang’s financial proceeds from his career endeavours. It shows his Salary Breakdown starting from his annual earnings to how much he makes per second.

TENURE/EARNINGSHwang Ui-jo Bordeaux Salary in Euros (€)Hwang Ui-jo Bordeaux Salary in South Korean Won (₩ or KRW)
What he makes EVERY YEAR:

What he makes EVERY MONTH:€150,000₩202,458,000
What he makes EVERY WEEK:€34,562₩46,649,309
What he makes EVERY DAY:€4,937₩6,664,187
What he makes EVERY HOUR: €206₩277,674
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:€3.4₩4,628
What he makes EVERY SECONDS :€0.06₩77

Comparing Hwang Ui-jo’s Salary to the Average Korean Citizen:

An average Korean citizen earns about 53.7 million Korean Won (KRW). If converted to euros, their annual earnings will be €39,900.

Hence, an average Korean citizen will have to work for roughly a year to make what Hwang earns in a week.

Since you started viewing Hwang Ui-jo’s Bio, this is what he has earned.

FIFA Stats:

Although his performance surpasses most of his teammates, Hwang is still rated a bit less than Yacine Adli. Notwithstanding, his stats show that he’s got great qualities to take full charge of his striking position.

At 28, Ui Jo Hwang still bears the hallmark of a great striker.
At 28, Ui Jo Hwang still bears the hallmark of a great striker.

Hwang has great strength, stamina and shot power that poses a threat to the opponent’s goalpost.

His movement and dribbling skills make it easier for him to push for a counterattack whenever his team gets the chance.

Hwang Ui-jo Biography Summary:

The table below contains summarised facts of the forward’s Biography. Take a quick look at all his information in a concise format.

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name:Hwang Ui-jo
Date of Birth:28th of August 1992
Age:31 years and 5 months old.
Place of Birth:Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Father:Hwang Dong-ju
Mother:Kwon Young-hee
Brother:Hwang Ui-cheol
Girlfriend:Park Sun-young (a.k.a Hyomin)
Net Worth:€3 million (2022 Stats)
Annual Salary:€1.8 million (2022 Stats)
Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.85m)
Education:Yongin Elementary School
Pungsaeng Middle School
Poongsaeng High School
Yonsei University

End Note:

Hwang Ui-jo was born on the 28th of August 1992 to his father, Hwang Dong-ju, and mother, Kwon Young-hee, in Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea. He was raised by his parents alongside his older brother, Hwang Ui-cheol.

The goal scorer started playing soccer at a very tender age. Thankfully, his dad was vigilant and quickly noticed that he was a gifted player. Hence, Hwang Dong-ju worked hard to put his son’s talent to good use.

Hwang had a rather gradual but steady success as he delved into sports. Joining his school’s football team became the foundation that plunged him into fame in the soccer world.

Hwang soon made his father, mother, and brother proud by sealing a deal with the French club Bordeaux. Another aspect of his life that got his family and friends surprised was his relationship life.

Meeting his girlfriend, Hyomin, changed his view on love-related matters forever. You might want to believe in love again when you take a close look at the couple’s passionate affairs.

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