Houssem Aouar Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Houssem Aouar Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Houssem Aouar portray Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In simple terms, this is a story of the Footballer’s Life Journey. It begins from his boyhood days, to when he became famous. To whet your autobiography appetite, checkout his boyhood to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Houssem Aouar’s Bio.

Yes, you and I know he is both poisonous in duel and technically outstanding like Hakim Ziyech. Little wonder, Hansi Flick fell in love and tried to reinforce his FC Bayern Munich team with Houssem Aouar. Despite the accolade, only a few know his complete Life Story. Without further ado, lets begin.

Houssem Aouar Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “Houss.” Houssem Aouar was born on the 30th day of June 1998 to North African parents, in Lyon, the capital city in France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

No doubts, Houssem Aouar’s mom has defiled the law of ageing as she looks pretty young despite being in her late 40s. Even though the footballer has not displayed his dad to the public, Lifebogger is pleased for something. To give you a glimpse of one of his lookalike parents whom he is most attached to.

Growing-up in Lyon:

Being raised in the second-largest urban area of France, we know Aouar to have humble beginnings. Back then, he enjoyed spending time with other kids who cared less about their racial differences.

From the onset, Houssem believed he could accomplish great things in football. This was because of the common dream shared amongst his peers. Speaking about his childhood dreams, which never remained a passing fantasy, the Playmaker once told the French press.

“I used to have fun together with other kids in Lyon. Football became a passion we all had in common. It united us despite differences in our family origins and nationalities.

Till date, we still hold on to our friendship. It is a perfect reflection of the neighbourhood where my parents raised me. Above all, unity became one of our strengths.”

Houssem Aoua Family Background:

The fact that his mother worked as a reputable nurse implies our boy didn’t suffer lack during his childhood. The Playmaker grew up in a middle-class family background and has no rag to riches childhood story. Thanks to the earning of Houssem Aouar’s parents, his entire household lived and fared comfortably as above-average citizens.

Houssem Aouar Family Origin:

To easily guess his ancestry, you must first learn to enunciate his name, which says a lot about his Algerian descent. Thankfully, Goal has explained how to pronounce Houssem Aouar’s name properly.

Upon hearing his origin is Algeria, you might begin thinking… Does Aouar comes from the bloodlines of legends like Zinedine Zidane, who he currently his role model?

No doubt, Algeria is home to many multi-faceted dialects as seen in their language map below. Assuming Houssem Aouar’s parents had raised him in the North African country, he may have learnt to speak different varieties of dialects, most notably Algerian Saharan Arabic.

Houssem Aouar Football Story:

It took great wisdom for his parents to consider setting a path for him in soccer — the only thing he loved as a child. On this note, Aouar’s mother had him join the local soccer academy of AC Villeurbanne when he clocked 8.

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Starting up his youth career at the academy was no big deal. Even the likes of other Algerian-French migrants — (like Nabil Fekir) — found it convenient to begin their soccer expeditions there.

Back then, Aouar was more concerned about making his parents proud by performing better than other kids at the academy. Of course, the young lad thrilled not only his family members but also threw his coaches into some moment of euphoria. His most memorable moment with AC Villeurbanne remains helping team into winning one of the academy’s famous trophies.

The Journey to Olympique Lyonnais:

With the constant help from Adidas, the upcoming midfielder had no issues affording the kits he needed. After three years of nurturing his talents at Villeurbanne, Aouar bid his teammates farewell. He went on to join Olympique Lyonnais academy in 2009.

Apparently, his parents did went through lots of stress before the eleven-year-old could join the big house of Lyon. Being able to access more advanced facilities at his new academy, Aouar worked on perfecting his flair and technicality in dribbling. With hard work and better guidance from his coaches, the prolific talent excelled above his peers.

Houssem Aouar Biography — Road to Fame Story:

Like they did to Corentin Tolisso, Olympique Lyonnais couldn’t turn a blind eye to his compelling potential by the time he turned 18. Hence, Houssem Aouar signed a three-year deal with the Ligue 1 club in 2016. While the iconic dribbler was making his father and mother proud on the pitch, his country of family origin (Algeria) was left at the wrong end of the gun.

Following in the footsteps of Kylian Mbappe, Aouar turned his attention towards playing for France instead of Algeria. His decisions raised a lot of questions amongst sports analyst who kept on worrying about the monstrous potential XI world-class players (including Aouar) that the north-African country had missed.

As I write this Bio, even French Outcast Karim Benzema has tried to convince the prolific talent to join the Algerian national team. Again, the Desert Foxes manager, Djamel Belmadi did persuade Houssem Aouar’s parents to talk him into featuring for Algeria. However, Houss still remain glued to the French team.

Houssem Aouar’s Bio — Success Story:

Upon his glorious ascension in Ligue 1, the Finesse shooter knew the journey to stardom has only begun. It was humility and dedication that helped Aouar remain an integral player in his Lyon’s armoury. His technicality and composure made him an invincible midfielder who supplies Memphis Depay with perfect goal scoring opportunities.

As Aouar continued to leave his fans in awe of his potential, many clubs have begged for his signature. Arsenal almost signed him in the 2020/2021 summer transfer but instead went for Thomas Partey — only for the club to begin regretting their decision. In retaliation, the playmaker refused Arsenal’s plea – in dismay as he rules out leaving Lyon for the Gunners in January 2021.

Perhaps you have paid little attention to his playing style. That is why we have prepared the clip below which highlights his unbelievable soccer prowess and reason why Mikel Arteta will forever love him.

For sure, Aouar and Riyad Mahrez would make a bloody FIFA combination on your favourite video game – PS5. The rest, as they say of his Biography, is history.

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Who is Houssem Aouar Girlfriend and Wife to be?

For being successful and rising to the huge demands of French football, most fans must have asked if there is a women behind his gentle heart. Of course, his handsome looks would place him high for a girl’s boyfriend.

As I write this Bio, Aouar has turned deaf ears to inquiries on whether he has a girlfriend or wife at hand. We suspect that the cute midfielder might be into a relationship but refuses to make it public, at least for now.

Houssem Aouar Personal Life:

Have you ever wondered what makes the Champions League awards nominee so special? To tell you the truth, Aouar has a loyal, protective and caring nature, which is why he easily wins the trust of people.

Outside the pitch, he maintains a quiet life devoid of too many boisterous events including anything that endangers his health. What we see him do on the field is probably the product of his thorough thinkings at the river banks and beaches when no one is watching.


Like Said Benrahma, Houss loves to be addressed by the way he dresses. Apparently, his gigantic salary of €1.5 million (2020 Stats) can afford him big houses, fancy clothes and shoes and cars. However, the Footballer prefers to live the average lifestyle.

As I compile this Life Story, Aouar lives with his mother and spent most of his vacations chilling in his Lyon neighbourhood. In his words;

“I still live with my mom. Truth is, She’s done everything for me and I feel great at her place. Of course, she brings me equilibrium.

Playing in big matches and going back to her place afterwards allows me to keep my feet on the ground—that’s important. I give a lot to my immediate household.”

Houssem Aouar Family Life:

Houss has made us believe the fact that what makes one feel at home is not where they live but the people who surrounds them. Truth be told, the Footballer feels more accomplished each time his family members celebrate his success. Hence, we bring you fact about Houssem Aouar’s father, mother and siblings in this section of his Bio.

About Houssem Aouar’s Mother:

Great mums have produced successful footballers and Houss’ mum isn’t an exception. Since he was a little boy, she had cherished him and held the young lad like a fragile egg. To help her son excel in football, Aouar’s mother had to learn about the pros and cons of the game.

In her opinion, she needed to be prepared to provide the best advice for her son whenever tides of the sports turned out to be unfavourable. While monitoring the progress of Aouar, his mom even accompanied him to the 2018 Ballon d’Or event. Who would have imagined that motherly love can compel her into learning about soccer despite being a nurse?

About Houssem Aouar’s Father:

He is one person who remained anonymous even before his son’s rise to stardom. Of course, Aouar’s Dad must have played a vital role in his upbringing. Thou his wife does more. the proud father still remains a point of contact for his beloved son whenever things go wrong.

About Houssem Aouar Siblings:

Just like he is silent about his father, so also are inquiries on the existence of a brother or sister. Maybe the rest of his family (except his mother and grandad) wishes to live a more private life without attracting the media’s attention.

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About Houssem Aouar Relatives:

Do you know?… While his Dad maintains his private life, his grandfather chooses not as he has been making waves on social media. Ever since Houss shared a picture of one of his grandparents on Instagram, many fans have applauded his old man for having a rare talent for a grandson.

Houssem Aouar Untold Facts:

To round up the Life Story of the Technical dribbler, here are a few truths that would help you get a full grasp of his Bio.

Fact #1: Career comes Second:

Even while he works towards having a successful career, Aouar has made us understand that he prioritizes his family and health (first) – before anything. Incase you didn’t know, Aouar once refused to take part in games at Stade de Reims because he considers the pitch to be quite dangerous for his fitness.

Although his club penalised him for his actions, he had his family to cheer up on him at such phase of misunderstandings.

Fact #2: Salary Break Down and Earnings per Second:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Euros (€)
Per Year€1,500,000
Per Month€125,000
Per Week€28,802
Per Day€4,115
Per Hour€171
Per Minute€2.9
Per Second€0.05

Did you know?… an average French citizen will have to work for about four and a half years to earn what Aouar makes in a month.

We’ve strategically put up an analysis of the his salary as the clock ticks. Find out for yourself how much he has earned since you came here.

Since you started viewing Houssem Aouar‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Fact #3: Religion:

Houssem Aouar is part of the 5.8% of the population of Muslims in France which totals 3.7 million people. As a member of Islam, the Lyon star adheres to code and conducts of his religion.

Fact #4: FIFA Stats:

With his excellent performance in competitive games, Aouar has established himself as a formidable force in computer games. The French man shares similar FIFA potential with Eduardo Camavinga.


From the beginning, the Biography of Houssem Aouar teaches us that early peer influence (in sports) is the most natural way to lay a child’s career foundation. No doubt, our boy’s future became shaped by wanting to belong to a group of friends who formed a family by playing football.

It behoves us to appreciate Houssem Aouar’s mother for the incredible display of motherly love through out his journey to fame. Not to forget his granddad who has played a role in nurturing his grandchild.

Bear in mind that our team strives towards satisfying you with legit stories of your most revered French Footballer players. Kindly contact us if you find any misappropriation in our article. Otherwise, make a comment after taking a quick tour of his Aouar’s Biography summary in our Wiki table.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Houssem Aouar
Age:22 years and 9 months old.
Place of Birth:Lyon, France
Net Worth:€2 Million (2020 Stats)
Annual Salary:€1.5 million (2020 Stats)
Profession:Football Player (Midfielder)
Ancestry:Algerian Descent
Height:1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

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