Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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LB presents the Story of a Footballer with the nickname “Habib“. It is a full coverage of Habib Diallo Childhood Story, his Biography, Parents, Family facts, early life experience, and other notable events right from the moment he was a Zero to when he became a Hero.

The Early Life and Rise of Habib Diallo. Credits: HITC, FootSenegal and Picuki

Yes, the footballer from Senegalese family origin is known to be supremely talented with a great eye for scoring goals. However, only a hand few consider our version of Habib Diallo’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Early Life and Family Background

Starting off, Habib Diallo’s parents gave him the names- Habibou Mouhamadou Diallo after his birth. The name “Habib” which we all know is just a nickname. Habib Diallo was born on the 18th day of June 1995 in the city of Thies, Senegal. Based on photos we have of his siblings, it appears the footballer was born as the second child and son to his parents. Below is a photo of Habib Diallo’s parents who have their family roots from Thiès, Senegal.

Habib Diallo’s Parents. Credit: Thies 24

About Habib Diallo Family Roots: The city [Thiès] where Habibou Mouhamadou Diallo’s family came from is regarded as the third-largest city in Senegal with a population officially estimated at 320,000 in 2005. The city is 67.3 km away from Dakar, the country’s capital. Now, what is so special about the city of Thies?… She is known for her Tapestry A form of textile art, traditionally woven by hand on a loom.

Habib Diallo has his Family Origin From Senegal with Roots traced down to Thies, Senegal. Credit: SkyScraperCity
Like most footballers emanating from Senegal, Habib Diallo’s parents operated a lower middle-class family home. This implication that the footballer hails from an average family background. Habib Diallo grew up alongside his siblings, an elder brother and some younger ones both male and female whom we have presented in this article.

Habib Diallo Early Years: Growing up in Thies, Habib Diallo’s parents were the type who could not afford for him, the newest collections of toys. He only got a soccer ball that he played most times all day.

Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Education and Career Buildup

Right from Habib Diallo’s childhood time, there was never any interest in education as the young lad preferred playing football than anything else. He knew that he had talent and could make something out of football.

Leaving his Family: Asides Tapestry jobs, having a polytechnic and University, the city of Thiès never offered Habib what he wanted. Having heard football success stories from Senegal’s capital (Dakar), the youngster made his decision to leave his family behind to pursue his dreams. The youngster after a successful application was invited for trials by Generation Foot, a Dakar (Senegal’s capital) club founded by Mady Touré in 2000.

Our very own Diallo was footballitically educated at Generation Foot. Credit: CNN and SoccerUncle

Just like many who had tried and found success before him namely; Sadio Mane and Papiss Cissé, etc, Habib Diallo also had a successful trial with Generation Foot. Back then and now, every player at Generation Foot had one thing in common- “The European Dream”. For Habib, his determination to play in a European club was never seen as a passing fantasy.

Did you know?… Since 2003, Generation Foot had earned a reputation for its synergy with French Club FC Metz. For many, Generation Foot is regarded as the African pool of FC Metz. Club scouts from Metz often come to pick players Generation Foot’s to play for them in Europe.

Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Early Career Life

When he made his Family Proud: While in Generation Foot, Habib Diallo continued to play football with confidence, forming the habit of overstepping his mark and doing things out of the blue with the soccer ball. Soon, he became the academy’s most prized possession. The local boy from Thies saw his destiny being reshaped as he welcomed good news.

Did you know?… The pride of Habib Diallo’s parents and family members knew no bounds at the time he was selected as by FC Metz scouts to go play in their academy in Europe. Pictured below, it appears the local lad might be the first in his entire family lineage to land in Europe.

It appears the local lad is the first in his family to land himself in Europe. Credit: Imago

Habib Diallo followed Rigobert SongKalidou Koulibaly, Papiss Cissé and Sadio Mané who are said to be previous fruits of agreement between FC Metz and African clubs. Did you know?… His success at Generation Foot paved the way for the likes of Islmaila Sarr to follow.

At first, it wasn’t easy, but Habib Diallo had to force-adapt to living alone in France despite not having any family member around him. It didn’t take long for the youngster to make an impression with the club, a feat that saw up the ranks very quickly.

Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Road to Fame

When the Going Got Tough: After impressing his youth coaches, Habib Diallo secured academy graduation in the year 2014. Following his graduation, the youngster was deployed to play with Metz II (FC Metz Under-23s). Getting into the club senior team was tougher than he had expected. A frustrated Habib observed he could not compete and bench his rivals in the FC Metz senior side. He lost out in the Metz first team competition.

When the Going got Tough. Credit: SoccerManager

He began to pay his Dues: In other to gain more experience, Habib Diallo decided to go build himself up as he took a loan move. He was shipped to Stade Brest, a French football club based known to have raised Franck Ribéry. At Brest, Diallo made relentless efforts on building his experience with hopes of beating FC Metz’s first team competition. While striving to succeed, he once said in his words;

“Like many players, you don’t always build overnight. You don’t get to the top right away. Sometimes you have to build yourself slower.”

Justification for his Recall: For the 2017–18 Ligue 1 season, FC Metz endured a horrid campaign, losing eleven out of their first twelve matches. The club’s manager Frédéric Hantz was in a desperate search for a player who would bring some glimmer of hope to the fans. This saw Habib returning back on loan to get his last opportunity.
Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Rise to Fame Story

Rather than crumble, the Senegalese footballer went from strength to strength as he helped his club recover from their travails. Habib Diallo became a beast upon his return- a poacher in the box and a symbol of the new generation of FC Metz. He was being noted for his style of play- physical strength, speed, ability in the air (like C Ronaldo), + powerful and accurate strikes like Didier Drogba.

The Ultimate Rise of the Senegalese Star from the city of Thies. He became FC Metz’s Hero. Credit: imago

Did you know?… The breakout star and goal machine scored a whopping 26 league goals thanks to his wonderfully cultured combination of accuracy and power. On the 26th day of April 2019, Habib Diallo has helped his club win back promotion to Ligue 1. His FC Metz side finished first in the Ligue 2 table.

The Senegalese star achieved a meteoric rise with FC Metz, leading his team to achieve major honours. Credit: Picuki
The French league is indeed one of Europe’s top league for nurturing talent as seen in the likes of Mbappe, Hazard, Benzema, Nicolas Pepe, Moussa Dembele and more recently Victor Osimhen. The list goes on. we are confident that Habib Diallo will be added up there with them. Truth is, he has the potential to be the future of African football. Diallo could be the next Drogba… just saying. The rest, as they say, is history.
Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Relationship Life

The ascension to the helm of Senegalese football affairs surely makes Habib a successful man. Hence it is certain that most fans (especially female fans from Senegal) must have begun pondering on their minds the following questions; Who is Habib Diallo’s Girlfriend?…. Who is Habib Diallo’s Wife?… Is Habib Diallo Married?.

Football Fans (especially females) have pondered on the love life of the Senegalese superstar. Credit: Picuki

Yes!! There is no denying the fact that Diallo’s cute looks coupled with his professional success wouldn’t place him at the top of every potential girlfriend or wife wish list.

Truth is, behind the successful footballer, there sure exists a woman who happens to be either a wife or baby mama. She is the mother of his children (pictured below). Habib Diallo’s relationship with his wife or baby mama surely escapes the scrutiny of the public eye simply because it is private and possibly drama-free. Our research has revealed he is the parent of two beautiful children (a boy and a girl) from his supposed wife or baby mama.

Pictured is Habib in a celebratory mood with his daughter and son. Credit: Picuki

He is a Good Parent: Every happy family needs a caring a loving father and Habib Diallo fits one. The proud dad once shared a sizzling photo on his Instagram page where he appears to be completely at ease enjoying a sunny holiday with his beautiful daughter.

He is indeed shown the world that he is a wonderful parent to his kids. Credit: Picuki
Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Lifestyle

Ask anyone off the street of Senegal whether it’s worth it to be a starving footballer and they’re likely to say NO. Habib Diallo is a perfect example of someone who came from nothing to become a millionaire footballer. At the time of writing, he lives a luxurious lifestyle, one easily noticeable by his exotic car among other beautiful things in his possession.

He lives a Luxurious Lifestyle Facts easily noticeable by his exotic car which he flaunts around the city. Credit: Picuki

Following observations about his exotic lifestyle, lots of fans especially those who have seen his car must have asked… What are Habib Diallo’s wages and annual salary?.

The footballer at the time of writing earns a weekly wage of €18,500K and an annual salary of.962,000K, Wow!… a pointer him living an exotic lifestyle. Did you know?… The average man in Senegal needs to work for at least 9 years to earn the same as Habib earns in a month.

Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Family Life

How does it feel having a successful footballer as a family breadwinner?… This section explains it all. Here, we provide you more facts about Habib Diallo’s family members beginning with his parents.

More About on Habib Diallo’s Father: Ousseynou Diallo is known to be the proud dad of Habib. The humble and down to earth man as observed below has refused to change his lifestyle despite having a millionaire son for a footballer.

‘s Dad being interviewed. Credit: Thies Info

Ousseynou Diallo accepts journalists into his old fashioned home where he discusses his son’s success and football. Well, it is only a matter of time before his Habib forces his dad to move his family into a mansion.

More on Habib Diallo’s Mother: Great African mothers have produced great sons and the lucky mum of Habib Diallo isn’t an exception. Speaking with Thies’ journalist, the supermum poured out her hearts about how proud she is to be the mother of Habib Diallo.

Habib Diallo’s Mother speaks to Journalist about her son’s success Credit: Thies Info
Habib Diallo credits a huge part of his success to the upbringing his mother gave him. The devoted mother had always wished to see her son grow and be happy with what he has become.
Habib Diallo’s Brothers and Sister: Thanks to Thies Info media, Habib Diallo’s siblings  Yoan Dieng Habib and Tahiti Habib are super proud of their big brother’s achievements. It is very likely one or both brothers would attempt to follow Habib’s footsteps.
Meet Habib Diallo’s Brothers and Sister. Credit: Thies Info
Habib Diallo’s Big Brother: Habib Diallo’s big brother is one of his chief supporters back in his homeland. The super big brother is known to have his best moment when seen in his country’s national colors. Having a family member in the Senegalese national team brings some great sense of pride for him. 
Meet the man who is likely to be Habib Diallo’s Big brother or uncle. Credit: Thies Info
Habib Diallo’s Assumed Step Mother: Being often found alongside Habib Diallo’s dad, mum and in the family home leaves little doubt that she could be the footballer’s stepmother. She might also be the mum of one of the little kids pictured above.
Meet the woman who is likely to be Habib Diallo’s Step Mum. Credit: Thies Info
Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Personal Life

Getting to know Habib Diallo’s personal life would help you get a better picture of his personality off the pitch. Away from football, Habib is someone who loves to be in the company of people especially those with similar family origin to his. He loves to display humbleness amidst the typical fame of the modern-day footballer.

Getting to know Habib Diallo’s Personality of the pitch of play. Credit: Thies 24
Secondly on his personal life, Habib looks up to Didier Drogba, his idol and career guardian. His admiration for Drogba stems back from Senegal- beginning from those times he lived with his parents and would go watch the Premier League via viewing centers.
Lastly on Habib Diallo’s personal life is his likeness for Dogs. Footballers namely; Messi, Daley Blind, Marcelo, Aaron Ramsey and James Rodriguez etc all love their pets (dogs). Habib Diallo who is pictured below with his isn’t an exception. Pictured below is the Senegalese babysitting his lovely puppy.
Many footballers love their dog and our very own Diallo isn’t an exception. Credit: Thies 24
Even thou there is a saying that there is no loyalty left in the modern game, it surely doesn’t take into account the relationships shared between Habib and his cute dog.

Habib Diallo’s Religion: Like most Senegalese footballers, it is most likely that Habib Diallo’s parents raised him to adopt the Islamic religious doctrines. We’ll update you as soon as there are photo proofs of Habib practicing his religion.

Habib Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Untold Facts

FC Metz Notable Footballers before him: Before Habib Diallo, there were other FC Metz, Legends who also destroyed the grounds with impressive plays and GOALS. From Top left to right below, we have Kalidou Koulibaly, Emmanual Adebayor, Sadio Mane, Frank Ribery and Louis Saha.

Notable Footballers who have grazed FC Metz. Credits: FC Metz, Ebay, Twitter, FootMercato, HighburyInn, FB & Irish Sun

From Bottom left to right we have Rigobert Song, Sylvain Wiltord, Robert Pires, Miralem Pjanić and Papiss Cissé.

Tattoo: Tattoo culture is very popular in today’s football world as it is often used to portray one’s religion or the people they love. Habib Diallo isn’t tattoo-free. His tattoo “INAYA- XIIIXIMMXVI” spotted his left arm is a drawing that represent something or someone he holds dare to his heart.

Little is known about the meaning of his tattoo. But we know he holds it very close to his heart. Credit: Lavoixdunord

Underrated FIFA Ratings: Updated player ratings are always a popular topic of discussion whenever a new FIFA is brought out, and FIFA 20 is no different for Habib Diallo. The Senegalese footballer had the misfortune of finding out he is underrated despite scoring 26 league goals in one season.

Habib Diallo FIFA Ratings shows he is highly underrated. Credit: SoFIFA

Most FIFA 20 gamers would not content to the ratings of Habib Diallo. There was a feeling he didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

He is the Face of a Multi-Level Marketing corporation: Habib doesn’t only earn monies for simply kicking a ball around the field. Monies from Sponsorship plays a big part in his sources of income. Habib at the time of writing recently sealed a sponsorship partnership with Herbalife International of America, Inc.

Habib Diallo wouldn’t mind running some adverts in order to put monies in his Pocket. Credit: Picuki

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