Federico Valverde Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Federico Valverde Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Federico Valverde tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Julio Valverde (Father), Doris Valverde (Mother), Family, Girlfriend/wife to be (Mina Bonino), Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we portray the history of Federico Valverde, a Football Genius best known by the nickname “Fede”.

Our story of the Real Madrid Legend begins from his early days, to when he became famous in the beautiful game.

To give you a taste of the engaging nature of Federico Valverde’s Bio, we present you this pictorial summary of his early life and rise.

Federico Valverde Biography - From his Early Life to the moment of Fame.
From humble beginnings to Real Madrid’s bright stage, ‘Fede’ Valverde’s journey captivates, a football tale for the age.

The analysis involves his early life/ family background, education/career buildup, early career life, his road to fame, rise to fame story, relationship life, personal life, family facts, lifestyle and other little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows he is a supremely talented midfielder, a protagonist who has not just won the hearts of Real Madrid fans.

However, not many soccer lovers have read a detailed version of Federico Valverde’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Federico Valverde Childhood Story – Family Background and Early Life:

For Biography starters, he bears the full name – Federico Santiago Valverde Dipetta.

He was born on the 22nd day of July 1998 to his father, Julio Valverde, and mother, Doris Valverde, in the great city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Fede, as he is often called, was born as the second child to his lovely parents, pictured below.

Meet Federico Valverde's Parents- His Dad, Julio and Mum, Doris.
Meet Federico Valverde’s Parents- His Dad, Julio and Mum, Doris.

Federico comes from a middle-class family background, and by religion, he was brought up by Christian parents who are devout Roman Catholics.

Just like Diego Forlán, the footballer has his family origin in the Uruguayan capital city of Montevideo.

Owing to the fact that the capital city of Uruguay (Montevideo) was once a former Spanish Empire (1724–1807), we can imply that Federico could have Spanish Family roots.

Federico Valverde has his Family Origin from the city of Montevideo.
Federico Valverde has his Family Origin in the city of Montevideo.

Federico Valverde didn’t grow up alone by his parent’s side but also alongside his older brother, who goes by the name Diego.

It was a household that initially knew nothing about football, with no family members or relatives involved. The game started with our very own Federico Valverde while he was still wearing diapers.

Like most last-born children, Frederico was the kind of child who would ask for anything and see it getting done with the snap of his fingers.

Back then, he never asked for toys, but only a football. As a child (aged 2), Federico made his dad nail a goalpost in his family’s living room.

Day in, and day out, he would kick the ball into the net for hours, scoring homely goals. Little did everyone know that it was a sign of his destiny.

Federico Valverde  Education and Career Buildup:

At the age of 3, Fede had in him the burning desire to join a football team in the quest for sports education.

While he was still wearing diapers, his parents got him successfully enrolled with Union Students’ babies, a small academy in the city of Montevideo.

However, he was not allowed to play official games because he wasn’t up to the age of 6.

At the age of three, in an unofficial game, Fede scored his first goal in an unofficial match against another academy named Danube.

Did you know?… In the celebration, the little footballer took off his diapers to the amazement of the fans.

In compensation for lacking official games, little Federico was sometimes deployed as a mascot to bigger teams.

At three, Fede found the net against Danube's young brigade. Too young for official games, but bold enough to celebrate diaper-free on the stage!
At three, Fede found the net against Danube’s young brigade. Too young for official games, but bold enough to celebrate diaper-free on the stage!

Little by little, Federico grew up, and at the time he was aged 5, the academy in their magnanimity, decided to grant him the opportunity to play in the academy setup meant for 6-year-olds and above.

Federico Valverde Biography – Early Career Life:

Understanding their boy’s desire to become a footballer saw Federico Valverde’s parents doing all they could to support his aspirations.

At the time he joined, there were no soccer shoes so small for his tiny legs. Federico Valverde’s mother had to tour many shops, in the end, finding used ones at a fair.

Thankfully, efforts began to pay off for the little chap within his first few months of playing football (before his 6th birthday).

Did you know?… Federico Valverde helped his team in winning his first Championship trophy in the year 2003 while still aged 5.

Federico Valverde Early Years in Football- His first trophy.
Federico Valverde Early Years in Football- His first trophy.

Thrived against players older than him and going on to win his first championship at the tender age of 5 increased his chance of getting to bigger academies.

Federico Valverde Biography Facts – Road to Fame Story:

In the year 2008, the joy of the Valverde family knew no bounds when little Federico was called to attend trials with Penarol, another Uruguayan sports club from Montevideo. He got accompanied by his mum for trials.

After approaching the kids’ gathering session, the shy boy leaned against a tree and did not move.

One of the coaching staff in charge of choosing players to be tested by name Néstor Gonçalves approached Federico, saying;

Hey boy! Why are you not coming to play? Play!“.

Federico (aged nine) immediately reacted to the authoritative voice. He quickly ran to join the other children to get himself tested.

Doris, his mum, watched the practice and could hear the coach saying her son was a rare kid who would definitely be accepted.

Hearing that, the proud mum walked over to Néstor Gonçalves saying, ‘Fede who you talked about is my son‘.

Immediately, the coach thanked Dorin for raising him well. After the successful trial, Federico, pictured below, enrolled with Peñarol.

Image of Federico Valverde after a successful trial with Peñarol.
Image of Federico Valverde after a successful trial with Peñarol.

Joining Peñarol helped him progress faster, giving him national recognition in his teenage years. Within two years of joining them, the rising star got a call into the Uruguay U15 national youth team.

Meeting an Idol:

In the 2015–2016 season, while still at the Peñarol academy, Fede met his hero Diego Forlan who joined the club’s senior team on the 10th of July 2015. The Uruguayan Legend, who was nearing retirement, served as a father figure to him.

Meet Federico Valverde's Idol- Diego Forlán. Here, it appears they just concluded a mentoring session.
Meet Federico Valverde’s Idol- Diego Forlán. Here, it appears they just concluded a mentoring session.

Diego Forlán advised Fede the most in his young career, telling him to work hard and have humility.

Soon, a rising Federico graduated from the academy and joined his idol in the club’s senior team. Mentoring didn’t just give success to Federico Valverde.

It was the success that was drawn out of him as he, together with his idol (Diego Forlan) tagged along and helped Peñarol secure the Primera División 2015–16 trophy.

Federico Valverde, together with his teacher and idol, guided Peñarol to the 2015–16 Primera División title.
Federico Valverde, together with his teacher and idol, guided Peñarol to the 2015–16 Primera División title.

At the time Federico was 17, his idol (Forlan) left him for another club, a development that made him feel sober.

However, winning the individual Premier Division saw him get monitored by a host of European clubs.

It was Real Madrid who successfully secured his signature. The club allowed him to play in its youth team (Real Madrid B), where he was fighting for a spot in its competitive senior team.

Federico Valverde Biography – Rise to Fame:

While at Real Madrid B, Federico was called up to represent his country in the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Uruguay’s journey at the tournament was well defined by a solid defence and an astute midfield led by no other person than Federico Valverde.

After the tournament, Valverde went on to win the competition’s Silver Ball. Pictured below is him alongside Dominic Solanke and Yangel Herrera- winners of the Adidas Golden and Silver Balls respectively.

Federico Valverde won the Adidas Silver Ball at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017.
Federico Valverde won the Adidas Silver Ball at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2017.

Rather than crumbling after the tournament, the midfielder went from strength to strength, gaining his way into the Real Madrid senior team.

In order to become a true contender for the Real Madrid midfield role, he decided to go get experience elsewhere, taking the loan option to  Deportivo La Coruña, a club that made him mature.

In one of Deportivo’s games against FC Barcelona, Fede played so well, a feat which got Luis Suarez running down to the La Coruña dressing room to greet him and wear his shirt.

Return From Loan:

Upon returning from loan, Valverde began to impress his then-new boss Julen Lopetegui during the 2018/2019 pre-season. His performance saw him getting re-positioning in the Real Madrid first-team.

After Lopetegui, the next manager, Santiago Solari also got impressed by Valverde’s growing importance and adaptability to the team.

Fast forward to the time of writing, Federico has adapted so well to Real Madrid, improving by leaps and bounds throughout the 2019 2020 season.

Federico Valverde has now become high and mighty in his midfield role with Madrid.
Federico Valverde has now become high and mighty in his midfield role with Madrid.

Yes!, we football fans are on the verge of seeing a rising star blossoming into a future world-best midfielder right in front of our very eyes.

Federico Valverde is indeed one, among the endless production line of amazing midfielders in world football.

He is not just ready to rub shoulders with Luka Modric and Toni Kroos but a huge contender to overthrowing anyone of these greats. More importantly, he is the man who helped Álvaro Rodríguez settle with Real Madrid. The rest, as they say, is history.

Federico Valverde Love Facts – Girlfriend and Wife to be:

Behind every successful footballer, there is always a potential WAG who would roll her eyes and wish to cement her place as a girlfriend.

In this case of the Fede, there was indeed a glamorous lady who goes by the name; Mina Bonino.

She (pictured below) became his girlfriend after Federico left his ex-girlfriend named Juliet.

Meet Federico Valverde's Girlfriend- Mina Bonino.
Meet Federico Valverde’s Girlfriend- Mina Bonino.

The combination of beauty and brain is very common among the girlfriends of humble footballers.

The case of Federico isn’t an exception, as his girlfriend is a successful TV presenter and journalist.

Mina Bonino was born on the 14th day of October 1993, meaning she is five years older than her famous boyfriend. Who cares actually!!… After all, age, as they say, is just a number.

Mina Bonino enjoys a huge fanbase on Instagram, with more than 250k followers on her Instagram page (at the time of writing).

The beautiful brunette oozes confidence alongside her man in every one of their snap. As observed below, both enjoy a healthy relationship that is built solely on friendship.

Federico Valverde and his girlfriend enjoy a solid relationship built on friendship.
Federico Valverde and his girlfriend enjoy a solid relationship built on friendship.

Asides from the difference in their ages, both lovers see themselves as more than just partners or lovers – but best friends.

The Jealous Lovers:

They have a deep care for one another, and of course, are jealous lovers. This jealousy could sometimes cause light-hearted wars between the two. Enough talking!!….. Now let’s give you the gist!

According to TheSun, Valverde once started a light-hearted war of words with his girlfriend after he observed her to have uploaded a cheeky selfie that revealed much of her sensitive body parts on Instagram.

His comments on the post racked up hundreds of likes from the public in just a few minutes.

The photo that caused a light war between Federico and his girlfriend- Mina Bonino.
The photo that caused a light war between Federico and his girlfriend- Mina Bonino.

Did you know?… The then 20-year-old joked about his girlfriend not taking her top off even after sleeping through the night, implying she wears it all day.

Mina Bonino got her brutal revenge at the time she fired back, claiming that her Uruguay boyfriend doest does not regularly wash his underwear. In her words;

“Yes, I prefer to have the same T-shirt BUT I  DONt WEARING the same pants FOR A week like you do.”

Both lovers got fans worried about the state of their relationship after their light-hearted exchange of words.

Thankfully, a few days later, Fede’s girlfriend Bonino proved to fans that they were no hard feelings between them.

This was observed when she posted a snap of themselves with a sweet caption about their deep love for one another.

Personal Life:

Getting to know Federico Valverde’s Personal Life off the pitch would help you get a complete picture of his personality away from the pitch.

Starting off, he is someone who possesses an inner state of independence that enables significant progress both in his personal and professional life.

Federico sometimes possesses the deep need to spend time alone and away from everything. He prefers to stay mostly at the seaside in order to restore himself from career stress.

Understanding Federico Valverde's Personal Life away from football activities.
Understanding Federico Valverde’s Personal Life away from football activities.

Also, in his personal life, Fede is someone with a gentle heart, one who, outside the pitch, do everything necessary to avoid conflict.

As far as matters of his tender heart are concerned, Fede’s choice of having a girlfriend who is 5 years older than him is justified.

He is someone who dislikes flaky or unreliable partners and wants to be with a mature lady who understands his tough daily routine as a footballer.

Federico Valverde Family Life:

The goalpost set in his home is now historical. Fede, who is now a man, has kept it as a souvenir to remember his early life experience with the game.

Today, it’s all about gathering his individual and club honours in his family home.

Federico Valverde pictured alongside his individual and club honours archived in his family home.
Federico Valverde pictured alongside his individual and club honours archived in his family home.

About  Federico Valverde’s Dad:

Back then, Julio, his father, was always at work while his wife looked after their son’s career.

Today, the super dad is proud that his son has become a man and no longer a youth who was oftentimes lifted to training.

In his words, “The Little Bird has become a Big Bird, one who when opponents hit him, gets up easily and continues”.

Although not as influential on his career as his wife, Julio (pictured below) is a football-loving dad who loves to discuss football stuff with his son.

Valverde posses happily with his Parents- His Dad, Julio and Mum, Doris.
Valverde posses happily with his Parents- His Dad, Julio and Mum, Doris.

About Federico Valverde’s Mum:

At the time Federico travelled to Europe, his mum triggered her motherly role by ensuring both her and her husband Julio followed him to Madrid. They all lived in Madrid and she ensured Fede continued to enjoy her lovely dishes.

Doris had a wonderful experience while living in Madrid. Thou she hardly goes to the Bernabeu, instead preferring to watch her son from home via television. It was a different experience when she went to the supermarket or a shopping mall.

Doris, while at the market, would hear people commenting about her son.

As soon as she uttered words, people would want to know where she came from because her tone was different. Immediately she replies that she is was Uruguayan, the next question would be;

Are you the mum of Fede Valverde?.

The Current State of Things:

Later on, as Federico got fully matured, his parents proposed a return to Montevideo. They allowed their son to continue with his Madrid experience along with his brother Diego.

Upon returning to their homeland, Fede got a four-bedroom duplex for his parents. His dad and mum, at the time of writing, are presently in Uruguay and do come to visit their son every six months.

More on Federico Valverde’s Brother: 

Very little is known about Federico’s brother, who goes by the name Deigo. While avoiding public attention, it could be that Diego does no other thing than to look after his little brother’s career.

Federico Valverde Lifestyle:

Getting to know Federico Valverde’s lifestyle would help you understand his standard of living. When it comes to money, Federico has the talent to maintain a balance between spending and saving.

His weekly wage is just enough for him to use in taking care of his family. Even while he drives a decent car. The photo below sums up his humble lifestyle.


Untold Facts:

In the final phase of Fede Valverde’s Bio, we’ll serve you truths you might not know about him. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

He Once Suffered from Voice and Breathing Problems: 

Until 2016, Federico Valverde had a perfect career, until he began having breathing issues. This was followed by a sudden change of his voice that caused discomfort and almost threatened his career.

Federico spent those challenging moments with a phoniatrics doctor (a specialist who studies and treats organs, mainly the mouth, throat, vocal cords, and lungs). After some time off, the lucky footballer staged a miraculous comeback to continue his career with Real Madrid.

His Baby Club received $ 11,300 for his Transfer to Madrid:

The Students of the Union Club, where Federico started his baby career was given $ 11,300 as settlement for his ascension to Real Madrid.
Did you know?… it was the most expensive transfer monies the club had ever received in its history. The monies were used to fix the club’s leaking roof, drainage pipes, grease fittings, among other things.

His Only Controversy:

Federico has only gotten one controversy in his career so far (at the time of writing). In the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup quarter-final match against Portugal, the Uruguayan displayed a facial expression as he used his fingers to slant his eyes after scoring a penalty.
His action was considered racist. It got criticized by tens of thousands of football fans around the world. Federico, when asked about his action, explained that the celebration was for his friend and agent who goes by the name “el ChinoSaldavia.

He once felt pained, like Diego Maradona:  

The afternoon of May 19, 1978, has its history. That year, former Argentine coach César Luis Menotti left Diego Armando Maradona (aged 17) from his World Cup selection. A very upset Diego cried a lot, and that disappointment transformed him.

Did you know?… Federico suffered the same fate. He didn’t make it for the 2018 World Cup squad of his coach, Maestro Tabárez.

Thou he was only two years older than the Argentine star was then (1978). He learned from the Maradona experience, which also got him stronger.
At the time of writing, Fede was fully part of the national team squad. Also, he has about 3 world cups left.
Thankfully, he has a good weekly wage, a decent annual salary, and a whopping 750 million euros release clause.

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