Faktoj de Timo Werner Infana Rakonto Plus Senĉie Biografio

Faktoj de Timo Werner Infana Rakonto Plus Senĉie Biografio

Our Biography of Timo Werner tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family members, Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Cars, Net Worth and Lifestyle.

In simple terms, LifeBogger gives you a complete breakdown of his Personal Life, starting from when his Early Years to when he became Famous. The photo of his progression from childhood to adulthood indeed, tells his Bio Story.

Yes, you and I know the German is a serial goalscorer, more importantly, one of the fastest strikers in Europe with an incredible goal ratio at every level. Despite the accolade, only a few football fans have taken their time to read Timo Werner’s Bio. We’ve prepared that just for you and without further ado, let’s begin with the story of his early years.

Timo Werner Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, ‘Turbo Timo’ is the German’s nickname. Timo Werner was born on the 6th day of March 1996 to his mother, Sabine Werner and father, Günther Schuh in the city of Stuttgart, southwest Germany.

The Footballer was born with no brother or sister, meaning he is the only son born to his parents. Perhaps you must have wondered… Why doesn’t he bear his father’s surname- ‘Schuh’. The truth is, Timo Werner’s parents despite being together for long, appear not legally married. For this reason, the Footballer bears his mother’s surname ‘Werner’.

Timo Werner Family Background:

The German’s father, Gunter Schuh, operated a middle-class household in the Stuttgart. It is a home which till date, hold high values for educating the young. Timo Werner comes from humble beginnings in his extraordinary home.

Growing up, his parents taught him four ideal moral values. They include; (1) respect for all (2) being generous/helpful (3) having a sense of responsibility (4) never hurting anyone and (5) formulating the habit of sharing.

Discussing his humble upbringing which reflects his character today, Timo Werner once told the German media;

When I’m with my family and friends, I am not Timo Werner the footballer. I’m simply Timo, the humble son and loyal friend.

The Truth is, I am just a guy like everyone else. If I do something wrong, my parents and friends are not scared to tell me!

Timo Werner Family Origin:

We all know he is a prolific German Striker, however, not everyone knows where in Germany he come from. Timo Werner’s family have their origin from the Stuttgart, the capital of southwest Germany’s Baden-Württemberg state.

In case you didn’t know, the city bears the nickname “cradle of the automobile”. Did you know?… Stuttgart houses the headquarters of Porsche and the almighty Mercedes-Benz.

Career Build-Up:

First and foremost, Timo Werner’s parents- especially his Dad is seen as the primary engineer of his destiny. The Footballer’s father was an amateur footballer who later became a coach. As a little boy, Timo Werner’s father, Günther Schuh taught him the meaning of endurance. In the earliest of his days, he allowed his only son to continuously run up the mountains in the name of improving his stamina and athleticism.

As a humble little boy who was well-bred, Timo possessed the mindset of wanting to impress his Father, whom many (especially his student) see as a disciplinarian with ‘scary’ coaching powers.

Back in the days, after running all day, Timo would ask his Dad after every lap how fast he was. Continuously running up the mountains saw the Youngster developing of his speed powers- a feat that has become one of his greatest assets today.

Mario Gomez- The Childhood Hero:

Günther Schuh guided his son into being an attacker, a feat that gave him the opportunity to pick a role model- in the person of Mario Gomez, the former German forward. Back then (before his teenage years), Timo would stick the German Striker’s poster all over his room. Ironically, little did he know he would be the one to retire his hero (Mario Gomez) from the German national team.

Frua Kariera Vivo:

Growing up, there was a high certainty that football would be his calling. Interestingly, his father Günther Schuh allowed his son to enrolled with TSV Steinhaldenfeld, a club where he coached their higher junior team. Wanting to impress the man he looked up to most- his Dad. Little Timo Werner, who is pictured below began from the grassroots.

Fatherly Motivation Tactics:

Also in a bid to see him excel, Timo’s dad had to apply monetary motivation as a tactic needed to see his son progress. Truth is, youngster enjoyed little incentives from both parents (more on his dad)- a feat that further pushed himself a little bit harder as a child.

Ĉu vi sciis?… Gunter Schuh offered his son extra pocket monies for every goal he scored. Explaining how the whole thing happened, Michael Bulling, head of football at TSV Steinhaldenfeld once gave his narration. In his words;

“Timo Werner’s dad was the coach of our adult’s team. He does come to watch his seven-year-old son play.

One day, he promised little Timo a bit of money for every goal. I think he ended up regretting it very quickly.”

For Gunter Schuh, such motivational tactics ended up becoming a very costly exercise. This was because his eight-year-old son (Timo Werner) was quite scary. Back in the days, the youngster’s shots were very strong and no one could comprehend how he dribbles and runs very fast.

Timo Werner Biography Facts- Road to Fame Story:

While performing well for the community-based club in Stuttgart, Günther Schuh observed German media getting interesting in his son. To make him further prepare for the future, Günther Schuh took Timo- AGAIN- up the mountain- this time, making him run for hours coupled with extended football practice. He knew fully well that local giants VfB Stuttgart were interested in his son.

After much consultation, Timo Werner’s parents agreed for their Rising German Son to join the Family’s local city team VfB Stuttgart. There, Little Timo rose through the ranks of the youth team. Although the club also had Serge Gnabry kaj Joshua Kimmich, Timo was their most special player. The German media as seen below had begun chasing the youngster at a very young age.

While journeying his way up, Timo Werner’s dad continued the tactics of motivating his son with incentives even at the time he played for VfB Stuttgart. This time, rules were adjusted and his dad agreed to pay only for goals Timo would score with his head and left foot.

In a bid to actualize this, “Turbo Timo” as he was nicknamed would sometimes make complex moves just to be able to score with his head and left foot. With time, that became too easy for the youngster, and he saw himself taking all his father’s money.

Timo Werner Success Story:

As expected, it took no time before young Timo saw himself eclipsing his father success, one who was a very proficient amateur footballer. Scored goals for fun at youth level, the youngster attracted interest from RB Leipzig who acquired him on the 11th of June 2016. A year later, he was called into the German national team by Joachim Löw– a podium he used to compete and displace his childhood hero- Mario Gomez.

The truth is, The German’s RB Leipzig career was marked with justifying the legacy of his youthful years. Timo Werner went into the first season with the club, scoring 21 times in 31 matches. With Juliano Nagelsmann, his goal tally got to 78- a feat which attracted Frank Lampard’s bright light of London- Chelsea FC.

As at the time of updating this Biography, the RB Leipzig rocket fuel’ (as nicknamed by the club) and his partner in crime- Kia Havertz are set to make their name more popular in England. Without a doubt, Chelsea Football Fans are convinced he will be a success in England under Frank Lampard. The rest of this Bio, as we say, is now history.

Timo Werner Love Story:

As the saying goes…Behind every successful footballer, there is always a glamorous WAG. Hence, there is no denying the fact that Werner’s cute baby face looks wouldn’t attract female fans who would want to label themselves as girlfriends, wife materials or mother of his child or children.

About Timo Werner’s Girlfriend:

For a long time, the Striker has been dating Stuttgart based fitness model Julia Nagler, since his early career days. Timo Werner is one year older than his girlfriend- Julia Nagler. Pictured below, she was once a student at the University of Stuggart.

Julia Nagler, as many know, is a selfless person who does nothing more than providing emotional support for her boyfriend even thou it means putting her own life on hold.

Football holidays are always special for the couple as they often get seen in their favourite summer getaways. Truth is, the couple’s love is reportedly going strong behind the flashes of media.

Would Timo Marry his Girlfriend?

Despite being together for so long, the expectations on the side of fans is to see both lovers getting married. However, a current situation in Timo Werner’s family beings the probability that not happening. We noted earlier in this Bio about the Footballer’s dad and mum not agreeing to tie the knot- yet living happily. This might be the case between Timo Werner and his girlfriend Julia Nagler.

Timo Werner Personal Life:

You’ve probably known him as a lethal striker, but how well do you know him off the pitch of play? The truth is, Turbo Timo is someone who cares much about his facial looks- loving nothing more than a clean shave. He also dedicates a great deal of his spare time for menial service, a good attribute he learnt from his mother.

Timo Werner’s LifeStyle:

Here, we’ll tell you how the Forward spends his monies. Away from the field fo play, Timo would rather spend his monies travelling to the United States to watch the NBA. As seen below, he a loyal fan of Lakers.

Timo Werner’s Car:

For the Chelsea man, love for German Autos is constant. It is not surprising that the German city of Stuttgart- where Timo Werner’s family comes from is the home of automobiles- Mercedes Benz and Porche. The former RB Leipzig man prefers wearing a match top-shirt fit with his car. As viewed below, his car choice remains the Mercedes Benz. He is also a fan of racing cars.

Timo Werner’s Net Worth:

To analyse his wealth, we first look at what he earns with Chelsea. Timo Werner’s yearly salary at Chelsea is approximately £9,009,840.

Monies from wages, advertising and sponsorship deals would still remain a lot even when his liabilities from his assets are subtracted. For that, we can estimate Timo Werner’s net worth to be at $29 million.

Timo Werner Family Life:

As often said, the strength of a household, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other. This is the bedrock to which Timo Werner’s family became built. This aspect of our Bio will tell you more about his parents and other members of his ménage.

About Timo Werner’s Mother:

The first thing to observe about Sabrine Werner, the German’s mum is the fact that her surname fits perfectly with her son Timo. Werner’s mum often receives credits for her role in ensuring her son completes his education.

Laŭ Bundesliga, Timo did finish his high school thanks to Sabine Werner, his mother who wanted her son to have a minimum of High School before he becomes a professional footballer. Thanks to her care, Timo back then in school was a normal kid but not a dull student. Thou missed half of his school hours due to football commitments. The role of his mum paid off as he was able to graduate in 2014 at the age of 17 (as a Bundesliga player).

About Timo Werner’s Father:

As observed earlier, Günther Shoe, an amateur footballer who later became a coach is just more than a dad to the Geman. Noting living his dreams of becoming a pro, the poor dad went into coaching with the view of making his son continue where he left of. Thankfully, Timo Werner now lives his father’s dreams.

About Timo Werner’s Siblings:

After intensive research, we realize that the Footballer is the only child born to his parents- with no brother or sisters.

Timo Werner Untold Facts:

Fakto # 1: Salary Breakdown and Comparison to the Average British:

Here is an analysis of what Timo Werner earns for simply kicking a ball around a field.

TENURE / SALAROVenkoj en Kolonoj (£)Enspezoj en Eŭroj (€)Enspezoj en Dolaroj ($)
Jare£ 9,009,840€ 10,043,989$ 11,865,779
por Monato£ 750,820€ 836,999$ 988,815
Semajne£ 173,000€ 192,857$ 227,836
Por Tago£ 24,714€ 27,551$ 32,548
Por Horo£ 1,030€ 1,148$ 1,356
Por Minuto£ 17€ 19$ 22.6
Por Dua£ 0.28€ 0.32$ 0.37

This is what Timo Werner gajnis ekde vi komencis vidi ĉi tiun paĝon.

€ 0

The average British earning £29,009 a year would need to work for 25 years and 7 months to earn Timo Werner’s yearly Salary at Chelsea.

Fakto # 2: Rapidaj Faktoj:

Timo Werner once clocked 11.11 seconds after running 100 meters with the ball. This happened during his final year at school. For this reason, he got the nicknamed ‘Turbo Timo’ by the German media all thanks to that blistering pace.

Fakto # 3: FIFA Gamers’ Choice for Career Mode:

The footballer’s speed coupled and tactical brilliance is his main selling point on the pitch and also on FIFA.

Fakto # 4: He Hates Noise:

Around 2017, the youngster once had breathing and air circulation problem caused by the noise of opposing fans.

The hostile atmosphere in Turkey left the Timo unfocused. In response, the Striker reacted desperately by sticking his fingers to both ears in other to block sound. That didn’t work and he was then given earplugs. After 31 minutes, Timo saw himself off the match.

Fakto # 4: Once a Manchester United Fan:

As at the time of writing his Bio, Timo Werner plays for Chelsea FC. Truth is, he once fond of United, a club he would have preferred to play for because of their history.

Fakto # 5: Timo Werner’s Religion:

Judging by his first name, you can easily guess he is a Christian by birth. Timo is a boy’s name meaning “God’s honour”. In the hometown where Timo Werner’s family comes from, more than 50% of citizens are Christians with the most being Catholics. Hence, there is a high change the Footballer’s religion is Christianity.


Plena nomo:Timo Werner.
Naskiĝdato:6-a tago de marto 1996.
Family's Hometown.Stuttgart, Germany.
Gepatroj:Father (Günther Schuh), Mother (Sabine Werner).
Parents Marital Status:Unmarried (as at 2020)
Fratinoj:No Brother and Sister.
Alteco en Piedoj:5 feet 11 inches tall.
Edukado:TSV Steinhaldenfeld and Stuttgart High School.
Salary at Chelsea:£9,009,840 per Year.
Netvaloro:$ 29 milionoj.


Timo Werner’s Biography teaches us to believe that having consistency and determination is the bedrock to success. Also, being a supportive parent – like his means having your child’s best interests at heart. Timo Werner’s parents- Günther Schuh and Sabrine Werner have been helpful in seeing their son actualize his dreams as seen in his Bio. Kindly let us know what you think about our article or the Footballer in the comment section.

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