Dimitri Payet Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Dimitri Payet Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LifeBogger presents the Full Story of a French Football Genius who is best known by the name; “Dimi”.

Our Dimitri Payet Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch Facts (little known) about him.

Yes, everyone knows he is a technically gifted playmaker. However, only a hand few fans know much about Dimitri Payet’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s Begin.

Dimitri Payet Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

For Biography starters, Payet was born on the 29th day of March 1987 in Saint-Pierre, Réunion Island, which is a French-owned port town in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar and South Africa.

Dimitri started his football at the French-owned Island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean with the local club, Saint-Philippe.

While at the club as a youth, coaches described him as “a kid who stood out from his comrades”.

After three years of development training, Dimitri Payet moved to one of the best clubs on the Island, JS Saint-Pierroise.

The aim of moving to this club was to get an opportunity to go to France, which is the dream of every Reunion Island footballer.

At that time, JS Saint-Pierroise football club was well known for being partners with the French professional club, Le Havre, in metropolitan France. After only a year, his dream of going to France came to reality.

Dimitri Payet Childhood Biography – Enduring Hardship:

While at Le Havre in France, Payet endured a tumultuous four years of getting accustomed to the people.

While training at the club, he was accused by the management of having a difficult character and displaying a lack of motivation.

 The accusations ultimately led to his expulsion from the club, which by implication means the beginning of hardship and no youth club football hope for the poor lad.

Not having an opportunity in academics and football meant surviving with any job that came his way.

However, it didn’t take long before Dimitri Payet found a job at a supermarket where he managed the sales of clothes.

Not many football fans know that Dimitri Payet once worked in a supermarket.
Not many football fans know that Dimitri Payet once worked in a supermarket.

While he sold clothes, Little did anyone know that five years later, an unknown Dimitri Payet would be making his international debut with the country.

Ideally, Dimitri Payet’s story is quite similar to Jamie Vardy, who was chased out of his youth club on the grounds that he was too small.

Football fans once sympathized with the one-time Premier League, highest goal scorer who once worked in a carbon fibre splint factory.

Indeed, knowing that Dimitri Payet worked in a cloth shop and had endured more suffering, without a doubt, puts Jamie Vardy’s story to shame.

Dimitri Payet Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

While hustling for his daily bread and selling clothes, Payet was able to save some monies to fund his return to his beloved Réunion Island.

This time, football was totally off his mind. His decision to abandon football despite having been the best player in his old club triggered reactions from his family and loved ones.

After much convincing, Dimitri finally gave the game of football a last chance.

Dimitri Payet got a new start to his career while he learned from his past. He was accepted by a local club, AS Excelsior. 

Things changed for him this time as fans saw a new Dimitri Payet possessing a steely determination to make his dreams come true. This time, his ambitions weren’t just a passing fancy.

Miraculously, Dimitri only spent a year and a half at Excelsior while playing for the Réunion Premier League before a shocking senior career move to France.

This is where his rise to fame started, and the rest, as they say, is now history.

Ludivine Lacrone and Dimitri Payet Love Story:

Football as a golden tree brought pain to Dimitri Payet.

Away from his once-upon-a-time troubled reality, he found his shade and solace in no other person than his childhood sweetheart, named Ludivine Lacrone.

Early years of dating - Ludivine Lacrone and Dimitri Payet.
Early years of dating – Ludivine Lacrone and Dimitri Payet.

The picture above builds up a complete emotional picture of him. Payet started his relationship with Ludivine while he was playing for Nantes. Their relationship took them from bestie status to true love.

From Best Friends to Soulmates: The Tender Journey of Payet and Ludivine Captured in a Single Frame.
From Best Friends to Soulmates: The Tender Journey of Payet and Ludivine Captured in a Single Frame.

Ludivine has lived a homesick life during his boyfriend’s stay at West Ham. Payet once agreed to stay in France, but his club pushed him to West Ham against his wish.

While in London, his girlfriend was said to have been deeply affected by the fallout with her grandparents in Le Harve, France. She only allowed only her mum (pictured below) to be involved in her children’s lives.

Ludivine Lacrone and Dimitri Children:

Starting off, Ludivine Lacrone, at the time of writing, is a mother of three boys, all from Payet.

She and the two most senior of her boys became known to English fans when they were pictured in the stands cheering on Dimitri. Below is a photo of Noa and Milan with their mother.

Preferring to avoid the limelight, Ludivine happily lives with her kids in Marseille. Below is a photo of Dimitri and his three sons. The smallest one is named Pharell Payet. He is Dimitri Payet’s last-born child.

In summary, the family is very private but supportive to the head of their home.

Dimitri Payet’s eldest sons, Noa and Milan, do go to games. Noa, the first son, has once made it clear how highly he thinks about his famous dad.

Despite the legion of fans that Dimitri Payet has, nobody is a bigger one than Noa.

When asked about his dad’s performance, young Noa once said it all. In his words, “My Dad takes the best free kicks in the world!”

It’s a safe bet that little Pharell will share a similar sentiment with his older brothers when he is enough to have a better idea of what is going on at his daddy’s games.

Dimitri Payet Family Facts:

His Indian looks have made many fans take to the web to search for info using keywords like “Dimitri Payet ethnicity” and “Dimitri Payet’s parents’ nationality”. 

Payet, however, is very much of an India. His family hails from the French isle of Réunion, which has historical links with India.

The Baller was ready to live out the rest of his life poorly. If it had not been for his father, Alain Payet.

Returning to the Reunion Island traumatized following a poor showing with the Le Havre AC and constant accusations of being unmotivated, his father Alain became the primary reason Payet gave football another go.

However, credit is still given to his uncle, Jean-Marc. A man who spent a long time arguing with him about why he gave up on football. And motivating him to give football one last try.

At some point in his life, all family members, including Dimitri Payet’s mother, Michelle Payet, convinced the future star to aim for a life beyond Réunion, which his father never got.

Dimitri Payet Biography – West Ham Betrayal:

Payet refused to train with his teammates in an attempt to force a transfer from former club West Ham to Marseille. This came because of personal reasons, which West Ham fans weren’t pleased about.

Due to tensions, West Ham bosses were forced to put security guards to protect Payet before the club’s game against Crystal Palace.

Knowing he could not be attacked for betraying their club, furious West Ham fans began singing offensive songs and even SPITTING and matching on Payet shirts as they left the ground.

From Stardom to Strife: Payet's Controversial Exit from West Ham Amidst Rising Tensions and Fan Fury.
From Stardom to Strife: Payet’s Controversial Exit from West Ham Amidst Rising Tensions and Fan Fury.

Dimitri Payet, in an interview, explained to a journalist how West Ham fans destroyed his car.

In his words;… “I was bored with playing for Slaven Bilic’s team, who constantly sits in the lower half of the Premier League table.”

The France international joined, also citing family problems as the reason he wanted to return to his former club. He further said…

“I wasn’t scared, but it was more complicated for my family. Lots of things were said, but I never worried about my car. I continued to live normally. It was to be expected. For a year and a half, they gave me a great deal, and I’ll never forget that.”


The presence of Dimitri Payet always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. He always wants to be the first in everything.

Aside from football, Dimitri loves comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles and physical challenges.

Dimitri Payet could be impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive and aggressive. This explains his weak side.

Dimitri Payet dislikes inactivity, delays and work that does not use one’s talents.

It is in Dimitri Payet’s nature to take action, sometimes before he thinks about it well.

He could be very impatient and aggressive and could even vent anger, pointing it at other people.

Payet has a strong personality which gives him the ability to fight for their goals, even embracing togetherness and teamwork.

He is naturally brave and rarely afraid of taking trials and risks. Regardless of his body size, he possesses strength and energy and can perform any task.

Payet is ready to be the hero of the day. He is ready to fly away and carry many endangered, powerless people on his back. He is the gold itself, shiny and attractive to even those ready to betray him.

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