Here, LifeBogger tells you Football stores of Legends, Elites, Managers etc. Profiles considered under our Football Extras category have all got Childhood Stories. These are tales relating to unforgettable times that are both fun and touching.

Why Childhood Stories of Football Extras?

Around 2016, we observed a knowledge gap in the world-wide-web. It was one that relates to a lack of organized information about what we consider as Football Extras.

To bridge this gap, LifeBogger formed the this Category, with the view of delivering Childhood Stories and Biography Facts of notable profiles under it.


Reading the essence of this Category will make you realize our mission, which is to bridge the gap that has led to a lack of sufficient information on Football Childhood Stories and Biography Facts. LifeBogger believes in the idea that it is healthy for fans to watch the game, as well as read the stories about the players they support. 

Our team strive for accuracy and fairness in our consistent routine of delivering articles. Kindly Contact Us if you see anything that doesn’t look right for any of our publications.

Now without further ado, let’s show you what we have on this Category.