Scottish Football Players

Welcome to our Scottish Football Category. Here, we deliver Childhood stories and Biography facts of current and retired Footballers from Scotland. In the nutshell, we are a digital source for Scottish soccer stories.

Our articles contain gripping, surprising and fascinating truths about these brave faces from their childhood years until when they became famous in both national and club colours.

Each soccer profile contains stories of their early years, family life, facts about their parents, household, girlfriend/wife, lifestyle, personal life, net worth and many off and on-pitch little-known facts.

Without doubt, Scotland has boosted United Kingdom’s football on the global map. The country’s current and classic players (both club and country) are worthy of being in our sub-category of fame.

Before dreamt of writing football tales, we notice most fans only get use to watching the abilities of their heroes on the pitch.

Truth is, only few supporters have considered knowing the stories behind these footballers who have given in their all-in-all on the country. This is the reason Lifebogger exists.

Our team strive to provide new entries to existing archives. To keep you up to date, we ensure already published profiles get revisions which contain up-to-date information. Without further ado, checkout our archive of Scottish Football greats for your viewing pleasure.