Asian Professional Footballers have all got Childhood Stories. LifeBogger tells you these stories, which has plenty of unforgettable times that are both fun and touching.

 Why Childhood Stories of Asian-Oceanian Footballers?

Recently, around 2016, we observed a vast knowledge gap that exists on the web. It is one that relates to a lack of sufficient content about Asian Footballers.

To bridge this gap, LifeBogger decided to form the Asian Category, with the view of delivering Childhood Stories and Biography Facts of the continent’s Footballers.

About Our Asian Football Content

LifeBogger articles maintain a logical flow for all of its stories. The following points will make you get a better understanding of our Asian content.

  1. First and foremost, we bring you childhood stories of Asian footballers, beginning with the time of their birth, to their early life experiences.
  2. We also bring you information about the Family background and origin/roots of Asian Footballers. Also, their parents (dads and mums).
  3. Thirdly, we tell you their Early Life activities and those experience (good or bad) that made them realize their football calling.
  4. The story continues with happenings in their early career years.
  5. Next is our Road to Fame Story. Here, we explain what Asian footballers to become successful.
  6. Our Rise to Fame Story further explains their Success Stories and current fame status.
  7. We then go further to update you with their Love Stories (girlfriends & wives).
  8. Next, are facts about the Personal Lives of Asian Footballers.
  9. Our team then gets you acquainted with members of their families, as well as relationship with family members and relatives.
  10. Next is Lifestyle Facts, Networth and Earnings.
  11. Finally, we’ll bring you Untold Facts you never knew existed about Asian Footballers.


In summary, we believe this Category would help bridge gaps on the need to have sufficient information about Asian Footballers Childhood Stories and Biography Facts. Thankfully, Football fans can now watch the game and at the same time, read amazing stories about the players they support.

LifeBogger strives for accuracy and fairness in its consistent routine of delivering football publications. Please Contact Us if you see anything that doesn’t look right for any of our articles.

Now here comes our Asian Football Stories.