Kellyn Acosta Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Kellyn Acosta Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Kellyn Acosta Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Kennith Acosta (Father), Kanikah Perry (Mother), Family Background, Girlfriend (Hali Carleton), Son (Emerson Acosta), Siblings – Kenny and Kenley-Grace, etc.

This Biography will further cover facts about Kellyn Acosta’s Ethnicity, Family Background, Salary, Religion, Education, Lifestyle, Personal Life, and Net Worth.

We promise to tell you how the USMNT star battled the aftermath of his parents’ divorce as well as his sad childhood experience with racial discrimination.


Our version of Kellyn Acosta’s Biography begins from his boyhood days in Plano, Texas, to when he became famous. To whet your autobiography appetite, behold his childhood to adulthood gallery — a perfect summary of Kellyn Acosta’s Bio.

From Texas Roots to Soccer Stardom: Tracing Kellyn Acosta's Inspiring Journey Through a Collection of Memorable Moments
From Texas Roots to Soccer Stardom: Tracing Kellyn Acosta’s Inspiring Journey Through a Collection of Memorable Moments

You and I know he’s got exceptional shot power as well as stamina that makes him formidable defensively.

Despite Acosta’s excellent performance in winning aerial duels, many fans haven’t read about his Life Story, which is quite interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Kellyn Acosta Childhood Story:

Per començar la biografia, el seu nom complet és Kellyn Kai Perry-Acosta. He was born to his father, Kennith Acosta, and mother, Kanikah Perry, on the 24th of July 1995, in Plano, Texas, United States. The midfielder is the oldest of 3 children born of the union between his parents.

Pictured below is a rare photo of Kellyn’s dad and mom. You can tell that he’s taken after the complexion and looks of his mother (Kanikah). But, his perspective about life revolves around his father’s ancestral cultures.

Meet the athlete's father, Kennith Acosta, and mother, Kanikah Perry.
Meet the athlete’s father, Kennith Acosta, and mother, Kanikah Perry.

Dies de creixement:

Kellyn Acosta was raised in Plano, a city that is home to predominantly white people. While growing up, he was treated wrongly by many people because of his complexion. Despite all the racist abuse geared toward the budding athlete, he didn’t give up on pursuing a bright future.

Apparently, Acosta’s way of thinking, as well as his taste in sports, differed from most of his peers in Plato. While other young boys were struggling to get into their school’s basketball and American Football teams, he desired to venture into soccer. 

A throwback picture of the youngster with his grandma. He recalls growing up amid predominantly white people.
A throwback picture of the youngster with his grandma. He recalls growing up amid predominantly white people.

Of course, his preference made other kids treat him as some sort of a loser. Nonetheless, the five-year-old was determined to succeed in the game despite being criticized by his peers for loving soccer.

Kellyn Acosta Family Background:

The young lad hails from a humble abode with great respect for people. His parents are working-class citizens who worked tirelessly to support their families. Of course, Acosta’s grandma wasn’t left out of the picture.

She often took care of him and his siblings whenever his parents were working late at night. Acosta usually enjoys his time with his grandma, whom he calls Mimi. She taught him everything he knew about his Asian ancestry.

My grandma told me probably a million stories about her experiences while living in Japan.

The midfielder’s middle-class family background taught him to be contented with his possessions. Even though his early days were devoid of luxurious properties, Acosta still treasured all his toys and childhood assets.

Sadly, the harmony of his family was shattered by the spite of divorce when he was still a little boy. It appears that his parents decided to conceal the reasons behind their eventual separation. Nonetheless, they maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their son.

Kellyn Acosta Family Origin:

First, he is an American citizen by birth. However, Acosta also has the blood of his Japanese dad and Puerto Rican mom running through his veins. This explains the diversity that exists in his Family Origin.

From his paternal heritage, Acosta is Asian. His father was born in Japan and spent about ten years in his country of origin before moving to America. Because of the athlete’s complexion, it would be difficult for people to discern his Asian heritage.

Do you know?… Kellyn Acosta’s paternal place of origin (Japan) has the third-largest economy in the world. Its estimated nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $4.91 trillion as of 2022.

Embracing Cultural Diversity: Kellyn Acosta's Rich Family Heritage Blends Japanese, Puerto Rican, and American Roots, Reflecting the Global Nature of Soccer
Embracing Cultural Diversity: Kellyn Acosta’s Rich Family Heritage Blends Japanese, Puerto Rican, and American Roots, Reflecting the Global Nature of Soccer

Maternal Ethnicity:

Kellyn Acosta’s mom is among the 12.4% of self-identified black people with Puerto Rican roots. As a result, the young lad’s Ethnicity is of multi-racial ancestry. What’s more fascinating is that Acosta’s stepfather is Mexican.

This shows that his family register will be a composition of diverse heritages from different parts of the world. The dribbler’s Ethnicity has also been linked to some Irish roots.

No matter how complex his family origin may be, Kellyn Acosta remains a Japanese-American. Thanks to his heritage, he is eligible to represent either Japan or the United States in international tournaments.

Do you know?… Kellyn’s maternal place of origin (Puerto Rico) is a Caribbean island about a thousand miles from southeast Florida. Citizens who live on the island are subject to federal laws but can’t vote in presidential elections. 

Kellyn Acosta Educational Background:

The upcoming talent got the stereotypical academic upbringing of an average Asian kid. This means that he had to score straight A’s on all his subjects or face the wrath of his father. 

Despite being a bright student, the midfielder didn’t have an easygoing experience in school. First, he chose soccer, which was perceived to be a ladies’ game, over other sports. As a result, his peers blasted him with so many negative comments.

Secondly, his black complexion attracted many racist remarks that hurt him every now and then. Saddened by the entire situation, Acosta hid in the shell of solitude while trying hard to gain the acceptance of his classmates.

The Unbearable School Experience:

Kellyn’s grandma usually picked him up after school because his parents worked late. Back then, people often asked him if she was his nanny, and he would give them an honest reply that she was his granny.

Occasionally, his classmates would argue that he wasn’t Asian. Hence, he couldn’t be related to the old woman who picked him up regularly. Some even accused him of being an adopted kid since he didn’t look like his grandmother.

Eventually, Acosta tried hard to hide his grandma away. He asked her to call his school and let him know whenever she arrived to pick him up. This way, the youngster will meet his granny in the car, where she will be waiting for him.

El proper repte:

Acosta was hardly nine years old when he had to deal with all these issues. There was a time when a girl consistently mocked his complexion. He got so pissed off that he threw a pair of scissors in her direction. Eventually, the scissors were stuck in a door right behind her.

After the incident, Acosta revealed that he had a decent aim and wasn’t trying to hit the girl. Moreso, his action was taken in a feat of rage to make a point and stop people from making fun of him. Due to the incident, his teachers kept him from other kids like he was a dangerous lunatic. 

He began crying and acclaiming that this wasn’t who he was. The insults and mockery pushed him to do what he never wanted. Thanks to football, his life changed for the better. Now let’s tell you how it all happened.

Kellyn Acosta Biography – Untold Football Story:

As a young lad, the dribbler loved soccer so much but delved into other sports to escape from the prejudice of his peers. When he clocked seven, his parents enrolled him at the FC Dallas Academy. 

Despite his young age, Acosta was such a reserved kid and minded his business. But as time went by, he befriended Zequinha, the head coach of his team. Zequinha was a former Brazilian player who had an excellent career in the 60s and 70s.

Interestingly, he played with the legendary Pell during his days as a player. The head coach was as strict and soft-spoken as Acosta’s grandma. Hence, he soon established a bond with the midfielder.

The early days of Acosta's soccer expedition.
The early days of Acosta’s soccer expedition.

The Story that Made Him Take Football Seriously:

Aside from teaching Acosta the basics of soccer, Zequinha shared many crazy stories about his exploits as an athlete. He talked about how he regularly walked miles to the training ground in Brazil.

Moreover, Zequinha made Acosta realize his dying passion for soccer in his days. He explained how he and his friends used to stuff grocery bags together to make their ball when they couldn’t afford to buy one.

After sharing all these wonderful stories, the coach encouraged Acosta to stop caring about what people said. He advised him to try his best and stand out among his peers. Those words changed his life and made him be himself.

See how the little boy enjoys his time with Zequinha and other team staff.
See how the little boy enjoys his time with Zequinha and other team staff.

From then onward, Acosta quit American football. He didn’t care about fitting in or hiding his personality anymore. Indeed, he began to perform better in school and on the pitch.

The Results of Staying True to Himself:

Can you believe it?… Kellyn Acosta’s prowess grew drastically. He was only 13 when the negative opinions about him changed to praises. Those who mocked him gradually gravitated toward him after seeing his excellence on the soccer pitch.

This time, people didn’t see him as the black-Asian kid who was an outcast. Rather, they saw him as a special football talent with the potential of making it to top-level clubs.

Kellyn Acosta Biography – Early Career Life:

While improving his talent at FC Dallas Development Academy, the upcoming star soon committed to playing college soccer at the University of Maryland. His youth career performance was phenomenal and attracted many eyeballs to his existence.

The year 2010 saw the 15-year-old joining the U.S. U-17 Residency Program, where he trained alongside Pau Arriola. Acosta was soon selected among the squad representing the United States in the 2011 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

A glimpse of his early career life.
A glimpse of his early career life.

Subsequently, he made three MLS reserve league appearances for FC Dallas. His talent was yet again recognized as he was named the 2011–12 U.S. Soccer Development Academy Central Conference Player of the Year. 

Kellyn Acosta Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Luck smiled at the long-shot taker as he made it to FC Dallas’ first team in 2013. Guess what?… Kellyn initially played as a fullback before transitioning to the defensive midfield role at his first club.

He combined good pace with thoughtful decision-making to excel as a central midfielder. Perhaps if he had gotten nice offers from German clubs at that time, he would have delved right into the Bundesliga like Weston McKennie

He was so young when he began his professional career with FC Dallas.
He was so young when he began his professional career with FC Dallas.

Nonetheless, he set his priority straight and made about 117 appearances for FC Dallas in Major League Soccer. In his five-year cap for the Burns, Acosta scored only nine goals. However, he created many goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Kellyn Acosta Biography – Success Story:

With his level of expertise, the Colorado Rapids came begging for his signature. In July 2018, they reached an agreement with FC Dallas and exchanged Dominique Badji for Kellyn Acosta. 

Interestingly, the dribbler exceeded his club’s expectations, prompting them to give him a three-year contract extension in 2019. He quickly established himself as a driving force in the list of elite MLS midfielders just when Brenden Aaronson was beginning to gain traction.

Do you know?… The young boy who was once bullied and insulted for playing soccer became a great asset in the major league. He soon joined the Los Angeles FC for a total sum of $1.1 million in General Allocation Money.

Acosta was a driving force and powerhouse in midfield for Los Angeles FC.
Acosta was a driving force and powerhouse in midfield for Los Angeles FC.

Playing For the US National Team:

Although the young lad was eligible to play for Japan, he instead chose to represent the country of his birth. Acosta started his international career as a part of the United States squad that played in the 2011 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

Barely 2 years later, he was promoted to the U-20 team, becoming the youngest member of the squad during the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup. He continued to rise through the ranks while amassing more experience from his club.

2016 saw him joining the senior squad of the United States football team. Playing alongside talented footballers like Christian Pulisic i Sergino Dest gave him an interesting experience since his debut in international football. 

At the time of compiling this Biography, Acosta has won the CONCACAF Gold Cup (2017, 2021). Also, he, alongside other Rising Stars like Josh Sargent, Yunus Musah, etc., won the 2020 CONCACAF Nations League. The rest, as they say, is history.

What a grand way to celebrate their CONCACAF triumph in 2021.
What a grand way to celebrate their CONCACAF triumph in 2021.

Kellyn Acosta Girlfriend/Baby Mama:

The talented athlete is not excluded from the list of players with many secret admirers. He’s gone through several challenges, like dealing with stalkers and many anonymous love confessions. Nonetheless, he is loyal to only one lady who managed to capture his heart.

Apparently, Acosta’s love story seems to be heading in a similar direction to Clint dempsey‘s relationship life. He’s got a girlfriend named Hali Carleton. The love birds started dating in 2021.

They’ve supported themselves since the beginning of their relationship. Hali Carleton doesn’t like to attract too much attention to herself, which is why she made her Instagram account private.

A rare picture of Acosta hanging out with his girlfriend and friend.
A rare picture of Acosta hanging out with his girlfriend and friend.

Who is Hali Carleton, Kellyn Acosta’s Girlfriend?

Acosta’s girlfriend hails from Atlanta, Georgia. She was a hardworking lady who gave her undivided attention to studying in her high school days. After graduation, Hali Carleton enrolled to continue her education at Georgia Southern University.

Meeting up with her routines in college wasn’t an easy task. Nonetheless, the blonde-haired damsel did her best to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice.

The ensuing days of Carleton’s career saw her become a Cardiac Sonographer. Thanks to her professional expertise, she works at The Medical Center of Aurora. You can tell that she is an independent woman who wants to contribute to what her boyfriend brings to the table.

Meet Kellyn Acosta's beautiful girlfriend, Hali Carleton, and his son.
Meet Kellyn Acosta’s beautiful girlfriend, Hali Carleton, and his son.

Emerson Acosta – Kellyn Acosta Son:

All over his social media accounts, we’ve seen the midfielder flaunting pictures of his son, Emerson Acosta. Yes, he has a little boy whom he adores more than anything. As a responsible father, Acosta has ensured his son enjoys a luxurious life from childhood.

Looking at the picture of his son below, you can tell that the little boy is a natural beauty in human form. His physique is adorned with qualities that make him perfect for modeling. Over the years, many fans have asked who the baby mama of Emerson Acosta might be.

Meet Emerson Acosta, the handsome child of the American prodigy.
Meet Emerson Acosta, the handsome child of the American prodigy.

However, there has been no information about her identity. Since Emerson was born on the 12th of August 2018, he is certainly not the son of Acosta’s current girlfriend. However, she has taken care of him like he was her child. 

Vida personal:

Who is Kellyn Acosta? 

Despite being an established footballer, he’s got an interest in baseball too. In August 2022, Acosta and Gareth Bale were both sighted at the ballpark of the Los Angeles Dodgers with customized jerseys.

The defensive player and Gareth Bale enjoying their time at a ballpark.
The defensive player and Gareth Bale are enjoying their time at a ballpark.

He was granted the privilege of throwing the first pitch, which he so much enjoyed. It appears that Acosta is completely concerned with the way he dresses. Of course, he’s got a tremendous love for high-class fashion. 

Hence, he occasionally accepts sponsorship and modeling deals related to the fashion industry. Perhaps if he didn’t succeed in soccer, he might have delved into modeling. We’ve got a video below that explains why Acosta is sensitive about his dressing pattern. 

The talented dribbler has only displayed a few characteristics of his horoscope. Apparently, his persona is a blend of the Leo Zodiac sign. Acosta is often cheerful and has a great sense of humor. His positive attitude towards work helps him build a strong bond with his teammates.

Kellyn Acosta Lifestyle:

Interestingly, the iconic player is quite free-spirited and wants to enjoy his life to the fullest. With his earnings, Acosta lives a luxurious lifestyle with his son and family. However, he isn’t like Jesús Ferreira or Tim Weah, who enjoy flaunting their wealth online.

Although it is difficult to catch a glimpse of his house and exotic cars, Acosta’s dressing pattern gives off the rich man’s vibe. Well, he earns more than a million dollars annually. Hence, maintaining a luxurious lifestyle wouldn’t be more of a hassle for him.

He's got great taste for dressing well. Of course, Acosta looks handsome in this outfit.
He’s got great taste for dressing well. Of course, Acosta looks handsome in this outfit.

Kellyn Acosta Family:

Most black kids in the United States suffer from discrimination at a very young age. Acosta wasn’t left out of the picture of this terrible experience. It made him question why other kids treated him differently because of his complexion.

During this period of childhood crisis, Acosta’s family stood by him. His grandma was quite intentional about helping him recover from the spite of racial abuse. This biography will be incomplete if we fail to discuss the athlete’s household.

He has a habit of listening to his granny and dad even as they walk on the street.
He has a habit of listening to his granny and dad even as they walk on the street.

About Kellyn Acosta’s Father:

As expected, the tackler’s dad played an important role in his upbringing. His name is Kennith Acosta, and he was born in Okinawa, Japan. Kennith spent his childhood in the town of his birth before migrating with his mom to the United States.

Being a ten-year-old Asian kid in the US became his first biggest challenge to overcome. Indeed, Kellyn’s father had a hard time adapting to the culture of the new society. However, he was resilient and grew into a respectable man.

Despite divorcing his wife, Kennith ensured he fulfilled his paternal responsibility towards Acosta. He was a strict father who wanted to see his son excel in school. On this note, the athlete’s dad often disciplined him if he performed poorly in his academics. 

My dad is a hard-nosed engineer who was very strict. He gave me the stereotypical Asian upbringing. Meaning, I had to get Straight A’s. 

Kellyn with his dad, Kennith Acosta.
Kellyn with his dad, Kennith Acosta.

About Kellyn Acosta’s Mother:

The dribbler’s mom, Kanikah Perry, has been quite successful in her business. She is a talented businesswoman who worked as an account manager at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company for a year.

Kanikah has 6 years of sales experience, enabling her to work as a sales-driven account manager. Aside from her business, she has also supported Acosta through the hurdles of his career expedition.

Meet the player's mom, Kanikah Perry.
Meet the player’s mom, Kanikah Perry.

As a mother, Kanikah is often concerned about her son’s health. She usually wonders if he is doing fine or eating well. One of her numerous prayers is that Acosta will be free from injuries when playing matches.

About Kellyn Acosta’s Siblings:

The talented Asian American doesn’t always talk about his family life. It appears Kellyn Acosta has two younger siblings named Kenny and Kenley-Grace. However, it is still unclear if they were born to his mother and father before their divorce. 

About Kellyn Acosta’s Relative:

Aside from his parents, the midfielder has enjoyed much affection from his grandmother, Yoshiko. She was born in Okinawa, Japan and moved to live in the States with her children. As expected, Yoshiko was a great granny to the American player.

She was also instrumental in helping her grandson achieve his soccer aspirations. Moreso, Acosta spent most of his time at his grandmother’s place after his parents separated. Even now, he visits her quite often.

When my parents divorced, I spent most of my time with my grandmother, who I called Mimi.

An old but gold moment between the youngster's family.
An old but gold moment between the youngster’s family.

Aside from Yoshiko, there has been no information about the rest of Acosta’s relatives at the time of compiling this Bio. However, we are certain that they are happy to see him excel in the football world. 

Fets Untold:

The final section of Kellyn Acosta’s Biography reveals salient facts you might not know about him. Without further delay, let’s begin.

Kellyn Acosta Los Angeles FC Wages:

Playing in the MLS with world-class players like Giorgio Chiellini earns the star player huge remuneration.

On this note, Acosta makes an estimated Annual Salary of $1.2 million. Moreso, we’ve estimated his 2022 Net Worth to be a whopping sum of $3 million. Below is a breakdown of his wages. 

TENURAKellyn Acosta Los Angeles FC Salary Break Down
Per any:$1,215,000
Per mes:$101,250
Per setmana:$23,329
Per dia:$3,333
Cada hora:$139
Cada minut:$2.3
Cada segon:$0.04

How Rich is the Asian American?

An average citizen from Plano, US (Kellyn Acosta’s birthplace) makes around $53,490 annually. Do you know?… Such a person would have to work for 22 years and 8 months to make Kellyn Acosta’s annual salary with Los Angeles FC.

Des que vau començar a veure Kellyn Acosta’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Kellyn Acosta FIFA:

The long shot taker is quite formidable in winning aerial duels. His jumping skills and stamina make him stand out in midfield. Despite his exceptional qualities, Acosta still has a lower FIFA rating than many other American athletes.

Defying Gravity: Kellyn Acosta's Aerial Prowess and Tireless Stamina Shine in FIFA, Proving His Worth as a Dynamic Midfielder.
Defying Gravity: Kellyn Acosta’s Aerial Prowess and Tireless Stamina Shine in FIFA, Proving His Worth as a Dynamic Midfielder.

Kellyn Acosta Religion:

Despite amassing so much fame to his name, the footballer has kept matters regarding his belief private. Due to the numerous religions affiliated with the Asian continent, we find it hard to speculate about Acosta’s faith. Hence, information about his religion is still unavailable at the time of compiling this Life Story. 

Resum de Wiki:

This table breaks down a summary of Kellyn Acosta’s Biography.

Consultes biogràfiques:Respostes Wiki
Nom complet:Kellyn Kai Perry-Acosta
Lloc de naixement:Plànol, Texas, United States
Data de naixement:24 de juliol de 1995
pare:Kennith Acosta
Mare:Kanikah Perry
Germans:Kenny and Kenley-Grace
Nòvia:Hali Carleton
Fill:Emerson Acosta
Baby Mama:N / A
Patrimoni net:3 milions de dòlars (estadístiques del 2022)
Salari anual:1.2 milions de dòlars (estadístiques del 2022)
posició:Migcamp defensiu
Alçada:5 ft 10 a (1.78 m)
Pes:68 150 kg (lbs)

Nota final:

Kellyn Acosta was born to his parents, Kennith Acosta and Kanikah Perry, on the 24th of July 1995. He grew up in Plano, Texas, with his younger brother and sister. Sadly, the talented star didn’t enjoy a rosy childhood. 

First, his dad and mom divorced, leading him to occasionally live with either of them or his grandparents. Secondly, Acosta had to endure racial criticism while growing up. Of course, his experience was quite terrible, but he was strong enough to overcome such challenges.

From his early days, Acosta excelled in sports and academics. While his peers chose to run after basketball and football, he pursued a career in soccer. Although his decision yet again received many criticisms, the young lad soon made it to the U-17 team of the United States.

It took him a great deal of hard work to establish himself as a formidable defensive player. As destiny would have it, Acosta made his entire family proud as he was promoted to the US senior squad in 2016.

In the ensuing days of his club career, the iconic star joined Los Angeles FC for a huge contract sum. His success became a course of celebration for his parents and entire family members.

Aside from his career expedition, Acosta has given his relationship life due attention. He began dating his pretty girlfriend, Hali Carleton, in 2021. What’s more?… The midfielder has a son named Emerson Acosta, who was born in August 2018. There has been no information about Kellyn Acosta’s baby mama. 

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