Bamba Dieng Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Bamba Dieng Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Bamba Dieng Biography depicts facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family background, Parents – Mother and Father (Hamath Dieng), Siblings – Brother (Pape Hamidou Dieng) and sister, plus his maternal and paternal relatives.

Likewise, Bamba Dieng’s bio tells us about his Family Origin, Hometown, ethnicity, Religion, relationship life, personal life, lifestyle, zodiac, tattoo, Salary Breakdown, Net Worth, and endorsements.

In a nutshell, this version breaks down the entire life history of Bamba Dieng. Our memoir is the story of a gifted boy whose sensational style of play can be compared to that of Nicolas Jackson and the Senegalese Legend Sadio Mane. As proven by his debut goal for Marseille against Auxerre in a Coupe de France encounter in February 2021.

LifeBogger gives you the story of an intriguing shot-heavy player with an electrifying pace. Even though the champ plays the forward, his performance emphasizes the belief that he is also a skilful striker rather than just a midfielder or winger.


Our version of Bamba Dieng’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years. Next, we’ll explain Dieng’s African heritage, including his early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how the Senegalese talent rose to prominence.

We hope to pique your autobiography appetite as you study this piece of Bamba Dieng’s biography.

To begin doing that, let’s display this gallery that reveals the story – of his childhood and to national team rise. Indeed, Bamba Dieng has come a long way in his fabulous soccer journey.

Bamba Dieng's Childhood Story and Biography - Behold his history from childhood until fame.
Bamba Dieng’s Childhood Story and Biography – Behold his history from childhood until fame.

Yes, everyone knows that Bamba Dieng plays who plays soccer as a forward for Ligue 1 club Marseille plus the Senegal national team. The truth is, not many lovers have read Bamba Dieng’s Biography, which is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Bamba Dieng’s Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the professional footballer was born as Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke Dieng, the 23rd day of March 2000 in the Pikine Department of the Dakar Region of Senegal.

The Pikine-born sportsperson arrived on earth on a thrilling Thursday to his dad and mum. Bamba Dieng was born among his siblings. Notable of them is his Brother (Pape Hamidou Dieng) from the union of their parents. Following is an early photo of one of Bamba’s parents.

Behold a photo of Bamba Dieng's Parent - Father (Hamath Dieng).
Behold a photo of Bamba Dieng’s Parent – Father (Hamath Dieng).

Growing-up years:

From quite an early age, Bamba Dieng has shown a sense of discipline, determination and team spirit. The sensational footballer grew up with his family in the Pikine city of Senegal.

He grew up in Pikine with his brother, Pape Hamidou Dieng, a professional footballer. The bond between him and his brother undoubtedly spurred his passion for the foot game.

An early childhood photo of Bamba Dieng.
An early childhood photo of Bamba Dieng.

Moreover, during an interview, Dieng’s brother, Hamidou, disclosed that Dieng used to beg their father for a new football for want of doing what he saw his elder brother do.

Imperatively, Bamba Dieng must have aspired to be a professional footballer since childhood. Though he played the game for fun originally, Bamba Dieng later took the game to the next level. Indeed, young Dieng began his football journey at the tender age of 9.

Bamba Dieng Family Background:

The Senegalese football player belonged to a hardworking and middle-class household. Dieng’s father, Hamath Dieng, is a policeman, while his mother is a housewife. She stayed home to care for the kids and cater for the house’s immediate needs.

So Bamba Dieng and his brother, Pape Hamidou Dieng, had little or no worries concerning providing their essential needs of shelter, food and clothing.

Bamba Dieng Family Origin:

The football talent bears the full name Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke Dieng. As stated earlier, he was born in Pikine, which lies east of Dakar city centre, Senegal. Likewise, Bamba’s parents are of Senegalese heritage.

In Senegal, names say a lot regarding people’s ancestry and follow the lineage of words passed through the male side of their family.

His surname, Dieng or “Dihyang”, comes from Old Javanese: di means “place”, and Hyang means “ancestor” or “gods”, literally Dihyang means “place of the ancestors”.

So, we can imperatively say that Bamba Dieng is a Senegalese national. Following next is a pictorial representation of the African talent’s family origin.

A visual display of Bamba Dieng's family roots.
A visual display of Bamba Dieng’s family roots.


About his cultural identity, Bamba Dieng identifies with the Republic of Senegal, a country in West Africa. The young chap is of Black and African ethnicity. So, he speaks french fluently.

Senegal gleans its culinary motivation from far and wide, incorporating French and North African influences with ancient local traditions. The staple dish for most families is thiéboudienne (fish and rice). You’ll find thousands of distinct variations around the country.

Bamba Dieng proudly identifies with the Republic of Senegal in West Africa.
Bamba Dieng proudly identifies with the Republic of Senegal in West Africa.

Bamba Dieng Education:

School and football have sometimes mixed. It is well-documented that a few footballers, especially in the past, had to let their education fall apart if they were going to establish themselves as professional footballer, given the time and commitment required to excel in the sport.

However, there needs to be more information about Bamba Dieng’s education. But then it is clear that he did not prioritize his classes over participating in football to advance his career.

In conclusion, he bypassed his education to chase his dream of becoming a football player. Nonetheless, he later enrolled on a football academy in the ASC SUNEOR youth academy based in Diourbel, a part of the Senegal Second League or Ligue 2.

Bamba Dieng Career Buildup:

Moving further, Dieng began playing football at a young age. When he was ten, he enrolled in the ASC SUNEOR youth academy in 2010. However, he continued with the club till 2014.

They soon recognized him as one of the most innovative young geniuses in the country and, at 14, got signed by Diambars FC–Senegal’s famed youth academy.

Dieng established his career with Diambars and had Twelve goals in his first 14 games in his debut season. He ended as the leading scorer of the Senegal Premier League for the 2019 to 2020 season.

Bamba Dieng Biography – Career Story:

Later on, Dieng signed for Ligue 1 club Marseille on the 5th of October 2020. He made his debut in the club, in a 2–0 Coupe de France win against Auxerre on the 10th of February 2021. In the 92nd minute of the match, he accomplished a goal.

Bamba Dieng's first minutes in the Ligue 1 club with Marseille.
Bamba Dieng’s first minutes in the Ligue 1 club with Marseille.

After which he established his senior international debut, Bamba Dieng also represented
Senegal in the under-17 championships.

However, Bamba debuted with the Senegal national team in a 4–1 FIFA World Cup qualification for the 2022 win over Namibia on the 9th of October 2021.

Bamba Dieng with his trophy for the most beautiful goal of the season!
Bamba Dieng with his trophy for the most beautiful goal of the season!

Dieng scored four goals per 90 minutes in the league, placing him in the camp of strikers
such as Harry Kane.

Despite his penchant for pulling wide, Dieng has only accomplished three dribbles in six performances, emphasizing that he is a striker rather than a winger or midfielder.

Bamba Dieng Biography – Rise to Fame:

His tenure at Diambars also indicates that his shots were so powerful that they often left goalkeepers grounded. Dieng’s subtle movement has been particularly outstanding irrespective of where he played. Interestingly, he is also referred to as the new Drogba.

He was compared to Didier Drogba by El-Hadji Diouf, a former Senegalese star. Moreover, Dieng’s efficiency will be figured out over time. Although goals have been difficult to come by since that Monaco’s triumph, the signals are encouraging.

Moving further, the coach of the Senegal National Team, Aliou Cisse, called him up for the first time in October during the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

After Bamba Dieng was called up to the Senegal team for the 2021 AFCON in January 2022. As heir of the Lions of the Teranga, he made his mark when he pulled off his first goal in a 2–0 triumph over Cape Verde.

Finally, in the Africa Cup of Nations Final of 2021, Dieng scored in the penalty shootout to support Senegal in becoming the match champions.

Overall, he has turned out in 11 games for Senegal and achieved 1 goal. Again, as of August 2022, Newcastle looks up to working with Bamba Dieng and Lucas Paqueta as attacking reinforcements.

Bamba Dieng celebrating the 2021 AFCON Cup.
Bamba Dieng celebrating the 2021 AFCON Cup.

Who is Bamba Dieng Girlfriend?

Bamba Dieng is presumably unmarried, and he has, nevertheless, kept his personal life entirely confidential and secure. However, the forward player, Bamba Dieng,
has a woman in his life whom he cherishes as much as he loves playing football.

Apparently, for those who love to learn more about the gorgeous lady, not much has been known concerning her. This is because Bamba Dieng and the girl have kept their relationship private.

Bamba Dieng Family Life:

Despite many barriers in his life, Bamba Dieng has achieved enormous breakthroughs in his professional and personal life.

He has the encouragement of a caring family that has benefited him to be the outstanding individual he is today. Follow along to understand the members of Bamba Dieng’s household and his Family Life.

Bamba Dieng’s Father – Hamath Dieng:

From history, football kids who are involved with their fathers tend to have fewer behavioural and impulse control problems, longer attention spans, likewise a higher level of sociability.

Bamba Dieng might never have grown into a footballer if it had not been for his dad’s input. We mention that he does not know much about his father, Hamath Dieng.

The record shows that he is a police officer. It is evident that he holds a close bond with his dad. Bamba Dieng’s dad, Hamath Dieng, must have done an exceptional job in the upbringing of the talented footballer.

A picture of Bamba Dieng's father, Hamath Dieng.
A picture of Bamba Dieng’s father, Hamath Dieng.

Bamba Dieng’s Parents – Mother:

Likewise, Bamba Dieng’s Mum has committed to her son’s developmental growth–social, emotional, cognitive, and independent. Besides, the backing of any good mother cares not just in times of good but in bad times.

They did not point out the player’s mother’s name like his dad’s. Nonetheless, Bamba Dieng speaks well about his mother.

According to the report, she is a stay-at-home parent. Although the Sports Champ has placed information about his mother discreetly. He has a deep bond with his parents.

Bamba Dieng’s Siblings:

Dieng’s pro-social behaviour depicts a wholesome relationship with his siblings. As we mentioned earlier, notable of his siblings is his elder brother, Pape Hamidou Dieng.

Pape Hamidou Dieng, a professional football player, plays for a Senegalese football club in Dakar, Senegal, called Association Sportive Dakar Sacré-Cœur (AS Dakar Sacre-Coeur).

During an interview, Dieng’s brother, Hamidou, sometimes revealed that Dieng used to demand his father a new football. Undoubtedly, the close bond between Bamba and Hamidou spurred the first love for soccer.


Relations provide support, give advice and learn and do their best to encourage you to have the best life possible.

 The Ligue 1 club Marseille player should have other relatives. Besides, neither of his parents nor she appeared from the blues.

So, apart from his dad and mum, Bamba Dieng has uncles, aunts, and grandparents. However, he has shared no information about his uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

Personal Life:

The Senegalese soccer player has an overwhelming physique. In terms of stature, he stands at 6 feet 1 inch. He weighs approximately 167 lbs. Similarly, Dieng has a lean physical appearance. In addition, Dieng’s hair is black, and his eyes are brown.

However, Dieng’s zodiac Sign is Aries, which encompasses that he is spontaneous
and daring. Aries people are resolved, bold, and good at starting fresh ventures. They have a lot of strength and may act quickly.

No doubt why Dieng is bent on keeping himself fit. He has a steady workout schedule to hold his agility and stamina. In addition, he ensures a balanced meal in living a healthy life.

Dieng has a steady workout schedule to hold his agility and stamina.
Dieng has a steady workout schedule to hold his agility and stamina.

Bamba Dieng Social Media Profiles:

The 23rd March 2000-born footballer expert is arguably influential, with a wide-ranging social media outreach.

Bamba is a phenomenal celebrity influencer. With many social media fans, the Senegalese winger posts about matches, family, vacations and advocates brands through social media.

Dieng engages and mingles with his followers on his social media platform. His Instagram @dieng_ahmadou_bamba alone has a rising number of 457K followers.

Bamba Dieng Playing Style:

At 5’8 with an electrifying pace, Dieng’s playing style can be connected to that of fellow Senegalese forward player Sadio Mane, as proven by his launch goal for Marseille over against Auxerre in a Coupe de France experience in February 2021.

With 5'8 height, Bamba Dieng plays with an electrifying pace.
With 5’8 height, Bamba Dieng plays with an electrifying pace.


As a star footballer, Bamba Dieng can afford a lavish lifestyle and gain whatever affluence he deems fit. Besides, their extremely wealthy club owners pay football players, who get their pay from the team’s sponsor and TV deals, and, to a smaller extent, ticket sales.

However, the West African athlete spends a little more on Villas, cars, and leisure goods. He has a fascinating car collection and chooses his pair of wheels to be snazzy.

His salary and net worth allow him the grand appearance of the good things in life and services. The football enthusiast lives comfortably in Marseille, France.

Bamba Dieng Net Worth:

His net worth was growing significantly in 2021-2022. Bamba’s income mostly comes from an essential source of being a successful French footballer.

However, during the 2020/2021 season, Dieng performed in 4 games for the Marseille B team without getting a single goal.

Furthermore, on 1st July 2021, Dieng signed a three-year contract with Marseille for a reported fee of 400,000 euros. According to foot Africa, as of 2022, the Senegalese understood Marseille on a deal worth approximately 40,000 euros annually.

However, Bamba Dieng’s contract expires on 30th June 2024. In addition, he has three years and €120,000 gross remaining on his current contract.

Dieng signed a three-year contract with Marseille for a reported fee of 400,000 euros.
Dieng signed a three-year contract with Marseille for a reported fee of 400,000 euros.

Untold Facts:

What’s more? Here are a few extreme additional facts about the experienced Marseille’s talented player. Things you probably didn’t know about Bamba Dieng.

FIFA Profile:

Many fans who admire the career mode (football manager) have acknowledged that
the marseille player contends for Africa’s best Forward.

With a marvellous rating in his power and movement, Dieng is set for the top.
With a marvellous rating in his power and movement, Dieng is set for the top.

Bamba Dieng Religion:

Although about 95% of the Senegalese population is Muslim, many denominations of this faith get practised. Approximately 1% of the Muslim population practices Ahmadiyya.

So, Christians (mainly Catholics) make up 5% of the population. Other traditional faiths get officially practised by 1% of the people, especially by the Serer.

Bamba Dieng is part of the 5% that are Christians. He believes in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection to save man from impending eternal damnation. Dieng is a religious man. The pix following depicts his gratitude to God for the goal he scored.

Bamba Dieng shows his gratitude to God for the goal scored.
Bamba Dieng shows his gratitude to God for the goal scored.

Biography Summary:

In this paragraph, we are sharing about Bamba Dieng’s Father, Mother, Family, Brother, Sister, Marital Status, Spouse, Children, Educational Qualification, Salary, Weight, Profile, Career Stats, Interesting Facts, and many more.

Per Year:€3,034,148.
Per Month:€252,846.
Per Week :€58,349.
Per Day:€8,336.
Per Hour:€347.
Per Minute:€5.78
Per Seconds:€0.09


Our Bamba Dieng Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts wraps off. However, before we retire here, you picked up a few lessons.

His birth name is Sheikh Ahmadu Dixie Bamba Makki Deng. He holds a Senegalese identity. He has not disclosed any data about his relatives, relatives, or instructions.

Bamba Dieng started his footballing career with Diambars in the Senegalese Premier League, where he had 12 goals in his first 14 appearances in his debut season. He finished as the leading scorer in the Senegalese Premier League for the 2019-20 season.

Since then, he has finalized the papers for Ligue 1 Marseille on 5th October 2020. He made his bid for the club in Coupe France’s 2-0 victory over Auxerre in the 92nd minute of the game, accomplishing a goal.

Dieng plays in the French Ligue 1. He appeared for the group in 42 games in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons, scoring nine goals.

The Senegalese nugget of Olympique de Marseille made his world show with Senegal’s general group at the 4-1 2022 FIFA World Cup reigned in Namibia on 9th October 2021.

He got then called up to the Senegal troop for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in January 2022, and he scored his goal. The team’s most memorable goal in the round was 2-0 from 16 victories over Cape Verde.

In the 2021 AFCON final, he scored in a penalty shootout to help Senegal transform into the tournament’s leader. Early in his life, he could gain major backers like Adidas.

His income comes from his footballing career via his compensation, sponsorship, and bonuses from playing for his club and country. From rumours, His ongoing market value from transfermarkt is estimated at €10 million as of 30th May 2022.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for seeing this enchanting article about the life journey of the Senegalese footballer who plays for a french club. Hopefully, Bamba Dieng’s childhood story has made you believe patience and persistence can overcome anything.

At Lifebogger, we seek rationality and integrity in our Senegalese Football Stories. Please stay tuned for more! The Life History of Iliman Ndiaye and Pape Matar Sarr will excite you.

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