Ary Borges Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ary Borges Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Ary Borges Biography tells you Facts about her childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother and Father, (Dino Borges) Family Background, Siblings, Relationships – Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Relatives – Grandparents plus Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, etc.

This memoir about Ary Borges also details her Family Origin, Religion, Education, Ethnicity, Hometown, etc. Not ignoring the sports buddy’s personal Life and Lifestyle, LifeBogger will also provide details of her Zodiac, Net Worth, and Salary.

In a nutshell, we present the Full History of Ary Borges. Our Bio is the story of a young damsel who remains unperturbed despite her challenging growing-up days. Howbeit, she kept through with diligence and determination to see that her passion and aspiration to be a professional footballer was unshattered.

Our Biography relates the trajectory of a youngster whose incredibly swift achievement surpasses that of Pele, one of the greatest players of all time, and Brazil’s Ronaldinho. So far, her achievements have earned her high praise from her Brazilian superstar teammate and Idol Marta.


Our version of Ary Borges’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of her childhood years. Next, we’ll explain her ethnic heritage and early career highlights. Finally, we’ll discuss how the Ambitious and Dynamic player earned her achievements and contributions.

LifeBogger anticipates whetting your autobiography appetite as you read Ary Borges’ Bio. To do that, let’s present you with this photo gallery summarising the sports competitor’s life story. From her early soccer days, she made history for her home country.

Ary Borges Biography - From her childhood to the moment she emerged famous.
Ary Borges Biography – From her childhood to the moment she emerged famous. Credit: Instagram/_aryborges.

The Resilient sports lady is a rising star in Brazilian professional football, celebrated for her remarkable skills and inspiring journey.

As a forward for the National Women’s Soccer League club Racing Louisville FC and a prominent member of the Brazil women’s national team, she has won the hearts of football enthusiasts across the globe.

Nonetheless, even with our years of research, we found a lot of deficiencies in the knowledge of the Brazilian Soccer Star. As such, only a few football lovers have an in-depth version of Ary Borges’s fascinating Biography. Now, without further ado, let’s proceed.

Ary Borges’ Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, her full name is Ariadina Alves Borges. She was born on the 28th day of December 1999 to her amazing parents – her dad, Dino Borges and mum- in São Luís, the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Maranhão.

Her birth occurred on a tranquil Tuesday, most likely a perfect day for relaxing and unwinding.

As much as it’s not clear how many brothers or sisters The talented soccer star has, if she has any, together with her siblings, they were born from the blissful union of their sacrificing father and mother in their Brazilian country home.

Now, let’s introduce you to Ary Borges’s parents. Her Mum and Dad, whose continual push and hard work, saw to it that the full potential of their daughter emerged a success.

Meet Ary Borges' Parents - Mother and Father, Dino.
Meet Ary Borges’ Parents – Mother and Father, Dino. Credit: Instagram/_aryborges.


The youngster got raised in the same community and town of her birth, Sao Luis. She grew up under the guidance and upbringing of her loving parents.

Growing up in São Luís, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Maranhão, offered Ary Borges a unique and vibrant experience. The City provides a colourful backdrop for a young person’s upbringing.

As such, the town shaped Ary Borges’ character and gave her a rich tapestry of experiences, culture, and community values.

Her early experiences in her hometown significantly moulded her as a person and a talented soccer player with big dreams for the future. Following is an early childhood picture of Ary Borges.

An early childhood picture of Ary Borges.
An early childhood picture of Ary Borges. Source: Instagram/_aryborges.

As a kid, Ary must have been naturally competitive when playing her games. We trust that the future female footballer remains willing to put in extra hours of practice, whether in organized training sessions or playing with friends.

She did not seem like one who gets discouraged easily, even when facing challenges or setbacks. Instead, she would work hard to improve and overcome obstacles. Borges manifested Early signs of athleticism and coordination.

Similarly, Ary excelled in various physical activities she took part in. She naturally takes on leadership roles, even among their peers. Additionally, she displayed leadership qualities during games or practice.

However, Ary Borges, the attacking midfielder, faced a challenging upbringing. When she was just ten, her parents had to leave her with her grandmother while they moved to Sao Paulo for a better life. However, after some time, Ary finally joined her parents.

Ary Borges’s Early Life (Football):

As a young aspiring female soccer star, she showed good sportsmanship and enjoyed playing as part of a team. Borges understood the value of cooperation and supporting her teammates.

Moving out of Sao Luis, Ary settled afresh in Sao Paulo with her parents. She embraced the opportunity to reunite with them after enduring a challenging separation during her formative years.

Her parents’ decision to leave her with her grandmother had been difficult, but they had hoped for a brighter future for Ary. Subsequently, with her family back together, they were ready to support her dreams of becoming a successful soccer player.

Under her father’s guidance and determination, Ary began training at Centro Olimpico, a club known for its commitment to developing young talents. Her passion for soccer flourished as she immersed herself in the competitive environment of the club.

Good enough, her technical skills and attacking mindset on the field soon caught the attention of her coaches and teammates.

Despite facing initial challenges due to the new environment and tough competition, Ary’s determination and resilience were evident in every match she played.

The youngster worked tirelessly to improve her game, often staying behind after training to practice shooting, passing, and dribbling. Her love for the sport and drive to succeed motivated her to push her limits and excel as an attacking midfielder.

Ary Borges Family Background:

Despite its charm, her hometown, São Luís faced challenges such as economic disparities and limited resource access.

Therefore, in pursuing a better future for their daughter, Ary’s parents expressed the determination shared by many families striving to overcome these obstacles. So that they can provide brighter opportunities for their children.

Ary’s parents were hardworking and dedicated individuals who only wished for the best for their daughter. Both of them shared a profound love for the game of football.

Although specific details about her parents’ names and professions remain unknown, it is evident that Ary’s father, Dino, had aspirations of becoming a professional footballer. Unfortunately, his dreams got shattered probably due to poor financial background.

Nevertheless, Dino’s experience fueled his determination to take charge of Ary’s football career and pave the way for her success.

Despite the challenges they faced in their family’s background, Ary’s passion for soccer and the unwavering support from her parents helped shape her into the talented footballer she is today.

Ary Borges Family Origin:

We trace her household ancestry to Brazil, specifically, her birthplace in Sao Luis. Her full name, Ariadina Alves Borges, also sheds more insight into her roots. In the female star’s Portuguese name, her first name, Alves, is the maternal name.

Meanwhile, her second name or Surname, Borges, is her paternal family name. Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, Borges is a surname of both Portuguese and Spanish origin.

Consequently, the most renowned individual bearing this name is Jorge Luis Borges. He observes that his family name, akin to “Burgess” in English, signifies “of the town” or “bourgeois”. On another note, Ary Borges is not related to Carlos Borges.

Imperatively, the outstanding Forward and attacking midfielder, Ariadina Alves Borges, is from Brazil, the fifth-largest country in the world by land area and population. Following is a picture that explains the cultural heritage of the dazzling Racing Louisville FC footballer.

This map aids your understanding of Ary Borges's origin.
This map aids your understanding of Ary Borges’s origin. Credits: Instagram/_aryborges, Britannica, Google, Instagram/_aryborges.

Ary Borges Ethnicity:

Brazil’s ethnic composition is complex and reflects a rich cultural mixing and diversity history. However, Ary Borges’s ethnicity fits into the category of Brazilians from a mixed-race ancestry, commonly referred to as “Pardo” (Brown).

This group includes individuals of various racial and ethnic backgrounds who blend European, African, and Indigenous ancestry. Mixed-race Brazilians are the largest ethnic group in the country.

Ary Borges Education:

Growing up in her hometown of São Luís, the damsel, Ary, had access to schools that could have provided her with formal learning opportunities. However, the city’s deep-rooted love for soccer ignited her passion from an early age.

With aspirations of becoming a professional football player, Ary’s dedication and focus were unwavering. She wholeheartedly pursued her athletic career. Remarkably, she balanced her rigorous training regimen and academic commitment, ensuring her schooling did not suffer.

Like many talented young football players, Ary struggled to juggle education with her football pursuits. To address this, her father made a strategic decision when she was a teenager.

He enrolled her in a specialized sports academy and a youth development program associated with a renowned football club. These programs offered a unique blend of academic education, intensive football training, and competitions.

In this way, Ary Borges embarked on a path that set her apart as a determined and multi-talented athlete, striving to excel both on the pitch and in her studies as she pursued her dreams of making a mark in soccer.

Career Buildup:

When Ary moved to São Paulo at age ten, it marked a significant turning point in her life. The bustling metropolis presented her with new opportunities and challenges, but she was eager to embrace them all.

Settling into a big city and leaving behind her familiar surroundings in São Luís was both exciting and nerve-wracking for the young football enthusiast.

Upon arriving in São Paulo, Ary’s father recognized her talent and passion for the sport, seeking a platform where she could further develop her football skills.

After thorough research and discussions, he enrolled Ary in the youth team of Santos FC, a prestigious football club renowned for nurturing young talents. This decision, however, was not without its hurdles.

Like many other clubs at the time, Santos FC primarily had boys’ teams. Despite the sport’s growing popularity among girls, there still needed to be more opportunities for female players.

Undeterred by the gender disparity, Ary courageously joined the youth team, becoming one of only three girls who played alongside the boys. Joining the team presented her with unique challenges, as she had to prove herself in an environment dominated by Boys.

Moreover, to secure Ary’s position in the boys’ team, her father had to sign a waiver compensating the club against legal action if she sustained injuries while playing boys’ football.

Despite her obstacles and extra scrutiny, Ary’s unwavering determination and sheer talent shone through. She displayed incredible skills on the field, gaining the respect of her coaches and teammates.

Her presence challenged traditional norms and highlighted the need for more opportunities for girls in football.

As Ary continued to thrive in Santos FC’s youth team, her success and dedication gradually shifted perceptions. Her performances inspired other young girls to pursue their football dreams fearlessly.

Ary Borges Biography – Football Story:

At 11, Ary made a pivotal decision and transitioned to Centro Olímpico, where she joined the girls’ under-15 team. The reason behind this move was that there was no under-13 team available at the time.

Nonetheless, Ary embraced the change, eager to continue her football journey and grow as a player in a new environment.

Centro Olímpico provided Ary with a platform tailored to her age group, allowing her to compete and train alongside girls who shared her passion for the sport.

Joining the under-15 team allowed her to face new challenges, play in competitive matches, and further refine her skills under specialized coaching.

With each passing day, Ary’s commitment and talent flourished at Centro Olímpico, contributing to her continuous development as a player.

Her transition to the girls’ team marked another significant chapter in her football career, solidifying her determination to achieve her dreams and make a name for herself in soccer.

As time passed, Ary’s performances on the pitch improved significantly, and she became a pivotal player for Centro Olimpico. Her ability to read the game, create scoring opportunities, and deliver crucial assists made her an indispensable asset to the team.

She started catching the attention of scouts from bigger clubs, and rumours of her talent began to spread in the local soccer community. However, despite her rapid growth as a player, Ary always remembered her parents’ sacrifices.

As she grew older, Ary had periods playing for Sport Recife and Sao Paulo. Later, she signed with Palmeiras, where she played for three years. During her time with Palmeiras, Ary made 83 appearances and scored 34 goals.

Despite the challenges she faced in her upbringing, Ary’s talent and dedication to the sport helped her overcome difficulties and reach great heights in her football career.

Ary Borges Bio – Road to Fame Story:

In 2017 and 2018, Ary Borges made it back to her hometown in the Northeast Region of Brazil to play professional football for Sport Recife. After that, she joined São Paulo FC, which had recently reformed its women’s team in 2019.

Soccer Star was an essential player in the group that got promoted to the Campeonato Brasileiro de Futebol Feminino Série A1.

She supported the club on social media and even had a São Paulo FC-themed birthday party. However, she left the club after one year to join rivals Palmeiras for a better contract.

In addition, she also played for the Brazil women’s national under-20 football team in the 2018 South American U-20 Women’s Championship. Also joining the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

In September 2020, Ary Borges earned her inaugural call-up to join the senior Brazil women’s national football team.

Her Coach, Pia Sundhage, made the selection and invited her to join a training camp alongside other home-based players. The call allowed her to play with the Brazilian football legends Marta and Formiga.

Ary Borges Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

In her first senior match on 17th September 2021, she came on as a substitute in the 63rd minute and helped Brazil win 3-1 against Argentina. She continued to be part of the squad for the following friendly matches against Argentina and Australia.

Ary scored her first two goals against India at the 2021 International Women’s Football Tournament of Manaus, also the farewell appearance of Formiga, a famous Brazilian player.

In December 2022, Ary Borges signed with an American club called Racing Louisville FC. During the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, she made a remarkable impact, capturing the headlines with a hat-trick in Brazil’s victory over Panama.

The match occurred on 24th July 2023, and Brazil displayed its dominance by winning 4-0 at Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide.

Ary scored twice in the first half and completed her treble with another goal in the 70th minute. The victory helped Brazil top Group F in the ongoing tournament.

Overall, Ary Borges has proven herself a standout player in women’s football and continues making her mark domestically and internationally. The rest, as we say, of Brazil’s hat-trick hero is now history.

Is Ary Borges single?

While some footballers opt to get married or be in committed relationships early in their careers, others may prioritize their professional development before settling down.

The lifestyle of a professional footballer, with its rigorous training, frequent travels, and media attention, can present unique challenges to maintaining personal relationships.

However, many footballers successfully navigate these challenges and find happiness in marriages or long-term partnerships. The decision ultimately varies from player to player, depending on their choices, values, and life circumstances.

Based on the available records, the sensational football player Ary Borges is not married. She has maintained a high level of privacy concerning her personal life.

It is likely that, at this point in her life, the young attacking midfielder is entirely focused on her career until she finds the right person to share her future with.

Consequently, without a partner or children, her focus remains dedicated to reaching the peak of her professional aspirations. But then a photo of Ary and a little Boy keeps popping up. It is possible that the boy is her Son.

Ary Borges Personal Life:

To keep up with her rising number of fans worldwide, Ary is active on Twitter, Instagram and other social media. However, she has over 357K followers on her verified Instagram @_aryborges. Also, Her Twitter @_aryborges has about 43k followers and is still counting.

Her Social media posts and interviews reveal some of his interests, lifestyle and leisure activities. Also, I am a pet lover. She has a dog. Other of her hobbies include but are not limited to Travelling and Cooking.

The lady wears shoes of Size 9 (US). Her favourite meal is the Chilli Chicken. Red And Black are her best colours. Like anyone else, football players have hobbies and interests outside the sport. Her Favorite Book is The Lumber Hunks.

From observation, Ary Borges’s interests range from Movies, with Tom Cruise as her best Actor, to music, gaming, workouts, swimming and reading.

Ary Borges chilling with members of her family.
Ary Borges chilled with members of her family. Source: Instagram/_aryborges.

Emphatically, Football remains her passion. During her formative years, Ary’s favourite player of all time is Brazil’s Ronaldinho and Alex Hales, when it comes to Cricket.

In addition, the talented Brazilian loves to spend quality time with her friends and family. Her activities include vacations, outings with friends, and attending special events. One of her close friends and teammates is Kerolin Nicoli.

Borges often prioritizes rest and recovery to support her performances on the field. Our Lifebogger profile ensures balanced nutrition in living a healthy lifestyle. Her height is 1.65 m, so she maintains a 58 kg weight.

Ary Borges Lifestyle:

As a professional football player from South America, Ary Borges shows an incredible ability to stay focused and live a disciplined life. Her intense training, skills development, and childhood experiences shaped her unique playing style.

Ary is considered one of the most promising and successful Brazilian footballers. Some people even say she is already better than Richarlison, a well-known Brazilian player who plays for Tottenham in the Premier League and the Brazil national team.

Additionally, she’s just a few goals away from matching Anthony Martial‘s league goal record. Anthony is a French player who plays for Manchester United in the Premier League.

Thanks to her impressive achievements, Ary has earned substantial wealth from her hard work in the field. With such success, she enjoys a luxurious life in Louisville, a big city in Kentucky, USA. It’s the largest city in Kentucky and the 27th in the United States.

Ary’s taste in cars is also noteworthy. While we haven’t seen her driving in the US, her earnings could easily afford luxury cars like the new electric BMW.

Her garage is likely filled with an impressive collection of vehicles, reflecting her accomplishments and status in the football world. Following is a photo that shows the car she gifted her father, Dino, in deep appreciation for his lifelong support.

A photo that shows the car she gifted her father, Dino, in deep appreciation for his lifelong support.
A photo that shows the car she gifted her father, Dino, in deep appreciation for his lifelong support. Source: Instagram/_aryborges.

Ary Borges’s Family Life:

Limited public information is available about her family life. However, it’s essential to highlight that her household plays a crucial role in her athletic career.

She receives support and encouragement from her loved ones as she pursues her professional journey as a football player. Ary has a network of family members who have been instrumental in her path as a professional athlete.

Although specific details about the Champ’s family life are unknown, it is evident that their support has been a driving force behind her success in the world of Football.

Behold the Athlete's Family Life:
Family Life – A happy pic of her household. Credit: Instagram/_aryborges.

Ary Borges’s Father – Dino Borges:

Her father is named Dino. He played a significant role in her life, especially during her formative years.

Ary Borges’s father, Dino, once dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, but then, his aspirations got derailed due to their financial constraints.

Despite facing challenges, Dino’s passion for the sport remained strong. So, when Ary showed a keen interest in soccer, he took it upon himself to guide and support her.

Driven by his own experiences and determination, Dino became a driving force in Ary’s footballing journey. He explored opportunities for her to play and develop her talent, eventually finding Centro Olimpico, where Ary had her first exposure to competitive soccer.

Dino’s dedication and belief in his daughter’s abilities played a crucial role in helping her pursue a career in Football.

Though details about Dino’s personal life are unknown, his love for the game and commitment to Ary’s success shaped her path as a rising star in Brazilian professional Football.

He became a guiding figure, encouraging her to reach her full potential. He supported her in achieving great heights in her football career. When Ary’s parents decided to move to Sao Paulo for better opportunities, they left her with her grandmother at the age of 10.

Dino’s efforts and belief in Ary’s abilities helped her overcome the challenges in her family background and set her on a path to becoming a successful and accomplished footballer.

Ary Borges’s Mother:

Specific details about Ary Borges’s mother are unknown. There is no mention of her mother’s name, background, or involvement in Ary’s life or career.

Nevertheless, in Brazilian football culture, family support is crucial. Many talented players rely on their families for financial and emotional support.

Parents often make sacrifices, investing time and resources to help their children pursue their dreams in the sport. Ary Borges’s mother is no exception.

Her dedication to supporting Ary’s passion for football allowed her to develop her skills and pursue her sports dreams. Her mother played an important role in giving her education, guidance, and encouragement to be responsible.

Furthermore, while there is no significant information about the athlete’s mum in this story, it is clear that Ary has chosen to keep the details about her mother private.

However, based on her full name, Ariadina Alves Borges, we can infer that her mother’s family name is Alves, and she also hails from Brazil.

Ary Borges Siblings:

If we had specific information about her brother(s) or sister(s), it would be easier to provide further details about them. However, Ary has chosen to keep that aspect of her life private.

Similarly, there are no details about her siblings. But from her few social media posts, it’s evident that she has a brother and two sisters, who have shown unwavering support by attending most of her matches.

They all share a strong bond. Below is a picture of a family outing with her brother and Sisters.

A picture of a family outing with her brother and Sisters.
A picture of a family outing with her brother and Sisters. Source: Instagram/_aryborges.

Ary Borges Relatives:

As a professional footballer, Ary Borges has kept details about her extended family members relatively private. She intends to protect her loved ones from unnecessary public scrutiny.

Like most people from Brazil, the relationship between family members is crucial to Ary. Therefore, she likely has aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and possibly in-laws. However, there is only limited information available about them.

Despite the lack of specifics, one of Ary’s social media posts hinted that her grandparents played a significant role in her career success. Specifically, her grandma, with whom she lived while her parents moved to Sao Paolo.

She deeply values their support and is committed not too disappointing them, showing her appreciation for their contribution to her journey as a footballer.

Untold Facts:

In the vibrant streets of Brazil, a country known for producing football legends, a new star has risen – Ary Borges. This incredible athlete has made history by becoming the first-ever Brazilian to achieve a hat-trick on her World Cup debut.

Despite Brazil’s rich footballing tradition with iconic players like Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho, Kaka, and PSG’s Neymar, they have yet to accomplish the extraordinary feat achieved by Ary Borges.

At just 23 years old, she proudly represented the Brazil Women’s National team. She delivered an awe-inspiring performance, scoring an impressive hat-trick in her first World Cup match against Panama.

This exceptional achievement firmly establishes Ary Borges as a formidable presence in the football world.

The following section will reveal fascinating facts about this talented forward and attacking midfield player. So, without further delay, let’s dive in and learn more about Ary Borges.

Ary Borges’s Salary & Net Worth:

Football athletes’ earnings vary significantly based on their contracts, performance, and endorsements.

As a professional soccer player, we determine Ary Borges’s net worth by her contract with her club, Racing Louisville FC, as well as any endorsement deals or other financial agreements. She is notably sponsored by Nike.

According to Surprisesports, Ary Borges’ estimated net worth is $5 million. She is also associated with Agencia 021 Soccer, a company that has managed soccer players since 2000. The agent is recognized as the first FIFA woman agent in the Americas.

Additionally, Spotrac indicates that the 2023 NWSL Salary Cap Max is approximately $1,375,000.

Hence, the talented attacking midfielder’s annual salary revolves around the stipulated amount. With time, her net worth and income would be ranked with the likes of Alex Morgan.

Ary Borges FIFA:

Her player ratings, attributes, and appearances in FIFA games are updated annually, reflecting the real-world performance and form of the players.

Therefore, Ary Borges’ 2023 Rating is 73. Her potential is 81, and her best position is as the Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM). She prefers to shoot with her right foot.

Ary has shown outstanding play and stability in her performances. Her Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Positioning, balance and stamina have been top-notch. Her playing style is similar to that of the Australian and Manchester City’s Mary Fowler.

Despite her excellent play, there is always room for improvement, especially concerning her defensive awareness and aggression.

Her 2023 Rating is 73. Her potential is 81, and her best position is as the Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM).
Her 2023 Rating is 73. Her potential is 81, and her best position is as the Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM). Credit: SOFIFA.

Ary Borges Religion:

Our Lifebogger profile is known to be unshaken in her belief system, and she is a practising Christian. Consequently, she was raised in a Christian family and continues to follow her faith in Christianity.

While the predominant religion in São Luís, Brazil, is Roman Catholicism, Ary Borges has chosen to maintain her Christian beliefs.

Her religious upbringing and faith play an essential role in her life and may provide her with a source of strength and inspiration in her career as a professional footballer.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Ary Borges’s Biography.

Ary Borges's Biography

Full Name:Ary Borges
Date of Birth:28th day of December 1999
Age:(23 years and 9 months)
Place of Birth:São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
Biological Mother:Unknown
Biological Father:Dino Borges
Marital Status:Single
Notable relative(s):Grandmother
Profession:Professional Footballer
Major teams:Santos, Centro Olímpico, Sport Recife, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Racing Louisville FC and Brazil National team.
Position(s):Forward, attacking midfielder
Jersey Number:8 (Racing Louisville FC)
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Capricorn
Eye Color:Hazel Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Hobbies:Workouts, vacation, Football, and Swimming.
Height:1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Weight:58 kg
Salary:$1,375,000 (2023)
Net Worth:$5 million
Residence:Louisville, Kentucky, US.

Summary EndNote:

Ariadina Alves Borges, also known as Ary Borges, is a football player from Brazil. She plays as a forward for Racing Louisville Football Club, a National Women’s Soccer League team, and also represents Brazil’s women’s national team.

Ary Borges was born on 28th December 1999 in São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil. When she was ten years old, she moved to São Paulo. There, she joined the youth squad of Santos Football Club and was one of three girls who played with the boys’ team.

To allow her to play, her father signed a document that protected the club from legal action in case she got injured while playing with the boys.

When she turned 11, she switched to Centro Olímpico and took part in the girls’ under-15 team because there was no Under-13 team available.

In 2017 and 2018, Ary Borges went to play professional football for Sport Recife. After that, she joined São Paulo FC, which had recently reformed its women’s team in 2019.

However, she left the club after one year to join rivals Palmeiras for a better contract. In December 2022, Ary Borges signed with an American club called Racing Louisville FC.

She also played for the Brazil women’s national under-20 football team in the 2018 South American U-20 Women’s Championship and the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Ary Borges got her first call-up to the senior Brazil women’s national football team in 2020. On 24th July 2023, Ary scored three goals (a hat trick), thereby exceeding the wildest dreams on her World Cup debut.

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