Arthur Masuaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Arthur Masuaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Arthur Masuaku tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

We have here, a concise Life Story of the Congolese — from his early days, to when he hit fame. To whet your appetite on the engaging nature of Masuaku’s Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life and career progression.

Arthur Masuaku life story
Arthur Masuaku’s life story.

Yes, you and I know Arthur as a Technical Dribbler with lots of pace and acceleration to his sleeves. As of November 2020, he is rated by BBC Sports Readers as among the top 10 players in the Premier League.

Despite the accolade, just a few persons know about his journey to greatness. We have prepared for you and without wasting much time, let’s begin with the story of his early years.

Arthur Masuaku Childhood Story: 

For Biography Starters, he bears the nickname ‘Arthurito‘. Fuka-Arthur Masuaku Kawela was born on the 7th day of November 1993 to his father, Hikke Musuaku and a little known mother in the city of Lille, northern France. Behold, one of Arthur Masuaku’s parents — the one and only endless supplier of unconditional and selfless love.

Behold Arthur Masuaku's mother

Growing-up years:

The French-born footballer grew up at the city in Lille alongside his brothers. As a boy, he did have this strong sibling bond. Arthur had the best start in life and was never left out socially.  Even to date, he still feels nostalgic of his childhood thanks to his brothers, family, home, streets and local football fields. They remind him of the path he trod.

Arthur Masuaku Family Background:

We can attribute many things to Arthurito’s early interest in football except poverty. Prominent among the attributes is the fact that his dad was a former footballer. Little wonder Masuaku has happy memories growing up in a city dominated by middle-class citizens.

Arthur Masuaku Family Origin:

Popularly referred to as the “King of The Dribble” in West Ham’s team, Arthurito has Congolese family roots like his French compatriot Jean-Philippe Mateta. The Lille-native is a son to parents that were both born in Congo but migrated to France years before he was born. In case you didn’t know, Masuaku’s parents did raise him in a city which is 1 hour 13 minutes drive by train to Belgium.

He grew up at Lille, a city close to Belgium.
He grew up at Lille, a city close to Belgium.

Arthur Masuaku Untold Football Story:

The then youngster was only 8 years old when he took his first steps in competitive soccer with local football Lille OM.S. It was at the club that young Masuaku trained for a time before RC Lens spotted and gave him the right platform for a comprehensive career buildup in soccer.

Early Years in Career Football:

By the time Arthurito was 15 years old, he knew that there was no going back on his resolve to become a professional soccer player and an impressive one at that. He was at the peak of his development with RC lens when neighbouring club Valenciennes snatched him from the Sang-et-Or training centre. Can you spot a shy Arthur Masuaku posing for photos with his teammates at Valenciennes?.

Arthur Masuaku Biography – The Road To Fame Story:  

It was with Valenciennes that Arthurito signed his first professional contract before moving to Olympiacos. A year after his arrival at Olympiacos, Masuaku began drawing interests from Italian giants Roma and Juventus. Genoa also came calling with an offer that was also turned down. Have you seen this rare photo of him at Olympiacos?

Arthur Masuaku Biography – Rise To Fame Story:

When West Ham signified interest in having the full-fledged left wing-back at East London, Olympiacos and Arthurito’s agent could not say no to the juicy odder. Thus Masuaku joined the Hammers on a four-year contract for a £6.2 million in 2016. See what the defender looked like when he arrived at West Ham.

His rise at West Ham has been impressive, such that he has secured his positions as the club’s favoured left-back. The claret and blue masses once dubbed him “better than Lukaku” in appreciation of his attacking and dribbling mindset.

Speaking of his strong mentality on the pitch after a century of appearance with the Hammers, Masuaku insisted he wants to keep going like this. We sure hope he keeps exceeding David Moyes’ expectations and the rest, as we say, is history.

Who is Arthur Masuaku Dating:

There are only a few persons who would agree that the French Man has no girlfriend. At 27 years of age, many would want to believe that the left winger is gearing up to tie the knot with a girlfriend. More so, Masuaku is already famous in East London as King Arthur, but where is his Queen?

At lifebogger, we believe that the soccer star already has a woman in his life but is waiting for the right moment to unveil her. Not just her, but children born to him because he does strike us as a father.

We choose not to believe that a player of his calibre would be single and loving it.
We choose not to believe that a player of his calibre would be single and loving it.

Arthur Masuaku Family Life:

Like most footballers, the Congolese-descent has people who look up to him and needs him home every Christmas. They are his family. We bring you facts about Arthur Masuaku’s Parents. We will also walk you through facts about siblings and relatives.

About Arthur Masuaku Parents:

Like Steven N’Zonzi, the left wing-back’s mum and dad both hail from Congo. His dad, Hikke Musuaku reportedly has history playing football. We are waiting for Masuaku to clarify whether it was professional, semi-professional or amateur. Again, we are also curious about facts on the left winger’s mom who strikes us a friendly person in the photo below.

Behold Arthur Masuaku's mother
Behold Arthur Masuaku’s mother.

About Arthur Masuaku Siblings:

The left wing-back has some cool look-alike brothers, who are seen sitting with him. Not to worry, we will get to clarify who they are when Masuaku grants our request for an exclusive interview.

Such camaraderie is common among brothers
Such camaraderie is common among brothers.

About Arthur Masuaku Relatives:

Away from the left winger’s immediate family, we are yet to be furnished with details of his maternal and paternal grandparents. Neither have we received records of Masuaku’s uncles, aunts and cousins. Similarly, there are no existing records of his nephews and nieces.

Arthur Masuaku Personal Life:

There is more to Arthurito than being a left wing-back. He’s not just the bearded 5’10” dropping deep to help his team attack. There are a number of personality traits which his friends and family members hold as self-evident of his nature. They include his joviality, honesty and loyalty.

He is also fiercely ambitious and not afraid to brave danger. Masuaku has a thing for fashion, loves travelling, spending time with loved ones among other interests and hobbies.

Not just a defending maestro but a fashionista!
Not just a defending maestro but a fashionista!

Arthur Masuaku Lifestyle:

What’s the point of being a top-flight athlete if one can’t earn a weekly wage of £40,000 pounds like Arthurito? How large can a premier league player who earns £2,080,000 (yearly) live? Let’s find out.

For Bio starters, Masuaku enjoys the financial gains of sponsorship and endorsements? That further explains why he has no worries of bankruptcy with his huge net worth of 10 Million Pounds.

With such wealth, it shouldn’t surprise you to see the left-back navigate the streets of East London in exotic cars or live in an apartment/house befitting for the King which fans see him as. It wouldn’t surprise us to discover that he also has a jet cooling off in a hanger. See how Arthur Masuaku’s car makes driving look easy.

Facts About Arthur Masuaku:

To wrap up this interesting piece on his Childhood Story and biography, here are little-known or Untold truths about him.

Fact #1 – Salary breakdown and Earnings per seconds:

Research shows the average DRC citizens would have to work for two years to make what Arthur Masuaku earns in a week.

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Pounds (£)
Per Year£2,080,000
Per Month£173,333
Per Week£40,000
Per Day£5,714
Per Hour£238
Per Minute£3.97
Per Second£0.06

Since you started viewing Arthur Masuaku‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Fact #2 – Religion:

While It easy to classify Masuaku as a Christian, his beards leave room for doubts. Notwithstanding the odds are largely tilting in favour of him being Christian. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

Fact #3 – He is Underrated in FIFA:

Arthur is 2 points below Declan Rice 2020 FIFA score (79) and 8 points below his potential (86). It’s outrageous to note that FIFA gave low ratings to a player unstoppable in the attack, good defensively and physically. How do we explain to the younger generation that Masuaku had an overall rating of 77 and a potential of 78 in 2020? It’s best such discussion never comes up!

Injustice has never been so obvious
Injustice has never been so obvious

In Conclusion:

Thanks for reading this informative piece on Arthur Masuaku’s biography and untold childhood story. We hope it has inspired you to believe that success can come through consistency. This is the secret of Masuaku’s success- a man who has made his mark by hitting milestones in his career.

It behoves now to commend the defender’s parents and brothers to his unflinching support to his career. Their faith in him never wavered from the time he started street soccer until he reached the Premier League.

At lifebogger, we take pride in delivering stories with fairness and accuracy. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, do well to contact us. otherwise, let us know what you think of him in the comment section.

Finally, to get a quick grasp of Arthur Masuaku’s Bio, use our Wiki table. It summarizes his profile.

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full Name:Fuka-Arthur Masuaku Kawela.
Age:27 years and 3 months.
Date of Birth:7th day of November 1993.
Place of Birth:City of Lille in France.
Height in Feet:5 Feets, 10 Inches.
Height in cm:179cm.
Playing Position:Left back, Left wing-back, Left Winger.
Parents:Hikke Musuaku (father).
Hobbies:travelling, spending time with loved ones.
Net Worth:£10 Million.

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