Armel Bella Kotchap Childhood Story Plus Biography Facts

Armel Bella Kotchap Childhood Story Plus Biography Facts

Our Armel Bella Kotchap Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, and Parents – Mrs. Bella Florent (Mother), Cyril Bella Florent (Father), Siblings, Relatives, Family Background, etc.

Bella’s life story also tells you details about his Family Origin, Religion, Ethnicity, etc. More so, the Lifestyle, Personal Life, Cars, Net worth, and Salary Breakdown of the German Defender.

In a nutshell, this Bio breaks down the Full memoir of Armel Bella Kotchap. This is the account of a boy who rose to follow in history and keep the family’s legacy. Moreso, the player made sure that all his efforts and dreams as a footballer became a reality at a young age.


Our version of Armel Bella Kotchap’s Biography by recounting the events of his early years and life. Following, we provide facts relating to his early career. And lastly, we tell you how the young lad born in France became one of the Premier League athletes.

We whet your autobiography appetite for the exciting nature of Armel Bella Kotchap’s Bio. We present to you this photo gallery that details his football journey. Bella has come a long way from his early years to be the world cup Qatar player.

Armel Bella Kotchap Biography – From his Early Years to the moment he became part of the World Cup Journey.
Armel Bella Kotchap Biography–From his Early Years to the moment he became part of the World Cup Journey.

Yes, everyone knows the young lad is a beacon of grace among defenders. Armel is the central defender with a hulking quality that drives his opponents away. And the German player holds the record as the second-tier champion in 2021.

Yet, in this research process of the Paris-born Footballers, we found a breach in knowledge. And we note that many fans still need to read the concise account of Armel Bella Kotchap’s Biography. Thus we have prepared for you. Without wasting time, let’s begin.

Armel Bella Kotchap Childhood Story:

For Biography beginners, Armel Bella-Kotchap was born on the 11th of December 2001 to his parents- his father, Cyrille Florent Bella, and his mother, Mrs. Bella. Moreso, his birthplace is in Paris, France.

The athlete is the first and probably the only child of his Mother and Father. Before we continue, let’s introduce you to his parents in the photo. Armel’s dad is the one who passed on the football ability to his son.

Meet Armel's Parents- his Mother, Mrs. Florent Bella, and his dad, Mr. Cyril Florent Bella.
Meet Armel’s Parents- his Mother, Mrs. Florent Bella, and his dad, Mr. Cyril Florent Bella.

Growing- Up:

Armel Bella grew up in Germany with his parents. Our findings show he is an only child, meaning his Mother and Father showered him with lots of love. With no other sibling to share the attention, Kotchap became the apple of his household’s eyes.

You are eager, no doubt, to see Armel’s childhood photos. But after a careful search, we found no picture of his days as a kid. Yet, we know that the footballer would have been fun and cheerful.

Interestingly, Kotchap didn’t allow his lack of a younger brother and sister to stop his joy. Instead, the son of the Cameroon star focused on what made him happy the most- football.

Armel Bella-Kotchap Early Life:

It is not the first time a child inherits his parent’s abilities, which is what happened in Armel’s life. He is the male offspring of one of the best players in Cameroon. So, like Giovanni Simeone, who has a football dad, the Paris-born grew to love soccer.

According to NewsDe, Bella had started his career journey by the age of four. The German player improved his skills and tactics with his father’s training. What about his religion? Did he grow up in a Christian or Muslim family?

No records show the exact denomination Armel Bella-Kotchap’s parents went with the young lad when he was growing up. But seeing how the player’s life has turned out, we are sure the defender was raised right.

Armel Bella-Kotchap Family Background:

The French-born parents are very hardworking. Cyrille Florent Bella, the athlete’s dad, was a football star. Armel’s father played for his country, Cameroon, for over five years. And so this means that he was doing very in caring for his family.

While Armel Bella-Kotchap’s mother assisted her husband in her way. Mrs. Bella either was caring for the home during the periods the former legend had a match. Or she had a job in an organization. Either way, they both worked together to care for the household.

So did the Southampton teammate grow up in a wealthy family? With a father who was a sportsman and a hardworking mother, it wouldn’t be wrong if LifeBogger said Armel didn’t come from a poor background.

Armel Bella-Kotchap Family Origin:

The Southampton defender has over one nationality. So, where does Armel Bella-Kotchap come from? Our research points out that his birthplace is Paris, France; hence, he is a French man. Also, the athlete plays with a team in Germany, which makes him German by citizenship.

Besides, because of Armel Bella-Kotchap’s father’s origin, he has a Cameronian descent. Our odds point his dad comes from one of the big cities like Yaounde, Garoua, or Kousséri in Cameroon. But, we took time to show the footballer’s three distinct nationalities.

These are the Three Nationalities of the Premier League Defender.
These are the Three Nationalities of the Premier League Defender.

Armel Bella Kotchap’s Ethnicity:

After fans discover the central defender is a black man, they become curious. Thus, they ask which African country does Armel Bella-Kotchap has his origins in. Our findings point to Cameroon in Central Africa. And it is a mixture of desert, tropical rainforest, and mountains.

Some famous footballers who are Cameroonians are Youssoufa Moukoko and Aurelien Tchouameni. They are the few among many others. Moreso, their physical looks and strengths are strong proof of their rich ancestry.

Armel Bella Kotchap Education:

No doubt, the parents of the German player loved and cared so much for their son. Thus, it meant that Cyril and his wife would also make their child’s education as their top priority. Yet after a careful search of Armel Bella-Kotchap’s school, we found no exact name or location for the institution.

But, it was always challenging for the young athlete who started playing at four years old. It was hard combining both school and keeping good grades with his career. Yet, we are sure his parents were very helpful to Armel.

Career Story:

And the young newbie footballer looked up to the days his father, Cyril, was still in sports. Thus, Armel’s dad was the one he wanted to be like when he was an adult.

Yet, another player caught the eye of Kotchap- Virgil van Dijk. He is a professional Dutch centre-back for the Liverpool club and the Netherlands country. The Paris-born defender said in an interview with SquawKa that he studied the legend to improve his skills.

And in addition to studying the playing styles of other athletes, Cyril’s son swung into action. From age four, Armel joined the Rot Weiss Ahlen club. The same team that gave Marco Reus his head start in the game. Before moving to the junior teams of Borussia Monchengladbach.

Armel Bella Kotchap Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Soon, the boy joined the nation’s youth academies in Borussia Mönchengladbach and MSV Duisburg. The Paris native grew so much in his defensive skills that he was already a force at 19. And in the 2019 season, Armel left to join the VfL Bochum talent werk.

Bella in the VFL Bochum Talent Werk Group Before his move to the Main Club.
Bella in the VFL Bochum Talent Werk Group Before his move to the Main Club.

The young athlete wasted no time in swaying the minds of his coaches. And the under-19 player greatly impressed them. Yet 12 weeks later, he joined his German national team to make his country proud by winning a friendly match.

Later, Kotchap joined the VFL club as a fully-fledged member in the 2018/19 season. And during his contract, he played against top shots like Lewandoski and Serge Gnabry. Here is one of the moments he gave Robert a hard time.

The German Player is Called the Defender for his great Tackles. See his Skills in Actions against Lewandoski.
The German Player is called the Defender for his great Tackles. See his Skills in Actions against Lewandoski.

The now-professional footballer was the beacon for several clubs. In the 2022 season, Armel joined Southampton FC simultaneously with Joe Aribo, as stated by BBC Sports. The Premier League defender would play alongside Adam Armstrong and Theo Walcott.

Behold the new Southampton Fc Player- Bella, as he becomes a Central Defender.
Behold the new Southampton Fc Player- Bella, as he becomes a Central Defender.

It was a victory for his father, Cyril Florent, as he watched his son advance in sports. The joy and delight that Kotchap felt on that day could not be put into words. But how did the central defender fare in his new team?

Amel Bella Kotchap Biography—Rise to Fame Story:

The English First Division player made his debut in Southampton against Leeds United. With three nationalities, Armel was eligible to play for three countries- Cameroon, France, and Germany. Out of the blue, because of his hard work, Stefan Kuntz gave Bella the invitation to join the Germany U-21 team in 2021. And they won the European Championship title.

The German Proudly Holding his Trophy.
The German Proudly Holding his Trophy.

Coach Hansi Flick chose fast forward to 2022, the central defender to follow the squad for the UEFA Nations. That’s not all. In November of the same year, the Paris-born athlete joined the German team for the world cup in Qatar. Besides, clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United are in a race to grab the wonder kid, according to The Sun

If there was anything that the son of Cyril Florent always wanted, is to follow in his father’s footsteps. Under the authority of Sporting News, Fifa lists William Saliba, Tariq Lamptey, Jarrad Branthwaite, and the young 20-year-old as one of the 2022 best defenders in football. And the rest is history.

Who is Armel Bella Kotchap Girlfriend?

The World cup player passes all the qualifications as a good-looking man. The defender is physically fit and also very handsome. No doubt many of his fans of both genders agree Armel would pass very well as a loving partner.

Thus, let us quench your curiosity about the woman who has the heart of the Paris- born. In our course of writing this Bio, Lifebogger notices something about the son of Cyril, the Cameronian star. And it is that he has a very close blanket over his private life.

Armel's Girlfriend is not made public yet.
Armel’s girlfriend is not made public yet.

The current 20-year-old footballer might be taking the same route as Sam Adekugbe. They both do not share their relationships on the gram. Thus, until he makes it open, we will learn about Armel Bella Kotchap’s girlfriend or wife.

Personal Life:

Who is Armel Bella Kotchap? The Paris born is a skilled player that always overwhelms his attackers. He wraps his long legs to disrupt his opponents from getting into the goal area. And this was one of the reasons the defender won the German Second Tier award.

But fans are eager to know what the Cameroon star does when he isn’t playing the ball. Firstly, Armel is concerned about his fitness and always tries to be agile. Indeed, how would the Southampton teammate defend his club if he doesn’t exercise?

Armel Makes Exercise Part of his Routine Regularly.
Armel Makes Exercise Part of his Routine Regularly.

Moreso, the son of Cyril Florent, has shown himself to be a very reliable teammate to any of his clubs. Thus, you often do not see him working out alone but with his colleagues. And this is because of Armel Bella Kotchap’s Sagittarius zodiac sign.

And people with this personality are smart and filled with energy and passion. Athletes like Tim Cahill, Gary Cahill, and Jesse Lingard share the same zodiac with the center-back player. So for the young lad, his career always comes before other comforts.

Armel Bella Kotchap Lifestyle:

It is no secret that the German Tier champion puts a cloak over his relationship and life. However, since the young lad isn’t married, Armel makes do with his single state. Hence vacations and yacht riding are very common and easy to do.

Bella is on vacation with his friend on a yacht.
Bella is on vacation with his friend on a yacht.

But the urge to leave bachelorhood will get closer as life continues. And when Bella becomes a husband like Pepe or Lionel Messi, holidays will be with his better half. And definitely, it wouldn’t be the same experience as when the defender was single.

Apart from his lifestyle, the center-back is a very fashionable player. The former VfL Bochum loves to wear fancy attires. After all, Kotchap is still in his early twenties. Thus, he represents the Gen-Z era in his wardrobe choice.

Armel Bella- Kotchap’s Net worth:

The German athlete has been in his career for over ten years. And with these years of hard work and skill improvement, it is no doubt true that the defender has grown. Hence, in 2022, Armel’s net worth is $1.5 million. Of course, this is only temporary.

Armel Bella Kotchap Family Life:

A person’s household is above any stats or achievements he has accomplished in life. As a result, this bio would only be complete if we brought details of Armel’s family. Let’s begin.

About Armel Bella Kotchap’s Father:

If the outfield players’ tactics impressed you, then you need to see who he got them from- his father, Cyril Florent Bella. The name rings a bell as Armel’s dad is a star player in Cameroon. In addition, Cyril was also a German footballer with the LR Ahlen for over ten years.

Here is Cyril Florent, who was once a player in Cameroon.
Here is Cyril Florent, who was once a player in Cameroon.

Armel Bella Kotchap’s father passed on the family legacy to him. And throughout his life journey, Cyril Florent has always stood by his child. He is by his side in most of his new signings to another club.

As the Qatar world cup kicks off, Armel Bella Kotchap’s parents will be excited to see their son on television. Yet, that is, if the German athlete doesn’t fly them to watch him physically. After all, it is the defender’s debut in the international games.

About Armel Bella Kotchap’s Mother:

Mrs. Florent is the beautiful mother of the German-French outfielder. While Armel took the football genes from his father, his mother has been his rock and caregiver. See Cyril’s wife with her child in the image.

Mrs. Bella Florent Stands Beside her son as he Signs into Southampton.
Mrs. Bella Florent Stands Beside her son as he signs into Southampton.

In the early days of her husband’s career, when Mr. Cyril was still in his sports, Kotchap’s mother stood for the house. Mrs. Florent was the rock that watched her son move from his first steps to his adulthood. And as other moms of footballers are clued to their screen, Armel’s mother will join too to cheer her son as well.

Armel Bella-Kotchap siblings:

After several kinds of research, there have yet to be any records showing the Paris- born defender. Our odds are Armel is an only child to his parents. And if such is the case, there could be no siblings, sisters, or brothers.

Armel Bella- Kotchap Relatives:

No doubt, the footballer has uncles and aunties from both his mother’s and father’s origin. But since there is no record of them, we conclude they offer their support behind the media. Yet Armel’s nieces and nephews, with his grandparents, are proud of the German champ.

Untold Facts:

You can’t deny the young man’s skills and how far he has come in football. And so far in Armel Bella Kotchap’s story, we see the growth of the lad’s career. However, there remain other facts about the French player.

Armel Bella Kotchap’s Salary:

His deal with Southampton for the 2022/2023 season was one of the most valuable transfers in VfL Bochum. The central defender made a lot of money from the contract and even increased his earnings. The table shows Armel Bella Kotchap’s salary (2022 figures).

How Rich is Armel Bella Kotchap?

In his birthplace in France, the average worker makes $40,000 annually. While in Germany, it is about 47,700 euros yearly. So a salary earner in the French and German countries would have to work for over 20 years to get the player’s income.

Armel Bella Kotchap FIFA:

I rated the world cup player one of the best athletes on his team. Armel is a stalwart in Southampton. His excellent front foot and ability to engage a threat in the field. Here is the FIFA profile of the son of Cyril Bella in the image.

At 20, the young Player's Defensive Skills are Top Notch.
At 20, the young Player’s Defensive Skills are Top Notch.


The table gives a fact of Armel Bella Kotchap’s life story.

Full Name:Armel Bella Kotchap
Date of Birth:11th of December 2001
Mother:Mrs. Florent
Father:Cyril Florent Bella
Place of Birth:Paris, France
Age:21 years and 5 months old.
Playing Position:Central Defender
German team
Ethnicity:African (Cameroonian)
Net Worth:$1.5 million

End Note:

Armel Bella Kotchap came into the world on the 11th of December 2001 to his Father, Cyrille Florent Bella, and his mother, Mrs. Bella. Research shows that the player could be an only child, so he has no brother or sister.

The Southampton defender’s birthplace is in Paris, France. Armel also has German and Cameroon nationality. Besides, the former VfL Bochum athlete grew up in Germany after his family moved from where he was born.

The footballer Armel Bella’s father, Cyril Florent, was the one who got his playing skills from. The former Cameroonian star lived his youthful days as a legend in his team. And this talent he passed down to his only son, who makes him proud.

The Premier League player started football at the age of four. And has progressed down to join his team for the world cup games in Qatar. Also, Bella holds the title of the German Second Tier award winner in the 2021/2022 season.

Appreciation Note:

Lifebogger is grateful as you read Armel Bella Kotchap’s life story. Our sole aim is to bring you the histories of German-French footballers. Please let us know via your comments section if you notice any incorrect records.

Hi there! I am John Madison. Through my writing, I shed light on the human side of footballers. I inspire readers to connect with the players they admire on a deeper level. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, my stories are sure to captivate and engage you with rich detail and compelling narratives.


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