Anthony Gordon Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Anthony Gordon Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Anthony Gordon Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Father (Keith Gordon), Mother (Nadine Gordon), Family Background, Brothers (Brandon Gordon, Reuben Gordon), etc.

Also, we’ll also give you Facts about Anthony Gordon’s Lifestyle, Personal Life, Religion, Covid Workout, Net Worth, Salary breakdown, etc.

This memoir also includes other notable information you might not know about the talented England attacking midfielder.

In a nutshell, this article is about the Full History of Anthony Gordon.

We’ll give you the story of a one-time bony and fragile footballer who became Everton’s shining light during the club’s difficult time. The tale of a Toffees local lad who has the right attitude to succeed.

We give you the Life Story of a boy who once got released from Liverpool and Everton simply because he was too bony and fragile.

A Baller who once had a taste of Everton history after a destiny meeting with Leighton Baines, a Legend who changed his life.


LifeBogger’s version of Anthony Gordon’s Biography begins by telling you notable events of his Early Life.

Thereafter, we’ll explain to you his educational background and the buildup of his career. Finally, how the period of the COVID-19 pandemic shaped his life and career.

To whet your autobiography appetite on how engaging Anthony Gordon’s Biography would be, we present to you this gallery of his Early Life and Rise.

Obviously, it tells the England footballer’s story from his childhood days to the moment of football fame.

The Biographical Story of Anthony Gordon. From getting inspiration from a Legend (Leighton Baines) to living the moment of Football fame.
The Biographical Story of Anthony Gordon. From getting inspiration from a Legend (Leighton Baines) to living the moment of Football fame.

Without any doubt, this technical Baller (Gordo) has shown resilience to weather the self-doubt he once had in his Early Everton career.

He waited, worked hard on himself, and came back stronger to be a real bright spark of Everton’s dismal 2021/2022 season.

Although he has done great things for Everton, there exists a knowledge gap about him.

LifeBogger realizes that only a few fans have read a concise piece of Anthony Gordon’s Biography. Because of that, we have made his story. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Anthony Gordon Childhood Story:

For Bio starters, he bears the nickname ‘Gordo’ and the full names Anthony Michael Gordon.

The footballer was born on the 24th day of February 2001 to his Mother, Nadine Gordon and Father, Keith Gordon. Anthony’s birthplace is Kirkdale, Liverpool, England.

Growing-Up Years:

Anthony Gordon is one among three children (all males) born to the blissful marital union of his parents (Keith and Nadine).

The Kirkdale native has no sisters. Anthony Gordon spent his childhood days alongside his brothers – Brandon Gordon and Reuben Gordon.

Anthony Gordon’s Early Life:

Playing football has been an event in his life since he was three years old. Having grown up with the sport, a ball at Anthony Gordon’s feet feels like a natural extension of his body.

Also, the determination to become a professional wasn’t seen as just a passing fantasy.

During his childhood, Anthony Gordon fancied following in the footsteps of his idol, Leighton Baines.

Baines is a retired footballer who is arguably among the best in Everton’s history. Little Anthony had always aspired for just a fraction of Leighton Baines’ ball magic.

Meeting his idol (Leighton Baines) as a Child:

Especially during his active days, the Former Everton legend, Leighton Baines, was a huge celebrity both on and off the football pitch.

Football fans and Spectators around the world know the Everton Legend for his devilish crosses and deadly free-kicks.

On a blessed day, little Anthony Gordon got the opportunity to meet his idol for advice and inspiration.

The never-give-up Gordo waited for the Legend at Everton’s car park. Asides from getting advice and inspiration from Leighton, Gordo also took a photo with him.

This is Anthony Gordon, enjoying a significant slice of Everton's history. He once met and got inspiration from his childhood idol, Leighton Baines.
This is Anthony Gordon, enjoying a significant slice of Everton’s history. He once met and got inspiration from his childhood idol, Leighton Baines.

With Leighton Baines’ blessing, little Gordo became more fulfilled.

Unknown to the Everton Legend, this 11-year-old boy standing next to him would be his co-partner on the same field. Yes, it happened. Gordon and Baines played football together seven years later.

Anthony Gordon Family Background:

The union of his parents (Keith and Nadine) gave rise to a close-knit household of five. Anthony Gordon hails from a middle-class family background.

The income of his parents falls between the working class and the upper class in Kirkdale’s socio-economic hierarchy.

As a child, Anthony was given the freedom and parental support to chase his one and only dream.

During interviews, he often heaps praise on his supportive parents. Nadine and Keith once got emotional on their son’s debut – to the extent of failing to turn up for it.

Anthony Gordon Family Origin:

The Evertonian attacking midfielder has British nationality by virtue of birth and origin. Regarding where Anthony Gordon comes from, our research points to Kirkdale.

This is a small town with around 16,500 people in the district of Liverpool, Merseyside, England.

Where Anthony Gordon’s family comes from (Kirkdale) was once described by Guardian as one of Liverpool’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

In this town, there is geographical inequality, poor social cohesion, a relatively high crime rate, and low life expectancy.

This map gallery explains Anthony Gordon's Family origin. He is a native of Kirkdale, a town in the city of Liverpool, England.
This map gallery explains Anthony Gordon’s Family origin. He is a native of Kirkdale, a town in the city of Liverpool, England.

Kirkdale is a working-class area in Liverpool made up of mainly Victorian terraced houses – as observed above.

Did you know?… the family of former Liverpool and Real Madrid Legend, Steve McManaman, is from Kirkdale. 

Anthony Gordon’s Ethnicity:

Regarding his race, the midfield star is a White British. This ethnic division describes the indigenous people of England.

White British ethnicity accounts for over 79.8% of England’s population. Whereas in Liverpool, the percentage of White British people rises to 84.8%.

Anthony Gordon Education:

Gordo (his nickname) is a product of Alsop High School. This is a coeducational secondary school located in the Walton area of Liverpool.

Maybe you never knew, Alsop is the largest secondary school in Liverpool (at present), founded in 1919, just after World War 1.

This is The Alsop High School - where Anthony Gordon received his education.
This is The Alsop High School – where Anthony Gordon received his education.

Anthony Gordon attended Alsop High School until his 13th birthday when he transferred to another school.

At 13, Everton transferred Gordo to Wade Deacon, another school. Anthony joined Wade Deacon High School to study alongside other Evertonian academy players.

Our research points to another reason for Anthony Gordon’s school transfer. Based on our findings, the young footballer wasn’t the best-behaved while at Alsop High School.

He once told Everton’s website that he became mature and much quieter while at Wade Deacon.

Career Buildup:

While at Alsop school, Gordon had a solid rapport with his PE teacher, Steve Griffin. Both were practically friends.

The PE teacher, who has been at the school for more than 20 years, vividly recalls the first time he saw Anthony Gordon kick a ball. According to Steve Griffin;

From the minute Gordo got on the ball, we knew we were going to build a team around him. That year, young Gordo became our best player.

At that time, my philosophy as a football coach was, ‘Get the ball from your opponent and give it to Gordo’.

Whether it is Throw-ins, corners, or free kicks… it didn’t matter… Just give it to him.

Anthony Gordon Biography – Football Story:

The youngster was very talented, and he had lots of people constantly praising him – saying how good he was. Also, there were persons who advised that Anthony Gordon needs to be disciplined a bit.

Why get disciplined? It is because Gordon (back then) had the habit of confronting his teammates a lot – whenever they made mistakes with the ball.

He made lots of nice on the pitch, just like Caoimhin Kelleher in his early years (before his goalkeeping conversion).

Back then, whenever Gordon’s teammates made a mistake or gave the ball away, he would tear a strip off them.

He was fond of talking angrily in ways that often led to unnecessary physical confrontations between him and his teammates.

Steve Griffin didn’t like that, and he would sometime send Anthony Gordon off the pitch.

The youngster gets irritated about it but would childishly refuse to address the issue with his teammates. Because Gordo was very good, he always found his way back into the pitch.

Back then, there was this rivalry between Alsop school and Calderstones School, whose home pitch was very bumpy.

Anthony Gordon was the only player who never got seasick running around the bad pitch and scoring goals. According to Mr Steve Griffin;

We were all thinking…, ‘How on earth did Gordo keep the ball under such close control on that Calderstones pitch?’ It was the way he was zipping around, changing direction, that amazed the crowd.

Anthony Gordon Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Although Gordo was very good, he got released by both Everton and Liverpool academies. It was on the grounds that he was too skinny and small.

Anthony Gordon’s parents stood by him the most, helping him move past the worst moment of his childhood life.

After getting released by the clubs, the youngster joined Whiston Juniors with the sole purpose of working his way back up. Little did Anthony Gordon know that destiny would take him back to Everton, the academy that once looked down on him.

The journey of being recalled by Everton academy happened on a faithful Saturday.

One day Ian Duke, a local area scout for Everton, came to watch a game of the St Helens League. The familiar face of Antony Gordon (the boy Everton once released) caught his eyes.

Before that day, Ian Duke had watched Anthony Gordon play football. But on that particular day, Gordo was very excellent, athletic, technical and skilful.

The youngster stood out as a striker above anyone on the pitch. In fact, Anthony Gordon scored cool goals that day.

Making a case for Gordon with Everton Management:

Having noticed this improvement, Ian Duke immediately phoned Martin Waldron, who was his Boss.

This Boss is the former Everton head of academy recruitment. Ian Duke called Martin Waldron to make a strong recommendation for Anthony Gordon.

Martin Waldron was a bit surprised at the purpose of the call. During their conversation, he made Ian Duke remember that this boy (Gordon) was once in their books.

And that the club released him from the academy. Still, Ian Duke got insistent on having Gordon.

The Everton scout said…

“I understand he was quite bony and fragile as a boy, but you can’t train pace.”

Ian Duke kept convincing Martin during their phone conversation. The Everton scout continued…

‘Honest to God, this boy needs another chance. For me to speak about him like this, this boy, i believe, have something special.”

The acceptance and silencing few new doubters:

Martin Waldron always trusts Ian Duke’s judgment. Because of his constant plea, he gave Gordon his blessings and accepted him into an Everton academy trial.

They sent the Kirkdale native to a development centre at Everton’s academy for further assessment.

During that assessment, it became obvious that Anthony Gordon had the talent to be in the academy.

Unfortunately, a few of Everton’s academy coaches didn’t fancy him. The coaches were not on the same page as others. However, in no time, Gordon proved them wrong.

Anthony Gordon Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

The midfielder successfully journeyed his way through the academy ranks. Anthony Gordon fancied being in the senior team.

He got inspiration from Everton senior youngsters – the likes of Mason Holgate, Tom Davies, John Stones, Calvert-Lewin, Ademola Lookman, etc.

On his way to join Everton’s senior team, the youngster witnessed some beautiful trophy moments. Anthony Gordon helped the club win the Premier League youth cup.

Also, he won the U21 premier league trophy. Behold some of the best moments of his youth career. 

The Kirkdale Attacking midfielder had a successful youth career with Everton.
The Kirkdale Attacking midfielder had a successful youth career with Everton.

Thanks to his red-hot form with Everton’s youth, Gordon (to the joy of his family) got an England youth call-up. While at England U-21, he rubbed shoulders with Harvey Elliott, Noni Madueke, Folarin Balogun, Jacob Ramsey, Curtis Jones, Livramento, Tarik Lamptey, etc.

Gordo celebrates a goal for the England U21. The youngster hopes to get an England senior team call-up.
Gordo celebrates a goal for the England U21. The youngster hopes to get an England senior team call-up.

The Everton Senior Team Rise:

The skinny academy graduate finally made his debut on December 6th, 2017. He came in as a Europa League’s 88th-minute substitute against Apollon Limassol.

For a 16-year-old Gordo, playing for Everton at that age was like seeing his career destiny partly delivered.

Following Marco Silva’s departure in the 19/20 season, the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti brought the youngster some hope.

Carlo Ancelotti fell in love with Gordo’s gameplay and he gave the boy his long-awaited Premier League debut. Gordon speaks about his debut here.

Italian manager Carlo Ancelotti remained a big admirer of the young man’s work ethic. Gordo answered his managers’ call with two assists in two EFL outings.

After an impressive start to career life with the Toffees, the club tied up the midfielder to a five-year contract.

Signing a five-year contract with Everton was a dream come true for young Gordo.
Signing a five-year contract with Everton was a dream come true for young Gordo.

The Gordon Ancelotti bromance continued even after his Premier League debut. The Italian manager, before his departure to Real Madrid, had this natural likeness for Anthony Gordon. Here is a short clip that proves a solid relationship existed between Anthony and Carlo.

The Benitez and Lampard Era:

Under the tutelage of Rafa Benitez, Gordon began to get more opportunities. He became increasingly influential under the Spaniard’s Toffees tenure.

The truth is, Rafa Benitez saw Anthony’s technical ability, and he didn’t get worried about the midfielder’s age and size.

The likes of Gordon, Demarai Gray, Allan, Abdoulaye Doucouré, Andros Townsend remained Everton’s hope until Rafa Benitez got sacked.

Next came the arrival of Frank Lampard whose tenure saw the entry of top midfield names like Dele Alli and Donny van de Beek.

Despite the re-enforcement of the above superstars, Everton’s suffering in the 2021/2022 season continued.

The relegation-threatened club needed someone who would provide that glimmer of hope. Anthony Gordon became that local hope and singing light for Everton.

The Kirkdale native, alongside Jarrad Branthwaite, Richarlison, Alex Iwobi, became heroes for relegation-haunted Everton.

On the 9th day of April 2022, Gordon scored this goal that helped a relegation-threatened Everton secure a vital win against Ralf Rangnick‘s Man United.

The rest of Anthony Gordon’s Biography, as we say, is now history. Having completed his career story, we’ll use the next section of this memoir to discuss matters that concern his heart. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Who is Anthony Gordon’s Girlfriend?

By helping Everton avoid relegation, Gordo has (no doubt) achieved football fame. There is a saying that behind every successful Everton footballer comes a glamorous Wife, WAG or girlfriend. Now the question…

Who is Anthony Gordon’s girlfriend or Wife to be?

Who is Anthony Gordon's Girlfriend or Wife to be?
Who is Anthony Gordon’s Girlfriend or Wife to be?

First and foremost, there is no denying the fact that his charming looks wouldn’t fetch him some Goodison Park female admirers. Especially those who simply want to be Anthony Gordon’s Girlfriend, his wife, or the mother of his child.

After conducting research on his relationship status, we realize his relationship status reads ‘single’. Very likely, Anthony Gordon might be dating someone but has refused to make it public – at least for now. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before LifeBogger finds out.

Personal Life away from Football:

Who is Anthony Gordon?

The Everton local lad is someone who believes in working hard, keeping his chin up and proving his doubters wrong.

Starting with where Anthony Gordon’s family comes from (Kirkdale), the Baller has proven that anyone can become successful in that environment.

No more being Skinny:

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Gordon used the football break to silence those who brand him as ‘ too skinny’. The Everton star used the three-month lockdown break to undergo a rigorous fitness regime.

To the amazement of fans, Gordon’s fitness levels went through the roof. The Baller’s new looks gave his body that macho appearance he had always wanted.

Here is a before and after photograph of the Evertonian midfielder.

This is Anthony Gordon before and after his lockdown 'army camp' - Thanks to a heavy workout, the difference is indeed clear.
This is Anthony Gordon before and after his lockdown ‘army camp’ – Thanks to a heavy workout, the difference is indeed clear.

Anthony Gordon LifeStyle:

Starting off, taking holidays to visit Spain’s beautiful beaches is one of AG’s habits.

Did you know?… That rigorous fitness regime that blew up Gordon’s muscles happened in Spain. The European country is perceived to be Gordo’s favourite gateway for summer vacations.

Anthony Gordon’s Car:

At the time of writing the Biography of the Kirkdale native, there exists no such thing as living an exotic lifestyle. We have no clue as to the car Anthony Gordon drives.

As of 2022, he is focused on his career and isn’t into acquiring exotic cars, houses, wrist watches, etc.

His Everton annual salary of around 1.8 million pounds is more than enough for him to live his dream life. Despite that, Gordo prefers a low-key lifestyle.
His Everton annual salary of around 1.8 million pounds is more than enough for him to live his dream life. Despite that, Gordo prefers a low-key lifestyle.

Anthony Gordon Family Life:

When Liverpool and Everton released him on grounds of being too skinny and fragile, only one set of persons stood by him the most. These people are Anthony Gordon’s parents as well as his siblings. We’ll use this section of our Bio to discuss AG’s family members.

Anthony Gordon’s Father:

Keith is no ordinary Dad but a kind man with a huge supportive nature. Because he knew what Anthony’s dreams were, he kept part of his life on hold just to ensure his son got the support he needed. As a matter of fact, Keith had to learn the act of football training.

The proud father of three sacrificed their family’s football garden where he trained his son -day and night. Back then, Keith would (after training) take his son to football games. In fact, he practically dropped Anthony off training (with his car) throughout his youth years.

 Anthony Gordon’s Mother:

Nadine is not an exception to many great Liverpool Mums who have successful football sons. Together with her husband (Keith), both couples (especially Nadine) get very nervous about their son’s performance. This is similar to the mothers of Ben White and Ivan Toney.

These sets of parents often get scared about their sons making mistakes on the pitch.

Did you know?… Anthony Gordon’s parents (notably his Mum) refused to watch her son’s debut match because of such fears. Also, his Dad (Keith) could not visit the stadium that day.

The Everton debutant, upon realizing his parents didn’t come to watch him at Goodison Park, reacted with the following words;…

It was disappointing that my father and mother couldn’t be at the stadium. But to be honest, they are both nervous wrecks.

Because Anthony Gordon has no sister, his Mum (Nadine) has learnt to manage the kitchen mostly alone. Just like the mothers of Jacob Ramsey and Albert Sambi Lokonga, Nadine sees the act of taking care of a family of boys/males as manageable.

Anthony Gordon’s Brothers:

Starting off, Brandon and Reuben are nine years apart in terms of their ages. While Reuben Gordon is still trying to become a professional footballer, Brandon lost it along the way.

After failing to follow in his brother’s footsteps, Anthony’s immediate younger had to fall back on his education. In an interview, Anthony Gordon once spoke about Brandon’s lost interest in the sport. In his words;

The older one (Brandon) used to play but lost interest. I couldn’t push him to play football, as he had to live his own life.

Anthony Gordon’s Relatives:

According to our research, there exists a member of his household with an underlying illness named Paul. Did you know?… He is the reason Anthony Gordon travelled to Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. 

Gordon agreed he must move out of his family home (in 2020) because he didn’t want to expose Paul to COVID. This relative of Anthony had an underlying health condition and a vulnerable immune system.

Untold Facts:

In the final phase of Anthony Gordon’s Biography, LifeBogger gives you more info about him. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Seven years to fulfil a Childhood Dream:

Did you know?… From the moment young Gordo met his Idol (Leighton Baines), it took him just 7 years to share a pitch with the Everton Icon.

Funny how time flies. A little footballer of today can be something big tomorrow.
Funny how time flies. A little footballer of today can be something big tomorrow.

Gordon is a source of inspiration for upcoming professionals – as he makes them believe that their today will always be pregnant with the future.

Anthony Gordon’s Net Worth:

To tell you in figures, we’ll first break down how much the son of Keith and Nadine makes as a professional footballer with Everton.

TENURE/EARNINGSAnthony Gordon Salary Breakdown in Euros (€)Anthony Gordon Salary Breakdown in Pound Sterling (£)
What he makes EVERY YEAR: €1,870,869£1,562,400
What he makes EVERY MONTH: €155,905.82£130,200
What he makes EVERY WEEK: €35,923£30,000
What he makes EVERY DAY: €5,131£4,285
What he makes EVERY HOUR €213£178
What he makes EVERY MINUTE: €3.5£2.9
What he makes EVERY SECOND €0.06£0.05

At the time of writing Anthony Gordon’s Biography, we value his net worth to be around 2.5 million pounds.

Anthony Gordon’s Wealth as compared to the average Liverpool citizen:

Where AG comes from, the average native of Liverpool makes around £34,869 per year.

Did you know?… such a person would need 53 years to make Anthony Gordo’s Everton salary. Wao!… that’s more than half of a lifetime.

Since you began viewing Anthony Gordon‘s Bio, he earned this with Everton.


Anthony Gordon FIFA Facts:

The Everton-raised star joins the likes of other English midfielders (Mason Mount, James Maddison, Jude Bellingham) who have good FIFA movement and skill stat. As of 2022, Gordon (via SOFIFA) has 71 points overall and a mighty 83 potential rating.

Would Gordo ever reach his potential rating?... We strongly believe he will.
Would Gordo ever reach his potential rating?… We strongly believe he will.

According to GiveMeSport, the Evertonian star ranks number 16 among the best Wonderkids to sign on the cheap (for under £10m) for the 2021 FIFA Career Mode.

Anthony Gordon’s Religion:

The English footballer’s parents (Nadine and Keith) raised him in a Christian way.

His middle name (Michael) and that of his younger brother (Reuben) are both Christian names. Anthony Gordon is the type of Christian who doesn’t showcase his religious faith in public.

Trivial Facts:

That year, Anthony Gordon’s parents had him (2001), approximately 2,977 victims were killed or fatally injured in the United States September 11 attacks.

Gordo was just six months and 18 days old when the World Trade Center in New York City got bombed.

Wiki Summary:

This table provides a breakdown of Anthony Gordon’s Facts. It’ll help you get quick insights as regards inquiries on his biography.

Full Name:Anthony Michael Gordon
Nicknames:Gordo, AG
Date of Birth:24th day of February 2001
Place of Birth:Kirkdale, Liverpool, England
Age:22 years and 7 months old.
Parents:Father (Keith Gordon), Mother (Nadine Gordon)
Siblings:Brothers (Brandon and Reuben Gordon), No Sister
Education:Alsop High and Wade Deacon High School.
Ethnicity:White British
Family Origin:Kirkdale, Liverpool
Height in feet:6 feet 0 inches
Height in meters1.82 meters
Net Worth:2.5 million pounds (2022 stat)
Annual Salary:1,870,869 pounds
Agent: Unique Sports Group
Childhood Idol:Leighton Baines


The English footballer, Anthony Michael Gordon, was born to his parents – Father (Keith Gordon), Mother (Nadine Gordon).

His birth date is the 24th of February 2001, and his birthplace is Kirkdale, Liverpool. Also, the Baller belongs to the White British Ethnicity.

Anthony Gordon has siblings – two brothers (Brandon and Reuben Gordon) and no sister.

Regarding his education, the footballer is a product of Alsop High and Wade Deacon High School. While in school, his PE teacher, Steve Griffin, had a great influence on him.

As a child, little Anthony aspired to become a professional footballer. Gordo (as they nickname him) followed in the footsteps of Everton’s Legend, Leighton Baines, who inspired him. Early on, he faced difficulty in getting into a reputable academy in his city.

Based on findings, both Liverpool and Everton released Anthony Gordon because he was too skinny and fragile. The youngster – just like Roy Keane – suffered a similar faith in his early years. Thankfully, Everton (via Ian Duke) later accepted him after much convincing.

With the Toffees, Anthony had a successful academy journey. Before his senior debut, he won the CEE Cup Best Player of the Tournament.

Also, Gordo won the Premier league youth cup and U21 premier league trophy. Winning these gave him a boost for a senior career.

A loan spell to Preston North End (as a senior footballer) made him mature. Under the command of Carlo Ancelotti, Gordo made his premier league debut.

Fast forward to the 21/22 season, he has become one of Everton’s hope in their quest to avoid relegation.

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