Almoez Ali Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Almoez Ali Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Almoez Ali Biography portrays facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family background, Parents (Mother and Father), brother, sister, and relatives.

Likewise, Almoez Ali’s bio tells us about his Family Origin, ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, relationship life, girlfriend, personal life, lifestyle, tattoo, Salary Breakdown, Net Worth, zodiac, and endorsements.

In a nutshell, this story breaks down the entire life history of Almoez Ali. Our memoir is the story of a promising boy whose deep love for the ball game compelled him to play quite early in life, at 7.

LifeBogger tells the story of a young chap who has become Qatari football’s face.

The phenomenal striker led Qatar to its first-ever AFC Asian Cup win–making history on his path to becoming one of Asia’s legendary players.


Our version of Almoez Ali’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years. Next, we’ll explain Ali’s Sudanese heritage, including his early career highlights.

Finally, we’ll tell how the Qatari striker and winger rose to become captain of the Qatari’s Al-Duhail Sports Club.

We hope to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Almoez Ali’s

To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that tells a story – of his boyhood and rise to fame. Indeed, Almoez Ali has come a long way in his incredible soccer journey.

Almoez Ali's Childhood Story and Biography - Behold his story from boyhood until his rise to fame.
Almoez Ali’s Childhood Story and Biography – Behold his story from boyhood until his rise to fame.

Yes, everyone knows that Almoez Ali is a representative of the Qatar squad, which won the AFC Asian Cup in 2019, where he pulled up nine goals, which also serves as the record for the most goals scored at an Asian Cup.

However, in writing about impactful footballers, we notice a knowledge gap. The truth is, not many fans have read Almoez Ali’s Biography, which is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Almoez Ali Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, The professional football player was born Almoez Ali Zainalabedeen Mohamed Abdullato, his parents – father and mother, on the 19th day of August 1996 in the bustling capital city of Sudan, Khartoum.

Almoez Ali arrived on earth on an exciting Monday to his daddy and mummy. The part
of the Sudanese-born sportsperson, whether he has siblings, is yet to be found out. As such, there is no record of a brother or sister.

Growing-up years:

Since childhood, Almoez Ali has shown great taste and passion for football. After his birth in Sudan, young Ali moved to Qatar shortly yet as a kid.

However, it’s most likely that his family members were passionate about football, and the same passion rubbed off on him.

This is because, at seven, when Almoez moved to Mesaimeer in Qatar, it was the same period that he began to play the sport.

The tenderness of his age would not have happened overnight if not for a prior experience with a close family member who was engaged in the game. So, since 7, he continued to play before getting of age to join the youth football Club in the Duhail district in the city of Doha.

Growing up, Ali looked up to many of Qatar’s football legends. Inspired by Khalfan Ibrahim Khalfan and Hassan Al Haydoos, Almoez was on the pathway to stardom from a very young age.

Almoez Ali Family Background:

So far, there is no record of the occupation of Almoez Ali’s father and mother. However, it is indispensable that the African-born football player belonged to a hardworking but struggling household.

This statement stems from the fact that it is not relatively easy to move from any part of Africa to Qatar without spending quite a fortune. In addition, it takes more money to be part of a football sports club in a country where one was not born.

Almoez Ali Family Origin:

The football talent Almoez Ali Zainalabedeen Mohamed Abdullato bears names of Arabic
origin. For legal purposes, people use Arabic naming conventions in Sudan.

This is as follows; the personal name comes first, followed by the father’s first name, and then the grandfather’s first name.

Moreover, Ali was born in Northeast Africa, Khartoum, in the Republic’s capital of Sudan. Likewise, he was birth to Sudanese parents. There we can say that Almoez Ali is Sudanese.

But then, the Sudanese native has lived most of his life in Qatar and officially nationalized as a Qatari. Following next is a photographic representation of Almoez Ali’s family roots.

A photographic display of Almoez Ali's family roots.
A photographic display of Almoez Ali’s family roots.


Regarding his cultural identity, Almoez Ali, fondly called Al, identifies with the Sudanese and Qatari people. Even though he is a Sudanese native of Northeast Africa, Almoez Ali is a Qatari national. As such, he belongs to the Arab ethnic group.

Research has it that his ethnic identification as an Arabian from the state of Qatar has developed as a middle power in the Arab via its resource wealth in the 21st century. Furthermore, Almoez Ali Zainalabedeen Mohamed Abdullato speaks Arab.

Almoez Ali Educational Background:

Despite how difficult it is to combine professional football with conventional education or schooling, the Northeast African native attended school. He got his elementary and secondary schooling in Mesaimeer, in the State of Qatar.

Furthermore, after deciding to go full time into football as a career, Almoez Ali as well as attend a sports academy based in the Aspire Zone in Qatar, officially known as the Aspire Academy.

The Aspire Academy develops Qatari athletes while providing them with secondary school education.

Career Buildup:

The Qatari player unofficially appeared inaugurally for the senior national team in a friendly over Bahrain in December 2013. Nonetheless, the match was unrecognized by FIFA.

But then, as an Aspire Academy graduate, Almoez committed to the progress of the U-19 Qatar national team on the international stage.

As an Aspire Academy graduate, Almoez committed to the progress of the U-19 Qatar national team on the international stage.
As an Aspire Academy graduate, he is committed to the progress of the U-19 Qatar national.

The super striker created history by winning the U-19 AFC Tournament. Qatar’s Almoez Ali won the Golden Boot at AFC Asian Cup 2019 and booked Qatar its place at the 2014 U-19 World Cup. See a clip of his goals which looks similar to the striking abilities of Firas Al-Buraikan and Sardar Azmoun.

From there on, Almoez toured Europe to kick off his professional career with Austrian LASK Linz before making his mark with Cultural Leonesa and becoming the first Qatari to score in a Spanish League.

Almoez Ali Biography – Football Story:

In 2016, Almoez made his official senior debut for the Qatari national team, and Al-Duhail SC became an instrumental factor in the success of any group to which he belonged.

Almoez became undefeated alongside Al-Duahil SC, with back-to-back league titles in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

In 2019, Almoez became the pride of a nation after winning Qatar’s first-ever AFC Asian Cup title and was honoured as the championship’s Best Player and Top Scorer. 

Almoez became the pride of a nation after winning Qatar's first-ever AFC Asian Cup title.
Ali became the pride of a nation after winning Qatar’s first-ever AFC Asian Cup.

Almoez scored a spectacular overhead kick for a testimony ninth goal of the match to set Qatar on their path to a first Asian Cup victory with a stunning 3-1 win over four-times winners Japan.

In 2020, as captain of Al Duhail Football Club, Almoez lifted the trophy of the 2019-2020 QNB Qatar Stars League, booking a spot as host country champions in the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup set to take place in December.

Almoez Ali Biography – Rise to Fame:

Writing history one more time, Almoez got crowned the Top Scorer of the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup, scoring four goals across the tournament and becoming the 1st player in the sport’s history to clinch the Top Scorer title in two different continents.

Almoez got crowned the Top Scorer of the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup.
Almoez got crowned the Top Scorer of the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

In 2022, he marked his name one more time as Al Duhail SC Captain, leading his team to the historic win of the year’s edition of the reputable Emir Cup in Qatar.

Almoez Ali’s Qatar ambitions have grown by the day since his presence. The champ will be one of the leading players in the 2022 formation of the Qatar National Football Team.

Moreover, perfecting his role as a striker to confidently lead his team to big wins at Doha’s most awaited global football event at the end of this year.

Who is Almoez Ali Dating?

No man is an island. However, there could be loads of pressure, especially for Almoez Ali, who has been active in football from quite a tender age of 7.

The pressures of dealing with competition, high expectations, injuries, and other challenges that go along with sports at the top level are issues a football athlete has to deal with on a daily.

If the Qatari is to Football Club the love of his life, he would need to create time for social events. Having to say the above, Almoez Ali is single and not dating anyone.

We have a little information about his past relationship or any previous engagement. He is currently focusing on his career rather than being in a relationship. According to our Database, He has no children.

Almoez Ali Family Life:

Despite many barriers in his life, Almoez Ali (jus like Mehdi Taremi) has achieved enormous success in his professional and personal life.

He has the backing of a caring family that has helped him be the outstanding person he is today. Follow along to learn about the members of Almoez Ali’s household and his Family Life.

Almoez Ali’s Parents – Father:

There needs to be a record of what or who the father of Almoez Ali is. The African-Arab athlete has kept the information out of the sight of the media.

However, no matter who his father is, he must have done an excellent job in the upbringing of the talented footballer. Despite the uncomfortable economic situation of the family. In addition, the movement and settling in Qatar.

Almoez Ali might never have become a footballer had it not been for his Dad’s contribution. As such, it’s the right thing if he shares a close bond with his dad.

Almoez Ali’s Parents – Mother:

Just like Almoez Ali’s father, we have a little fact about the athlete’s mum. However, we know she is a Northeast African from Sudan.

She, likewise, must have supported her Son from his birthright through to the movement out of Sudan and down to settling down in Qatar.

Although we do not know her occupation, it is evident that her hard work and unrelenting efforts are part of what made Almoez a successful soccer star.

Almoez Ali’s Siblings:

According to research, a brother always lends an empathetic ear and supports a sister when she goes through troublesome times!

Evidence suggests healthy sibling relations promote empathy, pro-social behaviour, and academic achievement. Strong sibling relationships can be an incredible source of support.

As mentioned before, whether Almoez Ali has a brother or a sister is closed, and the Arab-speaking talent is discreet about his household members.


The Al-Duhail’s Striker, Almoez Ali, did not emerge from the skies. He should have relatives.

Like all men, we have relations with our father’s side, known as paternal relations. And then we also have connections to our mother’s side, which we call maternal relatives.

So far, even as much as Almoez has parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles,
aunts, nephews, cousins, and probably even in-laws, we do not know much about
them nor their achievements in life.

Personal Life:

Going away from his professional career as a footballer, Almoez Ali enjoys watching movies as one of his other hobbies. His best film seems to be titled the father. Likewise, Chris Pratt and Alexandra Daddario are his favourite movie players.

Nonetheless, we can’t rule out the passion for his first love sport, football, among other sports like swimming. His favourite sportsman is Pedro Miguel and Neymar. Here is a photo he took with Neymar.

A picture of Al-Duhail's Striker, Almoez Ali with the famous Neymar.
A picture of Al-Duhail’s Striker, Almoez Ali, with the famous Neymar.

The 1.80 m tall football player maintains a weight of 63kg. As such, keeps a workout
and nutritional routine to stay fit and live healthily.

The Centre-Forward player also enjoys watching football matches both online and onsite. He loves to watch the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

Like most Qatari footballers, in the offseason, Ali goes on vacations too with teammates and close friends. He tries to keep up with his growing fans via social media. His Instagram account @almoeizz has over 133k followers.


As a star footballer, Almoez Ali can afford a lavish lifestyle and gain whatever luxury he deems fit. Besides, the State of Qatar is well known for its wealth and splendour. As such, their extremely wealthy owners pay the players bountifully.

However, the Al-Duhail player spends a little more on Villas, cars, and luxury goods. He has a juicy car collection and prefers his pair of wheels to be sporty.

His salary and net worth afford him the amassing of the good things of life and its services. The striker and winger live in Doha, Qatar.

Salary and Net Worth:

His net worth grew significantly in 2020-2021. Almoez Ali’s income source is mainly from being a successful Player. According to the players’ wiki, as of 2022, Ali holds a market value of €2.80 million.

His career’s highest worth was €3 million on the 4th of April 2020. His salary is approximately 676,000 Euros per month. He is paid more than all the other players because he is Al-team Duhail’s captain.

He has no specific remuneration figure, but an average Qatar Stars league salary starts at $88,000 per year and $7150 monthly. According to a player’s salary, In 2022, Ali’s net worth will be $5 million.

Aside from football, Almoez Ali makes money from various brands and commercial
deals. His sponsors include Red Bull and Nike.

The striker often promotes its products on it and is well compensated in return. Furthermore, Redbull and Nike provide him with high-quality boots, jerseys, and equipment.

Aside from football, Almoez Ali makes money from various brands and commercial deals. His sponsors include Red Bull and Nike.
Ali makes money from various brands and commercial deals like Red Bull and Nike.

Untold Facts:

Ali is a representative of the Qatar squad, which won the AFC Asian Cup in 2019, where he scored nine goals, which also serves as the testimony for the most goals scored at an Asian Cup.

What’s more? Below are a few profound additional facts about the experienced Qatari centre-forward player. Things you probably didn’t know about Almoez Ali.

Ali serves as the record for most goals scored at an Asian Cup.
Ali serves as the record for the most goals scored at an Asian Cup.

Almoez Ali Al-Duhail’s Salary:

In terms of what he goes home with, our calculation reveals €2,800,000 (yearly). Based on a 4.17 Qatari Riyal exchange rate, Almoez Ali makes roughly QR 11,686,961.90 per year. This table breaks down Ali Al-Duhail’s salary as of 2022.

TENURE/EARNINGS Almoez Ali's Salary with Qatar's Al-Duhail (in Euros)Almoez Ali's Salary with Qatar's Al-Duhail (in Qatari Riyal)
What Ali makes every Year:€2,800,000 QR 10,248,596
What Ali makes every Month: €233,333 QR 854,048
What Ali makes every Week: €53,763.44QR 196,786
What Ali makes every Day: €7,680.5 QR 28,112.27
What Ali makes every Hour: €320.02 QR 1,171.34
What Ali makes every Minute:€5.33 QR 19.51
What Ali makes every Second: €0.089 QR 0.33

Comparing his salary to that of the average Qatari worker?

Where Almoez Ali’s Family comes from in Qatar, the average person makes around 13,000 riyals monthly.

Do you know?… Such a person would need about 66 months to make Almoez Ali’s Al-Duhail monthly wage of €233,333 or QR 854,048. Now, here is how much he has made since you came to read his life story.

Since you started viewing  Almoez Ali‘s Bio, he earned this with Al-Duhail.


Almoez Ali FIFA Profile:

Many lovers who admire the career mode (football manager) have confessed that
the Al-Duhail player is among FIFA’s best midfielders.

Yes, Ali is part of the top players of Qatari nationality that’ll make your FIFA career mode is exciting. Expressed here is the movement stats Almoez Ali brings to the game. He prefers to kick with his right foot.

With a high rating, Ali's strength is his sprint speed and acceleration.
With a high rating, Ali’s strength is his sprint speed and acceleration.

Almoez Ali Eligibility dispute:

On the 30th day of January 2019, soon after the 4–0 defeat at the AFC Asian Cup semifinal, the UAE FA lodged a proper claim to the AFC over the qualification of Sudanese-born Almoez Ali and Iraqi-born Bassam Al-Rawi, pleading that they did not pass to play for Qatar on residency grounds.

Article 7 of the FIFA statute states a player’s eligibility to play for a team if he has “lived for at least five years after reaching 18 on the territory of the relevant association”.

They alleged Almoez had not resided continuously in Qatar for at least five years over 18, even though the player claimed his mum was born in Qatar.

In 2019, the AFC Disciplinary and Ethics Committee rejected the protest embedded by the UAE Football Association with little observation or explanation.

By August 2020, they finally settled the case at CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport, in Lausanne, Switzerland).

The United Arab Emirates lost its appeal over the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) decision. CAS rules that forward Ali is eligible to play for Qatar.

Almoez Ali Religion:

Though the Qatari constitution provides for religious liberty, the state of Qatar has about 65.5% Muslims. So like most Arab-speaking natives, the football player is Muslim.

His name Ali means high and exalted in Arab. It appears from the Arabic words aliy, that means “sublime, high, exalted,” and all, which means “rise, ascend.”

Furthermore, from the Quran, Ali is the son-in-law and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. According to the Quran, he was the first man to convert to Islam. Here is a photo of Almoez Ali performing one of his Muslim rites.

Almoez Ali performing his Islamic duty in the holy city of Mecca.
See Almoez Ali performing his Islamic duty in the holy city of Mecca.

Biography Summary:

Fondly known as Al, Almoez Ali has achieved massive success for the Qatar Stars League side Al-Duhail. Likewise, as a captain for the Qatar National team.

In this paragraph, we are sharing about his Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Family, Marital Status, Spouse, Children, Educational Qualification, Salary, Profile, Career Stats, Interesting Facts, Weight, and many more.

Esquire magazine descibed Ali as the Pride of his nation.
Esquire magazine described Ali as the Pride of his nation.

Find below the summary of our content on Almoez Ali Biography.

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name: Almoez Ali Zainalabedeen Mohamed Abdulla
Famous name: Almoez Ali
Nickname: Al
Date of Birth: 19th Day of August 1996
Age: (26 years and 9 months)
Place of Birth: Khartoum, Sudan
Biological Mother:Native Sudanese
Biological Father: Native Sudanese
Wife/Spouse: Unmarried
Girlfriend: Single
Profession: Professional Footballer
Major teams:Al-Mesaimeer, Aspire Academy, Lekhwiya, Eupen, FC Pasching/LASK Linz II, LASK, Cultural. Leonesa, Al-Duhail, Qata
Position(s): Striker, winger
Jersey Number: 19 (Qatar national football team), 11 (Al-Duhail SC)
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Leo
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight: 68 kg (176 lbs)
Religion: Islam
Ethnicity/Race: Black
Residence: Doha, Quatar
Nationality: Quatari


Our Almoez Ali Biography Facts wraps off. However, before we call it to quit, you picked up a few lessons.

To achieve progress in football, soccer players must find a balance and study to be passionate while maintaining composure and showing resilience.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, determination, learning, learning, sacrificing, and, most of all, loving what you are doing or understanding to do.

It takes many things to be a professional footballer. The main factors are hard work and dedication, tenacity, will, and being grounded despite whatever successes you have.

His full name is Almoez Ali Zainalabedeen Mohamed Abdulla. He was born on the 19th day of August 1996.

Almoez Ali is a professional football player. He plays as a striker for the Qatar Stars League side, whom he captains. Born in Sudan, he also plays for the Qatari national team.

In addition, Ali is a member of the Qatar club, which won the AFC Asian Cup in 2019, where he won nine goals, which as well serves as the record for the most goals scored
at an Asian Cup.

On the 16th day of June, Ali pulled up in Qatar’s 2–2 with Paraguay in the Copa América of 2019. Ali got included in Qatar’s team for the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup. He scored four goals in the match to clinch the top scorer award.

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Thank you for reading this intriguing article about the life journey of the Qatari footballer. Hopefully, Almoez Ali’s childhood story has made you believe patience and persistence can overcome anything.

Furthermore, at Lifebogger, we seek fairness and soundness in our continued quest to deliver Asian-Oceanian Football Stories.

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