Aliou Cisse Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Aliou Cisse Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Aliou Cisse Biography portrays facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family background, Parents – Mother and Father (Pa Cisse), Brother, Sister, Sons, Daughters, and Relatives.

Likewise, Aliou Cisse’s bio tells us about his Family Origin, ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, relationship life, wife, personal life, lifestyle, tattoo, Salary Breakdown, Net Worth, zodiac, and endorsements.

In a nutshell, this story breaks down the entire life history of Aliou Cisse. Our memoir is the story of a man who, as a young boy of 9, he had envisioned himself as a football player for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

LifeBogger gives you the story of an athlete with a strong personality and unrelenting disposition to succeed in life against all odds. Despite losing 11 members of his close family, he has refused to give up his dreams and passions.


Our version of Aliou Cisse’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years.

Next, we’ll explain Cisse’s heritage, including his early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how the former footballer grew to become a celebrity football coach.

We hope to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Aliou Cisse’s biography.

To do that, let’s show you this gallery that tells a story – of his boyhood to his rise to fame. Indeed, Aliou Cisse has come a long way in his incredible soccer journey.

Aliou Cisse Biography - Explore the captivating life of the Senegalese Sporting Legend, from his boyhood adventures to his impressive rise as a celebrated football coach.
Aliou Cisse Biography – Explore the captivating life of the Senegalese Sporting Legend, from his boyhood adventures to his impressive rise as a celebrated football coach.

Yes, Aliou Cisse is best known for being the initial Senegal captain to make the Africa Cup of Nations final in 2002, as well as the first Senegal football manager to win the tournament in 2022 after getting to the finals in 2019.

However, we notice a knowledge gap in writing about famous African footballers. The truth is, not many fans have read Aliou Cisse’s biography, which is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Aliou Cisse Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the talented sports competitor was born Aliou Cissé on the 24th day of March 1976 in Ziguinchor, a town in the South-Western region of Senegal, before his family emigrated to France.

Aliou Cisse arrived on earth on a beautiful Wednesday to his Senegalese parents – father and mother.

The Ziguinchor-born sports lover was born amid his siblings from the union of their father and mother. Here is a photo of one of Aliou Cisse’s parents.

Behold Aliou Cisse's Parent - Father (Pa Cisse).
Behold Aliou Cisse’s Parent – Father (Pa Cisse).

Growing-up years:

As a child, the distinguished athlete Aliou Cisse radiated good character and behaviour. Like most African children, even with few toys, he got involved in children’s games, making him and his peers satisfied and cheerful. He seemed playful but cool-headed.

However, his stay in Senegal was short-lived by the decision of his mum and dad to move to Paris when he was still 9.

So, while in France, he learned to watch football tournaments. Soon enough, his passion for the foot game became so compelling that he made a profession out of the sport.

Aliou Cisse Family Background:

So far, there is no record of the occupation of Aliou Cisse’s father and mother. However, it is indispensable that the Senegalese football player belonged to a hardworking middle-class but struggling household.

In addition, it takes money to be part of a football sports club or academy for a promising youngster. Likewise, the basic needs of a home, food and shelter were not a concern.

Aliou Cisse Family Origin:

As we have mentioned earlier, the sensational former midfielder and defender was born to a Senegalese parent in the principal town of the Casamance area of Senegal, stretching at the mouth of the Casamance River in West Africa, in Ziguinchor.

But then, together with his family, they moved to Paris, France. Aliou Cisse moved to Paris with his family when he was nine.

In addition, his surname gives us another clue as to his roots. Besides, his surname, Cisse, is from the name of the Cissé clan of the Soninke people, the ruling family of the former Ghanaian Empire, derived from the word si ‘horse’ and interpreted as ‘rider’.

So far, we can deduce that the talented player is of dual nationality. He is both Senegalese and French. Following next is a photographic representation of Aliou Cisse’s family roots.

A photographic display of his family origin.
A photographic display of his family origin.


Concerning his cultural identity, Aliou Cisse gladly identifies with the people of the Republic of Senegal, a country in West Africa.

The country, Mauritania, borders Senegal in the north and Mali to the east. Although the young chap is of black ethnicity, he speaks the English language fluently, and he also speaks French.

Research has it that his ethnic identification is recognized for his work in agriculture or other food industries. Its other major industries include mining, tourism, and services.

Aliou Cisse gladly identifies with the people of the Republic of Senegal.
Aliou Cisse gladly identifies with the people of the Republic of Senegal.

Aliou Cisse Education:

Yes, it is a challenging route for one to combine professional football with schooling. But then, as a West African, it is mandated for a child to attend elementary education. After this, he continued in France for his secondary schooling.

Furthermore, after deciding to go full-time into football as a career, Aliou Cisse also attended a sports academy, Lille Olympique Sporting Club, based in France. The Academy develops athletes whilst also providing them with education.

Career Buildup:

The Senegalese football manager, however, began his career at Lille as a teenager before joining the oil-money PSG. He also spent most of the 2001 to 2002 season on loan at Montpellier Herault SC.

He played 43 matches for the French club from 1998 to 2002. Afterwards, he went to the Premier League, where he featured for Birmingham City and Portsmouth.

During his playing time for Senegal, he was the team’s captain, leading his country
to the 2002 World Cup semi-finals. His display at the 2002 WORLD CUP Quarter Final against Turkey was splendid.

Impressive performances for his country led to a transfer to an English club in Birmingham City for the 2002–03 season. Cissé debuted at Arsenal on the season’s opening day but got sent off.

Though the sending-off got cancelled, he picked up five yellow cards in six games and then picked up ten yellow cards prior to the New Year. Despite this poor discipline, Cissé was impressive for his club until an injury in February ruled him out for the remaining season.

Aliou Cisse Biography – Untold Football Story:

Later in 2006, Cissé returned to Sedan FC in France before ending his career at Ligue 2’s Nîmes in 2009. After ending his playing career, Cissé enrolled in coaching classes and later
became the assistant to Senegal Olympic team manager Karim Séga Diouf.

He was assistant coach of the under-23 side from 2012 – 2013, becoming head coach from 2013 to 2015. Shortly, Cissé became appointed the Taranga Lions manager, replacing Frenchman Alain Giress after they exited that year’s CAN at the group stage level.

His appointment was termed as the Senegal fans’ choice, as they wanted a local to manage their team. Confidently recreating the spirit of 2002, Senegal took the first African win at the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

His appointment was termed as the Senegal fans' choice, as they wanted a local.
His appointment was termed as the Senegal fans’ choice, as they wanted a local.

Guided by their coach, Aliou Cissé, who is the only black trainer at this year’s World Cup. Senegal recorded the first African win at the FIFA World Cup in 2018, where Russia beat the highly fancied Polish side 2-1 in Moscow.

The remarkable success evoked great memories of their 2002 World Cup campaign, in which they defeated France in their opening game.

Aliou Cisse Biography – Success Story:

His playing and coaching style resembles that of Didier Deschamps–the France manager. The Senegalese manager often uses a 4-2-3-1 formation, which has been key to Senegal’s success.

As the team manager, Cissé has achieved 40 wins, 14 draws, and eight losses in 62 matches. During his tenure, Senegal climbed up the FIFA rankings, becoming the highest-ranked African side at 20th place.

Cissé tutored Senegal at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, promoting Senegal to its first-ever final since 2002, a match in which Cissé also took part when he was the team’s captain.

Cissé coached Senegal, helping Senegal to its first-ever final since 2002.
Cissé coached Senegal, helping Senegal to its first-ever final since 2002.

However, his Senegal was defeated 1–0 in the finals by Algeria after losing by the same score at the group stage and then missed out on its first-ever African trophy.

In 2019, Senegal’s Football Federation (FSF) stretched Cissé and his staff’s contracts until August 2021.

In 2022, Cissé led Senegal (with players like Kalidou Koulibaly, Idrissa Gueye, etc) to triumph at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

In the final, they crushed Egypt 4-2 on penalties to clinch their first title, thus redeeming himself after two previous final defeats. His next goal is to lead his team to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Who is Aliou Cisse’s Wife?

The Senegalese national coach and former team captain made a revelation when he showed up on some media platforms after winning the 2021 AFCON with the Senegal team.

He stated he is married to a lovely lady from Burundi, and they have been together for years.

However, only have a little knowledge about the spouse of our African coach and former footballer. Let’s show you Aliou Cissé’s wife of Burundian origin.

Meet Aliou Cisse's Wife.
Meet Aliou Cisse’s Wife.

The date of the wedding of the duo has yet to be discovered. Despite his discretion about his family, we know he has two kids, a boy named Aliou Cisse Jr. and a girl named Chelsey.

A collage of Cisse with his two kids Aliou Cisse Jr. and a girl named Chelsey.
A collage of Cisse with his two kids Aliou Cisse Jr. and a girl named Chelsey.

Aliou Cisse Family Life – Tragic:

Aliou Cisse has been the subject of discussion on many platforms after he shocked the world by putting the Senegalese team ahead of all other groups that made it to the 2021 edition of AFCON in Cameroon.

Talking about his family, Aliou Cisse mentioned he had lost many family members in a tragic accident on the shores of the Gambia on a ferry on the 26th of September, 2002.

For an event of such a great massacre where over 300 passengers lost their lives, including 11 of his family members. It has become hard for him to have conversations with his family readily.

Though Aliou Cisse does not readily want to talk about his extended family, he does so about his nuclear family, including his wife and children.

A photo showing a few of Aliou Cisse's close family members.
A photo showing a few of Aliou Cisse’s close family members.

Aliou Cisse’s Parents – Father:

There needs to be a record of the name of the father of Aliou Cisse. However, we know him as Pa Cisse. The African-French athlete has kept the information out of the sight of the media.

However, no matter who his father is, he must have done an excellent job in the upbringing of the talented footballer. Despite the uncomfortable economic situation of the family. In addition, the movement and settling in Paris, France.

Aliou Cisse might never have become a footballer had it not been for his dad’s contribution. As such, it’s the right thing if he shares a close bond with his father.

Aliou Cisse might never have become a footballer had it not been for his dad's contribution.
Aliou Cisse might never have become a footballer had it not been for his dad’s contribution.

Aliou Cisse’s Parents – Mother:

Just like Aliou Cisse’s father, we have a little fact about the athlete’s mum. However, we know she is also of Senegalese origin in West Africa.

Likewise, she must have supported her Son from his birthright through to the movement out of Senegal and settling down in France.

Although we do not know her occupation, her hard work and unrelenting efforts are part of what made Cisse have a dream come true.

About Aliou Cisse’s Siblings:

According to research, a brother always lends an empathetic ear and supports a sister when she goes through troublesome times!

Evidence suggests healthy relations with siblings promote empathy, pro-social behaviour, and academic achievement. Healthy sibling relations can be an extraordinary source of support.

As mentioned, whether Aliou Cisse has a brother or a sister is closed. The French-speaking talent keeps discreet about the members of his household. Besides, it seems a few of them got involved in the tragic event that happened to him earlier.

A collage of Cisse's brother and sister.
A collage of Cisse’s brother and sister.


The Senegalese football coach and former player Aliou Cisse did not emerge from the skies. He should have relatives.

Like all men, we have relations with our father’s side, known as paternal relations. And then we also have connections to our mother’s side, which we call maternal relatives.

So far, even as much as Aliou Cisse has parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, cousins, and probably even in-laws, we know little about them or their achievements in life.

2002 Charity Match:

As stated earlier, Cissé lost several members of his house in the MV Le Joola ferry catastrophe that occurred off the coast of The Gambia in 2002.

To honour the lives lost, Cissé took part in a charity match that provided funds money for the families of the over 1,000 reported victims. The match was between Senegal and Nigeria.

Birmingham City, one of his old clubs, collected money for the victims’ family members and honoured Cissé by revealing a giant Senegal flag during a game over Manchester City.


Going away from his professional career as a footballer, Aliou Cisse enjoys watching movies as one of his other hobbies. Nonetheless, we can’t rule out the passion for his first love sport, which is football, among other sports like swimming.

Aliou Cissé is among the best of a new generation of African coaches, has reinvented Senegal’s national team and given the country a new sense of patriotism.

The 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) m tall football player maintains a weight of 74 kg (164 lbs). As such, keep a workout and nutritional routine to keep fit and healthy.

Aliou keep a workout and nutritional routine to keep fit and healthy.
Aliou keep a workout and nutritional routine to keep fit and healthy.

The Midfielder and defender player also enjoys watching online and onsite football matches. He loves to watch the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

Like most football players in the offseason, Cisse also goes on vacations with teammates and close friends, especially with his wife and kids. He tries to keep up with his growing fans via social media. His Instagram account has over 22.3K followers.

Like most football players in the offseason, Cisse also goes on vacations.
Like most football players in the offseason, Cisse also goes on vacations.


As a star footballer, he can afford to have a lavish lifestyle, and he can gain whatever luxury he deems fit.

However, the celebrated football coach spends a little more on Villas, cars, and luxury goods. He has a juicy car collection and prefers his pair of wheels to be sporty.

His salary and net worth afford him the amassing of the good things of life and its services. He lives in Senegal and feels the country’s pressure daily, unlike his players or the foreign coaches who live abroad.

Salary and Net Worth:

Cisse’s talent and hard work have earned him a lot of money and recognition as a
Senegal football coach or manager. Aliou Cisse’s net worth is approximately 12.5 million dollars.

Untold Facts:

What’s more? Below are a few profound additional facts about the experienced first Senegal Captain to make the Africa Cup of Nations final in 2002. Things you probably didn’t know about Aliou Cisse.

The first Senegal Captain to make the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations final.
The first Senegal Captain to make the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations final.

Aliou Cisse’s Salary Breakdown:

TENURE/EARNINGS Aliou Cisse's Salary with Senegals's Teranga Lions (in United States Dollars)
Aliou Cisse's Salary with Senegals's Teranga Lions (in West African CFA franc)
What Cisse makes every Year:$1,406,160 889,255,724 XOF
What Cisse makes every Month: $117,18074,104,643 XOF
What Cisse makes every Week:$27,00017,074,802 XOF
What Cisse makes every Day: $3,857579187.33 XOF
What Cisse makes every Hour:$16024132.26 XOF
What Cisse makes every Minute:$2.6402.10 XOF
What Cisse makes every Second:$0.046.65 XOF

Since you started viewing Aliou Cissé‘s Bio, he has earned with Senegal’s FA.


Aliou Cissé helps to raise African coaching standards:

FIFA has said the education programme forms a crucial part of its effort to improve the standard of football worldwide.

As such, the Football World governing body FIFA’s latest Coach Educators’ Development Programme was held in Senegal in 2022, with the national side’s head coach, Aliou Cisse getting tasked with helping raise African coaching standards.

Some of the modules taught in the programme included sessions dedicated to theory, practice and reflection. The four-day course took place at Saly in Dakar and was staged jointly with the Senegal Football Federation.

Several senior figures in African football joined the Senegalese coach Cisse at the event, including Mali’s head coach, Mohamed Magassouba, Kamou (Malo) of Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea’s coach (Rodolfo Bodipo), Kaba Diawara or Djamel Belmadi, to name a few.

Grassroots coaches with a C license were mainly targeted. Listen to what the talented coach says about the event in the clips.

Aliou has always been an advocate for African players playing. Senegal coach Cisse says international football – and the AFCON in particular – should never participate as second fiddle to club commitments. He has ‘challenged’ Napoli to refuse to buy African players.

The Senegal trainer’s comments came after Napoli owner and president Aurelio de Laurentiis said that the Italian club would shun signing any more African football players unless they admitted not to play in the biennial tournament. See the clip here.

Aliou Cisse Religion:

According to records, about 95% of the Senegalese population is Muslim, and they practice many denominations of this faith. Approximately 1% of the Muslim population practices Ahmadiyya.

Furthermore, Most Muslims are Sunni. So, they belong to one of several Sufi brotherhoods,
each of which incorporates unique practices.

Besides, his first name suggests an Arabic origin as well. So imperatively like most Senegalese natives, the star coach and former midfielder are Islam. He is most likely a Sunni, too.

Cisse reacted angrily to Jurgen Klopp’s AFCON statement:

He was displeased with Jurgen Klopp’s AFCON statement. Klopp described the competition in November 2021 as a “little tournament.” Cisse reacted angrily to Klopp’s remarks, asking what he (Klopp) thinks of himself.

He is the manager of Senegal, and several of his players play for Klopp at Liverpool. Aliou also said he respects Liverpool but not Klopp, who undermines African Football tournaments.

He also said that Klopp is in this position because of African footballers and that he had been losing every final until players like Salah, Mane, and Matip came to his rescue and helped him win his first-ever big European Final. Klopp then apologized for his remark.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Aliou Cisse’s Biography.

A pix of the people's coach, Aliou Cisse.
A pix of the people’s coach, Aliou Cisse.
Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name: Aliou Cissé
Date of Birth:24th Day of March 1976
Age:(47 years and 11 months)
Place of Birth:Ziguinchor, Senegal
Biological Mother: Unknown
Biological Father: Unknown
Wife/Spouse: Burundian lady
Children:Aliou Cisse Jr. (son) and Chelsy (daughter)
Profession:Professional football coach and former player
Major teams:Lille, Sedan, Paris Saint-Germain, Birmingham City, Portsmouth, Nîmes and Senegal national team
Position(s): Midfielder and Defender
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Aries
Height:1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight:74 kgs (164 lbs)
Hobbies:Movies, swimming and football.
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Senegalese and French


Our Aliou Cisse Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts wraps off. However, before we call it to quit, just a recap.

Aliou Cissé, born on the 24th of March 1976, is a Senegalese football trainer and a former football player who is also the manager of the Senegal national team.

Aliou Cissé is best known for being the initial Senegal captain to make the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations final and then the first coach from Senegal to win the tournament in 2022 after making it to the final in 2019.

Having started his career in France, he later participated in English clubs Birmingham City and Portsmouth. Cissé was a defensive midfielder who also occasionally played as a centre-back.

As a player, it did not satisfy Aliou Cisse to do exercises in training, and he also wanted to know why he was doing them.

Cisse said that this curiosity accompanied him throughout his playing career, which took him to France and England and saw him captain the history-making Senegal side that designated him for the 2002 FIFA World Cup for the first time.

Senegal reached their first African Cup of Nations (AFCON) final the same year. “I needed to know why I had to run so much to play football,” Cisse said. It was no surprise that Cisse turned to coach after ending his playing career.

Having led the Senegal under-23 side from 2013 to 2015, he got promoted to the senior team, where he has stayed ever since – a remarkably long tenure in the topsy-turvy world of African national team coaches.

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